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Christmas is Coming Soon on both the Hallmark stations - Hallmark Movies & Mysteries and the Hallmark Channel... (see the Complete Schedule - HERE!) and since the Christmas Movies are starting first on Hallmark Movies & Mysteries during their Gold Crown Christmas week (from July 7 to July 16!), I have created a very special Christmas Crossword Puzzle which relates ONLY to the movies that will be airing on Hallmark Movies & Mysteries during July! (And - if you are wondering, YES, I will have one next week for the Hallmark Channel's Christmas Keepsake Week, too!)

Here's how to play... you will need to open up this Crossword Puzzle enlarged on a new page and PRINT the image! Then fill in the puzzle by answering the movie questions featured below OR you can print those, too - HERE!

(Make sure it's as large as possible - hover over the image
and click the + magnify icon, if necessary, before printing!)

Here are the Clues...


2 “What play is performed in Finding Father Christmas? (3 words)”

6 “On the bench Cody makes for Luke and Rosie in The Christmas Card it says inscribed in the wood ‘Where the _____________ Begins.’”

9 “In the first Mrs. Miracle movie – on Mrs. Miracle’s first day, what do the twin boys throw at her?”

10 “In A Christmas to Remember, what ruins Jennifer’s top minutes before she goes on TV?”

11 “In Finding Father Christmas, the picture Miranda finds in her mother’s belongings is of a little boy and who? (2 words)”

13 “After open mic night in Love Always, Santa, what excuse does Jake use to Lilly, saying he needs to leave early?”

14 “In Hallmark Movies & Mysteries' I’ll be Home for Christmas, what Christmas Character does Gracie call her Grandpa?”

15 “In the movie The Christmas Card, what does Faith accidentally take, that belongs to Cody? (2 words)”

17 “In A Sound of Christmas, what song does Lizzie play on the piano at the Christmas concert? (2 words)”

18 “In The Christmas Ornament Tim tells Kathy- 'Ornaments are _________________ on branches.'”

19 “In Hearts of Christmas, what do Alice’s former patients send her lots of each year at Christmas? (plural)”

22 “In A Nutcracker Christmas, what part does Lily dream of performing in the Nutcracker Ballet? (3 words)”

24 “In Home on Christmas Day, what does Tyler try to fix for Betsy?”

25 “What is the ornament Tim gives Kathy in The Christmas Ornament?”

26 “In the movie Angels and Ornaments, what song does David write for Corrine to sing? (3 words)”


1 “In The Magic Stocking, what is Scott trying to restore for the town before Christmas?”

3 “What is the name of Jake Grainger’s book (Lilly’s favorite) in Love Always, Santa? (3 words)”

4 “In Dashing Through the Snow, what color is Ashley’s big present that Dash is suspicious of?”

5 “In Operation Christmas, what special place does Scott go to before and after every mission, and often in between?”

7 “Scott tells Olivia, in Operation Christmas, he always takes his military orders, even if it’s on what day?”

8 “In Journey Back to Christmas, Hanna shares that the town of Central Falls used to always meet at the gazebo for hot chocolate and go __________!”

12 “In A Christmas to Remember, what does Maggie see in the storefront window that reminds her of her childhood?

16 "In Hallmark Movies & Mysteries' I’ll be Home for Christmas, what gift did Jackie always wish to receive from her Daddy, as a child, for Christmas?"

20 “In Hearts of Christmas, what do Alice and all the nurses in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit call their little patients? (plural)”

21 “In Debbie Macomber's Dashing Through the Snow, what does Ashley get from a biker while on her road trip with Dash?”

23 “What does Christine lose that is very precious to her in The Christmas Secret?”

27 "Whose dress in Charming Christmas do three women wear - that changes their lives? (2 words)"

28 "When the children are going to bed one night in A Christmas Wish, Mel tells them the Christmas story about Baby ________."


That's it for clues & questions! You can Print the Crossword Puzzle - HERE & the Questions HERE! I sure hope you all like this! I thought this might be a fun thing to do as we all enjoy Christmas in July together!

Be sure to let me know what you think of the Crossword Puzzle in Comments below!!!

CLICK HERE for the Crossword Puzzle Answers!

Happy Christmas in July!!!
πŸŽ…πŸŽ„ Net πŸŽ„πŸŽ…


  1. Net, what a great idea! But tell me, how do you remember all of these little details about these movies?! I wish I had your memory! :-)

    1. How sweet, Mark!!! So glad you like it!

      As for remembering such detail, well... I do watch a few of them from time to time (throughout the year) and full disclosure, I did a little research for this, too! Some things, of course, I recalled... while a few of the obscure details I looked up.

