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Tuesday, January 1, 2019

Winter Castle - a Hallmark Channel Original "Winterfest" Movie starring Emilie Ullerup & Kevin McGarry


Movie: Winter Castle

Network: Hallmark Channel

Original Air Date: January 5, 2019

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Emilie Ullerup ... Jenny
Kevin McGarry ... Craig
Meghan Heffern ... Lana
Habree Larratt ... Sara
Melanie Mullen ... Meg
Justine Eyre
Richard Nash
Roger Dunn
Jon McLaren


Storyline via Hallmark: When Jenny attends her sister’s winter wedding at an ice hotel, her heart melts over the best man, the problem is he unexpectedly brings a “plus one,” seemingly dashing her hopes for a wintery romance.

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Movie Review:

As Hallmark wedding movies go, “Winter Castle” is the “ICE”ing on the cake!

It is very (*shivering from the cold*) Nnnn”ICE”!!!!

With this Winterfest movie set in an actual Winter Ice Castle, (brrrr!!!) everything about this movie was magical, whimsical, enchanting, and cold! You almost expected to see Elsa, Anna, and Olaf there, as it very much looked like a scene right out of Disney’s princess animated fairytale, ‘Frozen.’

In this Hallmark movie, Jenny, (Emilie Ullerup) a children’s storybook editor, attends her sister, Meg’s wedding with the thought in mind, that she has not achieved either her work or relationship goals; however, this is not your ordinary wedding venue. Instead, the bride and groom have chosen a destination wedding at an ice hotel – where dreams seem to magically come true!

Playing matchmaker, Meg, who is starry eyed bride and very much in love herself, decides to pair her sister Jenny up with the best man, Craig, (Kevin McGarry) who is a single father. When Jenny and Craig meet at the castle, before being introduced, there is an instant attraction, sparks!, BUT just when everyone thinks Craig and Jenny will be the perfect match, there’s a big surprise in store- when they realize Craig has brought his own plus one, a lady friend, Lana. Is their relationship... romantic? friendly? platonic? Everyone speculates!

Not only was the potential romantic story in "Winter Castle" intriguing and cute, I also found myself completely mesmerized by the beauty of the hotel, carved into artistic ice sculptures. Each room was an incredible work of art, with images of polar bears and princesses. I also found it amazing to see the combination of fire and ice. (How does that work?) Jenny also finds her inspiration from the ice hotel and writes her own story set there.

In the meantime, wedding plans are set in motion, and Craig, as best men, and Jenny, as maid of honor, are constantly running into one another in and outside of the ice hotel. It’s obvious to everyone, even poor Lana, the instant connection they have and the bond Jenny is developing with Craig’s daughter, Sara. However, Craig is an honorable man and feels indebted to Lana, who has been there for him and his daughter since his wife passed.

Jenny and Craig seem to “let it go” (a definite “Frozen” theme) as they celebrate Meg and Tony’s wedding. Jenny’s only desire, at that point, is to set everything aside and focus on her sister on her big wedding day and make this the best day possible for her. So sweet. Jenny is such a likeable, joyful character. (A side fashion note: I loved Emilie Ullerup’s gorgeous loosely swept elegant braid at the wedding, as it, too, was reminiscent of Elsa, from “Frozen.” Such a nice touch!)

Emilie Ullerup  - image: Hallmark Crown Media
Animated Elsa from Frozen - image: Disney 

Is happily-ever-after, in the end, a possibility for Jenny and Craig in this Magical Winter Castle? Will Jenny’s ice castle children's story be good enough to publish?

I think you will enjoy this delightful Hallmark happy ending!!!

See or Skip:

Absolutely see "Winter Castle!" You'll want to cozy up in your favorite blanket and enjoy this N-ICE Hallmark movie! It's perfect for family viewing!

*Images Credit: ©2018 Crown Media United States LLC/Photographer: Courtesy of Johnson Productions Group


  1. Ooooh, Net, can't wait for this one to air! I love all Emilie's movies; she's adorable and such a versatile actress. Loved "Christmas Bells Are Ringing"!!

    1. I love Emilie's movies, too, Linda; she & Kevin look like such a good match-up for this one! The "Winter Castle" looks enchanting!

      Thank you for sharing! Enjoy the start to Winterfest! :)

      Blessings to you, my dear friend! Net

    2. I loved it!!! It was so cute!!

  2. Where is the cute pom pom beanie from? Love it! 😊👍❤

    1. Hey there! I've still been searching to find Emilie's beanie hat. Although, I haven't seen her exact one, yet... I did spot some similar looking ones on Amazon's site here:

      Women's Winter Beanie Warm Fleece Lining Knit Hat

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      Hope one of these works for ya! 😊

  3. Will this be on again? I missed it, but I hear everyone liked it.

    1. Oh yes... it was a wonderful movie! Winter Castle will have many repeat showings.

      The next two are... (in EST time)
      Saturday January 12 4:00 PM
      Sunday January 13 12:00 PM

      I hope you can catch one of them; "Winter Castle" is truly a delightful Winterfest film!

      Blessings, Net

  4. I loved the movie. Its so nice to be able to watch something that is relaxing and clean. I would like to know the name of the song they were dancing to at the end of the wedding scene.

  5. Does anyone know the name of the song they dance to in the wedding reception at the end of the movie?


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