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Saturday, December 30, 2017

HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! (1 More Hallmark "Countdown to Christmas" Movie, Lori Loughlin hosts Winterfest Preview, & More!!!)

This weekend as we celebrate New Year's Eve and Countdown to a New Year, may we also enjoy the conclusion of Hallmark's 24/7 coverage of "Countdown to Christmas" movies, which includes the premiere of Hallmark's newest original movie...

Storyline via Hallmark: Magazine assistant and aspiring fashion designer Caitlyn’s world is turned upside down when Prince Jeffrey and his presumed future fiancé Lady Isabelle come to town, and Isabelle hires her to design a dress for the royal New Year’s Eve ball where Jeffrey is expected to propose. Navigating through her boss Abigail’s efforts to sabotage her, Caitlyn spends time creating a dress fit for a princess, and planning the ball with Jeffrey. Caitlyn and Jeffrey begin to develop... Click Here to Read More...

See the premiere of Royal New Year's Eve
Saturday December 30, 2017
at 8pm/7c. on the Hallmark Channel

(*See an encore airing: Sunday December 31, 2017 at 10pm/9c.)

Following the premiere of "Royal New Year's Eve," is a special sneak peek of what's coming next on the Hallmark Channel with the...

Winterfest 2018 Preview Show
Hosted by Lori Loughlin

Hallmark invites you to "cozy up by the fire with Lori Loughlin and get a sneak peek at all 4 "Winterfest" world premiere original movies coming to Hallmark Channel this January!"

Saturday December 30, 2017
at 9:30/8:30c. on the Hallmark Channel

On New Year's Eve various local stations and cable channels will be ringing in the New Year with Celebrations where you can watch performers sing, the ball drop, and confetti float through the air!



A Blessed Happy New Year to all of you who visit here at It's a Wonderful Movie!

Gripping adventures, fascinating love stories, engrossing mysteries, and enchanting tales surely await our watching and will fill us with wonder and suspense this year, as we look forward to each holiday and season!

I wish you every bit of *joy* possible throughout 2018! May each day be a gift we unwrap- as we share God's grace and love with one another!

Blessings to You All as we...
Ring in the New Year!!!
    🎉 Happy 2018!!! 🎉

"Behold, I make all things new!"
~Revelation 21:5



    1. Oh, thank you, Joyce!!! A very Happy New Year to You, too!!! :)

  2. Hope you had a Blessed Christmas & I pray God Blesses you and your family this New Year! I know you bless us each day with your site and the encouragement we get from your words. You are an unreal Blessing to us All! You keep Christmas Alive for us all year and thank you for that! Happy Blessed New Year!!!!!

    1. Thank you, NK, for those beautiful words of well wishes!!! You have truly blessed me by your comment! Words cannot express. My heart is full and overjoyed!!! Thank you for adding to the joy of movie watching and Christmas enthusiasm! It means so much to me!!! :)

      Merry Christmas Week and A Blessed, Happy, Joyous New Year to You & Yours!!! Net

  3. I just discovered your blog! I am a huge Hallmark movie fan. We recently decided to cut the cable cord so I will definitely be checking back here to see what movies are available on dvd. (Or for purchase on amazon streaming.)

    Thanks for this blog! Happy Nee Year!

    1. Welcome, Courtney, to It's a Wonderful Movie!!! It's always such fun to receive another Hallmark TV movie fan here!!!

      We are so fortunate to have so many Hallmark movies on DVD! I'm hearing a lot of people are canceling their cable service and seeking other options. Have you visited my Hallmark Movies on DVD - from A to Z page? It's a long list of old and new Hallmark DVDs! Hope you enjoy it! :)

      Thank you for visiting and saying Hello!!! Happy New Year to You!!! Net

  4. Net - May God bless you and your family in 2018 - you are so deserving of His abundant love!

    1. Oh, thank you, Mark! A very blessed Happy New Year, to you, as well! Thank you for being His Light!!!

      To God be the Glory in All Things!!! Net

  5. Happy New Year Net and everyone! Though I dearly enjoy the big, wonderful supply of annual Christmas movies, really, it's difficult but not too, too difficult to see them go since there are new movies coming right up and will be on all year long. What a blessing! Thank you, Hallmark!

