Friday, July 7, 2017

DAY 1: Hallmark's Christmas in July has just begun!!!

Today is the launch date
for Hallmark's very special time of year -
it's Christmas in July!

That means for the next 17 Days - you will find Christmas movies on one (or both for a short time!) of the Hallmark stations - Hallmark Movies & Mysteries or the Hallmark Channel!

Movies will first begin on Hallmark Movies & Mysteries with Gold Crown Christmas Week-

July 7, 2017 - Friday / TODAY!!!

Operation Christmas... HMM ... 7 PM

Storyline via Hallmark: "A divorced single mom is reluctantly teamed up by her employer with a sergeant in the U.S. Army, the guy who stood her up last Christmas, for a toy drive benefitting the local Army base. The task not only helps her rediscover the spirit of Christmas she had lost, but kindles a romance that is tested when his deployment makes her question whether she has what it takes to be an Army wife."


Hearts of Christmas ... HMM ... 9 PM

Storyline via Hallmark: "Our tiniest angels and the dedicated nurses who care for them in the NICU are in the spotlight in this heartwarming Christmas story in which our "Scrooge," a corporate numbers cruncher, gets a lesson in love and humanity from the very people his cost-cutting plan impacts the most."

My thoughts...
Both of these movies are sure to warm your heart... so cozy yourself in this evening and enjoy the first night of Christmas Movies in July on Hallmark Movies & Mysteries!!!

God's Blessings Everyone, Net

Simply Enjoy!

"For He will command His angels concerning you to guard you in all your ways"
Psalm 91:11 (NIV)


  1. I can't wait for it to start! I've been wishing there could be more through the week, but even if there's only two movies tonight, I'm grateful! I mean, who else is doing this? We've gotta be grateful for what we have. Thank you Hallmark for doing this and thanks Net for the awesome reminders! You are the best!

    1. Awww, thanks so much, Anonymous! Like you, I am very grateful Hallmark keeps bringing back the Christmas in July event. I'm sure they are also trying their best to balance their schedule out for viewers who don't love Christmas year round as we do! If there's one, two, or ten Christmas movies in one day... Whatever the case... I agree, we should definitely be grateful!!!

      Thank you for all your kind words! Enjoy the launch of Christmas in July on HMM tonight!!! :)

    2. By the way, TCT will also play Christmas movies in July! I've added some to the Christmas Schedule:

  2. Joyce in CarolinaFriday, July 07, 2017

    Yes! It's here! And they're starting off with two of my favorites from last season! So excited!

    1. Absolutely agree, Joyce... these two are both wonderful, heartwarming movies! Two of my favorites, as well! And, I'm so glad they started with "Operation Christmas," as it seems appropriate following the Fourth of July!

      Thanks so much for sharing the excitement!!! :)

  3. I left one string of garland colored lights up around my door. Yes, that's right. It's been up since this past Christmas season...haha. I left it up as a reminder of Christmas for me through out the year. I only plug it in once in a great while. Now I'm all set for decorations for Christmas in July and Hallmark. all I have to do is plug it in. Sometimes if pays off to be a wack job.

    1. Jim... Oh my goodness, I love it! That is wonderful! Nothing quite beats the warm glow of Christmas lights while watching Christmas movies in July!!! :)

  4. 2 awesome movies to launch Christmas on HMM!

    1. I so agree! Love both Operation Christmas & Hearts of Christmas... I consider them both *must-see*!

  5. Yay! Yay! Yay! It's here, it's finally here!! I'm so excited and can't wait for 7pm, tonight. I'll be glued to the set watching two of my favorites, also, from last year. Hey, Jim, I have a beautiful white wreath with all the trimmings that I hung in my living room for the duration of "Christmas in July". I, too, love the soft, festive lights that give me the Christmas spirit. Happy viewing, Net!!

    1. Linda- Oh, thank you so much for sharing the JOY, as always! "Yay! Yay! Yay!" Christmas is finally here!

      Your white wreath sounds lovely... the perfect way to celebrate Christmas early!

      May the Light of Christmas be with you - always!!!

      Blessings to you, Linda... Net :)

    2. Linda, I love that you put out your wreath. I love to hear this. A true Christmas fanatic. If I wasn't feeling so lazy today, I might actually put up my Christmas Tree for a couple weeks...haha.

    3. Hey, Jim, Net, I took it once step further and put my outside lighted door wreath up last night and have now created a new tradition. I will light my wreath each night to celebrate "Christmas in July" for two weeks, every year!! LOL!!

    4. Linda, that sounds wonderful! I wish you were my neighbor! I miss everyone's pretty decorations! The light of Christmas is a truly beautiful thing, but even greater is the Light we celebrate, that always overcomes the darkness!!! :)

      Blessings to you, Net

    5. Yes, it is, Jim; He is the Light, the Truth and the Way forever first in our lives and forever to be beheld; Lord, God, Almighty!!

    6. Can you imagine us all living in the same neighborhood? We would end up all having our houses decorated to the max in July, inside and out. We would be the talk of the town.

      Linda, you are stepping it up. Do I need to go put a light up Rudolph and Santa on the front lawn now to match you? lol

    7. LOL!!!! Yes, yes, yes, yes!!!!!


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