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Wednesday, July 12, 2017


As Christmas movies begin on the Hallmark Channel... here's a Crossword Puzzle to test your Hallmark Channel Christmas Movie Knowledge! The questions below cover ALL of the 2016 New Christmas movies + various Hallmark Channel movies from previous years that are playing during "Christmas Keepsake" week on the Hallmark Channel!

Here's how to play... you will need to open up this Crossword Puzzle enlarged on a new page and PRINT the image! Then fill in the puzzle by answering the movie questions featured below OR you can print those, too - HERE!

(Make sure it's as large as possible - hover over the image
and click the + magnify icon, if necessary, before printing!)

Here are the Clues...


7 “In A Very Merry Mix-Up, what do Alice and Matt make in the dark, as they are trying to stay awake?”

9 “In Looks Like Christmas, what song does Brian play on his on his saxophone, surprising his mother, at the school’s Christmas talent show? (2 words)”

12 “In the movie Christmas Cookies, Betty tells Hannah, ‘Christmas is what you ___________ it!’”

13 “What gift was Maddie given when she leaves town in Love You Like Christmas?”

15 “In When Calls the Heart Christmas, how did the men decide who would play Santa for the children? (plural)”

16 “What flavor is Christie’s final winning cookies in A Cookie Cutter Christmas?”

18 “In The Christmas Cure, when Vanessa returns home for Christmas, where does she first see her old high school sweetheart Mitch?”

20 “In the movie Christmas List, what does Jamie watch Isabel decorate at the Fire Station? (2 words)”

22 “When Anna realizes she has a talent for personal shopping in 12 Gifts of Christmas, she has business cards made up that say The Christmas ___________!”

23 “In Christmas in Homestead, what gift did Sophie, the little girl, give Jessica’s bodyguard? (2 words)”

24 “In I’m Not Ready for Christmas, what gift does Holly’s niece Anna get her for Christmas that smells nice? (2 words)”

25 “What is the name of the reindeer Lauren doctors in Christmas Under Wraps?”

27 “What does Stephanie leave for Santa in Let it Snow?”

28 “In A Royal Christmas, what gift does Emily give Liam’s mother when they first meet?”

29 “What special earrings does Sara wear in A Wish for Christmas that makes her the perfect person to pitch the Christmas 365 project idea?”


1 “In the Hallmark Hall of Fame movie A Heavenly Christmas, what does Eve tell her assistant to get her nephews for Christmas? (plural)”

2 “On the 8th day of Christmas in My Christmas Love, what gift did they receive?”

3 “What variety of Christmas tree must Carol have in Looks Like Christmas?”

4 “In the movie Christmas Cookies, Hannah is sent to what town to buy out Aunt Sally’s cookies? (2 words)”

5 “In A Rose for Christmas, what gift did Cliff give Andy for Christmas?”

6 “What movie does Elise take Nick to see in A Mistletoe Promise, in spite of their aversion towards Christmas? (4 words)”

8 “In A December Bride, what ingredient does Seth use too much of in the gingerbread cookies?”

10 “In A Christmas Detour, after their minor car crash, Dylan, Paige, Frank, and Maxine stay at the O _________________ Inn.”

11 “In Every Christmas Has a Story, what town are Kate and Jack sent to – in hopes of finding the Christmas spirit?”

14 “In Broadcasting Christmas, Charlie helps Emily get an interview with a woman who has a 100 year old - what?”

17 “In the movie Sleigh Bells Ring, Laurel and Alex must work together to fix up Santa’s sleigh in time for what event?”

19 “In My Christmas Dream what gift does Cooper make for Christina?”

21 “What is Allie accused of stealing at the castle, on the night of the ball, in A Crown for Christmas?”

26 “In When Calls the Heart Christmas, what is the name of Mr. Sam Bailey’s dog?”

30 “Where is Penny in A Dream of Christmas, when she makes her first wish?”


That's it for Crossword Puzzle questions! You can Print the Crossword Puzzle - HERE & the Questions HERE! I hope you all enjoy Christmas Keepsake Week on the Hallmark Channel, and perhaps doing the puzzle as watch! Maybe, you can challenge a friend or family member and see which one of you comes up with the answers first!

If you haven't already... you may want to also *CLICK HERE to play the Hallmark Movies & Mysteries Christmas Crossword Puzzle game!

CLICK HERE for the Crossword Puzzle Answers!

Have fun with it and be sure to let me know what you think of the Crossword Puzzle in Comments below!!!

Happy Christmas in July!!!

🎅🎄 Net 🎄🎅


  1. Number 25 across is Rudy, right? I should know number 10 down cause I've seen "A Christmas Detour" so many times, love that movie. Number 1 down, is it BIKES?

    Oh Net, it's been so fun watching the Christmas in July shows. It breaks up these summer months, especially with it being so hot here in Calif. Thanks for the fun post!

    love, ~Sheri

  2. Dear Net,
    Just love the Crossword Puzzle! Such a great idea and it made it even more fun to watch the movies again. I have been working on the Hallmark Movies & Mysteries! Now, I cant wait to do this one! Love Christmas in July!

    1. Nancy - Oh my goodness, I'm so happy to hear how much you have enjoyed the crossword puzzles while re-watching the Christmas movies! Thank you for sharing that!

      I've also added a link to the answers above - just in case anyone needed them!

      Blessings on your day!!! Thank you, again... Net :)

  3. Can't wait to fill this out. Maybe I will be daring like Emily Jones( Autumn Reeser) from Love at the Thanksgiving Day Parade and do it in ink while watching Hallmark Christmas Movies and eating peanut butter out of a jar... "Nutty Movie Night"!!! Wish they were playing that movie, I love that one! It doesn't get played enough! Out of all the movies that hallmark has done about a parade this one out shines them all! Happy Christmas in July Net!

    1. NK - I love that part in the movie "Love at the Thanksgiving Day Parade"... "Nutty Movie Night" and doing the crossword puzzle in INK! So cute! But then again, so is that whole movie!!!

      Thank you so much for commenting & sharing! Hope you have fun with the crossword puzzles! You are so daring to do them in INK!!!

      And, I so agree - "Love at the Thanksgiving Day Parade" definitely isn't played enough!

      "Yo quiero!" (Exact translation: "I want!")

      Blessings to you, always!!! Net :)


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