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Friday, January 11, 2019

More HALLMARK MOVIES for Candace Cameron Bure in 2019!

During Candace Cameron Bure's interview on Hallmark Channel's morning show, Home & Family, (on Friday, January 11, 2019) with hosts Debbie Matenopoulos and Cameron Mathison, Candace announced there will be three, yes THREE, (Strike that!) update: FOUR (details below) all new Aurora Teagarden movies coming this fall on Hallmark Movies & Mysteries! The cast has already filmed one of them, and the next two Aurora mystery movies will be filming soon!

image via: Twitter

UPDATE February, 2019: Candace shared on Twitter there will be FOUR new Aurora movies coming this Fall!

One can only guess what mysteries and romantic interests are ahead for the spunky, intuitive librarian, Aurora Teagarden, who has a passion for solving murders! I know I can't wait, and I hope you all enjoyed this movie news, too!

In personal news, Candace also shared details on her hand injury from a go-kart accident with her siblings over the holidays. Her hand is still swollen, but is healing. I know we are all grateful it was a minor injury, and we pray all the best for her with the recovery.

Thank YOU for visiting today! Just for fun, please share in comments below your favorite Candace Hallmark movie...

For me, it's probably "A Christmas Detour" or her new one, "A Shoe Addict's Christmas!" But, I also love the early Aurora movies best, too! (You knew I could never pick just one. Right?)

Blessings, Net

(*By the way, if you missed this interview, this Home & Family show will repeat Monday, January 14th, at 12noon/11c. And, a video of the interview will be up on Hallmark Channel's web-site!)



  1. Yay for more Aurora movies, I'm assuming the next movie will be based on Sleep Like A Baby, and the two after, will be original storyines. Can't wait to watch them!

    1. I was about to comment on this Jill, as I think there is only 1 more book and then the movies will be all original. I do miss Martin, but Martin lasted longer in the movies than the books, and I hope they keep having Aurora's step brother Phillip in the movies, as he is in the last few books and I love Roe's relationship with her high school aged step brother.

      Also still sad John Queensland is gone, he is in all the books and I love him.

      It seems HMM likes to do a month or at least 3 weeks on a certain movie series aka Garage sale month, Hailey dean month, so now it seems they will have Aurora month (my guess in October) leading up to Miracles of Christmas. I am only sad that I have to wait til fall to see any new Aurora movies, and also sad they will all air in the same month and possibly be done?

      My favorite CCB movies in order:

      #1--Let it Snow--this movie, Nine Lives of Christmas, Snow Bride are some of the 1st movies I saw on Hallmark and what got me hooked on it so Let it Snow is special---I have been saying for years I want a sequel, I would love to see Brady and Stephanie running the Snow Valley Lodge with little ones running around the lodge.

      #2--Christmas Under Wraps--also in 2014 and in the group of movies that got me hooked on hallmark, I love CCB hair in this movie (must have been around when she filmed A Bone to Pick as her hair seems the same in both)

      #3--Switched for Christmas--my favorite Christmas movie of 2017

      #4--A Bone to Pick--this is the only Aurora movie I have on my dvr and watch it quite a bit, I love this movie, really love Roe getting Aida involved and MLR as her mom.

      #5--Just the Way you are

      #6--A Christmas Detour--love Marcus Rosner and Barbara Niven in this as smaller roles

      Shoe Addict and Moonlight and Mistletoe--I am sad to include 2018 Christmas movie in this list, but I just did not like these 2 movies, Moonlight and Mistletoe to me, is just very sad. It just seems so down the whole movie til the very end. One line I did like when dad tells Holly the bill collectors wont do anything to santa, and Holly says These Bills aren't made out to Santa dad.

    2. Sabrina, Phillip is Aurora’s Cousin in Aurora Teagarden Mysteries: Disappearing Game, not her Stepbrother...

  2. My favorite Candace movie (and one of my all time Hallmark favorites in general) is still "Let it Snow." For me, it has the right combination of humor, love/romance developing, heart, family and, of course, Christmas charm and spirit.

    I think that "A Christmas Detour" is next in line, after "Let it Snow." Then, probably "A Shoe Addict's Christmas" in 3rd place. "Journey Back to Christmas" would be in 4th place.

  3. Candace is my favorite Hallmark actress. My favorites of hers are Christmas Detour and Switched For Christmas. Looking forward to her new ones.

  4. I love the early Aurora movies too, Net. It's still not the same without Martin.

  5. Moonlight and Mistletoe is my forever favorite!

  6. Joyce in CarolinaFriday, January 11, 2019

    My favorite Candace movies are:
    1. Let It Snow
    2. Puppy Love
    3. Christmas Under Wraps
    4. A Christmas Detour

  7. My favorite Candace Cameron Hallmark movie without a doubt is "Let it Snow". Absolutely love that movie. Has everything I love in a Christmas movie or any movie for that matter.

  8. I have to go with a few of her older movies. " Let it snow". Moonlight and Mistletoe" and Puppy Love. I am looking forward to the new Aurora movies.

  9. Absolutely Let it Snow! I didn't see it this Christmas as I really do love it. Next would be Christmas Under Wraps. Now, that I did watch. It's a little magical movie.

  10. Awesome news!
    My personal favorites are Switched for Christmas,
    Just the way you are, A shoe’s addict and probably every Aurora movie with A bone to collect as one of my favorites 😁
    Thank you Net for this wonderful blog and all the work you put in it to keep us posted about all the loving movies that are out there!
    I am a big Hallmark fan!
    So big hugs and have loving and healthy 2019 😘😘😘

  11. My favorite Candace Cameron Bure's movies

    Switched for Christmas
    A Shoe Addict's Christmas
    Christmas Detour

  12. My favorite Candace Cameron Bure’s movies

    1) Switched for Christmas
    2) Christmas Detour
    3) A Shoe Addict’s Christmas
    4) Puppy Love

  13. I can’t wait to watch more Candace Cameron Bure, Danica McKellar, etc’s new movies for Hallmark

  14. Love all of Candace's movies! And I so admire her too! She really is a good person! My favorites of her's are.....
    Switched for Christmas and A Shoe Addict's Christmas
    Followed by A Christmas Detour and Just the Way You Are
    But I also really like Moonlight and Mistletoe too!
    All of them are great ones to watch over and over!


  15. I just love everything this darling girl does!! My favorite movie she did was "Let it Snow" and 2nd was "Journey Back to Christmas"! Would be wonderful to have a sequel for both!! Yay!!

  16. I love the show especially her dating Nail!! I was wondering if that is a wig she is wearing!!,It looks looks look a wig!! It’s not a good one!! Sorry ,?Use her real hair it’s so pretty!! The wig is very bad!!🀦‍♀️🀦‍♀️🀦‍♀️

    1. I think it looks like a wig as well. Too bad. She has really pretty hair.

  17. Yeaaaaa!!! I love Aurora. I can never get enough.


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