    1. A very Happy New Year, to you, too, Amy G!!!

      I know it is hard, for some, to see the Christmas movies go, but it is a blessing, I wholeheartedly agree, how Hallmark relates movies to each season & holiday to come!

      Thank you for your sweet comment! Blessings in the New Year!!! Net

  6. Happy New Year Net! Once again, thank you for helping us all navigate the wonderful stories told year around. Hope you had a healthy, happy Christmas. Thank you for sharing Revelation 21:5!Such hope in that verse. Especially as I have been confined to bed or couch since October.

    1. Oh, thank you, Becky! It's always my joy to share these Christmas movies with all of you! I'm so sorry to hear you've been down. I pray your spirits will be lifted by the New Year and all it's hope and promise!

      We have had snow and ice, and bitterly, dangerous cold weather here in the Midwest. Today many local churches are closed as travel is more difficult, and I'm so glad we have one last day of Christmas movies on Hallmark, on this New Year's Eve, as I'm looking forward to staying warm inside and bringing in the New Year with my precious Family tonight!

      A Very Blessed, Joyous, Healthy, Happy New Year to You, Becky!!! I pray you feel better soon!

      Take good care, Net

    2. Prayers of healing and health "going up" for you, Becky!!.......Peace....

  7. Firstly wishing a Halpy New YearJoyous to one and all.Thank you Net for making it possible to come to your blog from all over the globe and be informed of all the warm and fuzzy goodness on offer. It is certainly my go to place after a long day at work and check what our fave channels offer as escapism. This year again the fare on offer was good and entertaining with my top 6 movies being :- Snowed inn Christmas, Romance at Reindeer Lodge, Christmas in Mississippi, Miss Christmas, Unwrapped Christmas and Christmas Getaway. I especially enjoyed that these 6 movies had well cast pairings, charming scripts and were well produced.Even casted in the tried and tested formulaic but relative newcomers Josh Kelly, Nicky Whelan, Travis van Winkle and a few others were refreshing to watch and I hope to see more of them in future productions on either HM Lifetime ION. Already the upcoming Winterfest looks promising esp s
    Looking forward to the double dose of eye candy of Thoas Beaudoin and Niall Matter😊 Happy New Yearfrom Australia😆😆

    1. Thank you, Vee, for sharing some of your Christmas movie favorites and your well wishes for the New Year! I'm so glad you can see all of these movies in Australia, too! That's so wonderful!!! I haven't seen all the ones you mentioned, yet, but I'm certainly looking forward to it!

      I watched "Royal New Year's Eve" last night and thought it was quite fun, lighthearted, romantic, and sweet! It's the perfect New Year's Eve movie - for anyone who may have missed it last night!!!

      Also, I absolutely agree, Vee... Hallmark's Winterfest looks quite promising with great casting!!! I like all the ones you mentioned, plus it's wonderful to see Dean Cain and Kristy Swanson together again!!! :)

      Thank you, again, for sharing!!! Many Blessings to you & Happy New Year!!! Net

  8. Where's Prince Jeffrey's Mother & Brother named Peter aren't in the picture in the movie: Royal New Year's Eve?

  9. God bless you, Net, and a "Happy New Year", too, and to each and every one who visits "It's a Wonderful Movie"!! May He bring us into 2018 with joy, peace and loving hearts!!

    1. Oh, thank you, Linda, for sharing the joy of welcoming in the New Year with a happy heart! The Lord loves a cheerful giver... and that is most definitely you!!!

      Thank you for always being a blessing to me and so many others here at It's a Wonderful Movie!!! A happy, healthy, joy-filled New Year to You, my dear friend!!! Net

  10. Thank you for your fantastic site. We watched every new movie on both Hallmark channels as well as Ion, UP, and Lifetime. We love this season and the movies. Can’t wait to get updates for 2018 Christmas movies. Christmas in July here we come

  11. Net, I am thankful for the wonderful work you do for us in keeping us informed of so many encouraging movies that cause us to laugh and to even see our own lives in a new perspective. I look forward to the things you will share in this new year. Blessings of wisdom and guidance on your work, your family and for yourself in this new year!

  12. a Happy New Year 2018 to you Net, and to all who visit here !

    i wish you and your' family Net, health , happiness, and LOVE in abundance !!!


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