      All in all, it was great fun to put together... I sincerely hope you all enjoy it just as much!!! And, I hope you like the Hallmark Channel Christmas movie version coming next week, too!!!

      Thanks so much for commenting, Mark... Blessings to You!!! :)

  2. Awwwwww, Net, what a wonderful, fun, witty, idea you came up with!! Who doesn't love a good crossword puzzle especially concerning Christmas? You're amazing and so creative!!!

    1. Oh, thank you, Linda!!! I had hoped you would like it!

      Christmas is the best time of year (plus, Christmas in July, too!) and I thought this puzzle could be such fun for everyone here who loves good, wholesome Hallmark Christmas movies!!!

      Blessings to You!!! Your comments are always witty and creative, too, Linda... and always bring a smile to my face!!! :)

  3. This is the best, Net! I'm printing mine out right now so I can have it with me when I watch each Christmas movie!

    1. Great idea, Liz! Hope you enjoy finding all the answers and watching Hallmark's Christmas movies once again!!! :)

  4. Guess I'll have to wait for the movie to figure out 24 across!

    1. Right... 24 across is about the new Hallmark Movies & Mysteries Christmas in July movie "Home on Christmas Day!" Just so you know... this answer is not hard, if you watch the movie!

  5. i wanted to send this to my aunt, but she doesn't have HMM. Thanks for letting us know you're doing one for Hallmart Ch next wk. I'll send her that one.

    1. Well, I sure hope she will enjoy the Hallmark Channel crossword puzzle coming next week!!! Thank you for sharing my site!!! :)

  6. I used to have one of those Christmas puzzles books as a kid and you just made me feel like a child at Christmas again. My wife's better at the detail stuff, I think she'll like this as much as I do, if I can just figure out how to use the printer.

    1. I had books just like that, too! Lots of them with various types of puzzles, coloring pages, and such! So glad this crossword puzzle brought that all back for you... hope you and your wife enjoy filling out all the answers together!

      Thank you, CJ, for sharing your memories!!! :)

  7. This is awesome! I'm counting down the days, hours, minutes...... and you just made the wait a whole lot easier!

    13 across, anyone? JK!!!!!

    1. Oh yes, I'm counting down, too! Thanks so much for sharing in the fun!!! :)

  8. Will you be posting the answers?

    1. Yes, I will... sometime after Hallmark Movies & Mysteries concludes their Christmas movies on July 16th!

  9. Joyce in CarolinaThursday, July 06, 2017

    Awesome idea Net! You're the best! I've already filled out a big portion of the puzzle! Got to wait on the movies to finish! Can't wait! Blessings to you!

    1. Oh my goodness... that's fantastic, Joyce! I'm so thrilled to hear how much you are enjoying the crossword puzzle! I can hardly believe the Christmas movies are coming tomorrow!

      Thank you so much for visiting my site today and participating in on all the fun! You're so sweet to share! God's blessings back to you, Net :)

  10. Love.

  11. This is so awesome! I can't wait to fill it out. Thanks for all of the work that you put into it. I also want to thank you for praying for my Dad. He is doing well and making good progress. He goes tomorrow to find out about treatments and such, so your continued prayers will be very much appreciated. Have A Wonderful Day!!!

    1. Stephanie, Wonderful to hear from you! I saw "Broadcasting Christmas" new on DVD at CBD the other day - and thought of you!

      I will absolutely keep you and your Dad in my prayers! I know it's not easy for the family, as well, going through this - but I'm sure your love and support means everything to him!

      You'll be in my thoughts and most certainly in my prayers. God's Blessings to You & Yours! Take care, Net

    2. Thanks so much for your encouraging words and your prayers. They mean a lot to me.

      That is so exciting...another Christmas movie release. I really enjoyed "Broadcasting Christmas" and I can't wait to buy it too.

      The great thing about all of these Christmas movies releasing on October 3rd is that they are just in time for my birthday on October 9!!! HAHA

      Have A Wonderful Day!!!!

    3. Oh, you're welcome, Stephanie. I'll continue to keep you all in my prayers. Please keep me posted, when you can.

      As for the Christmas movies...that is wonderful *DVD release* timing, just before your Birthday! And, only weeks before Christmas begins full time, once again, on both Hallmark networks! I think you will have many wonderful gifts!

      Blessings on your day & weekend!!! Net

  12. Again Net you make Christmas special even in July. I have always loved your site and the thought you put into it for others. What a blessing!!!!!! This crossword puzzle is such a fun and cute idea! Like 6 across...your site is also where (well you know) begins! Can't wait for Christmas to start tomorrow and see what other answers I can find. What a great way to bring a little mystery with the Christmas in July event! Blessings on you and your site!

    1. Oh, thank you so much, NK! I'm so happy to hear this site has been a blessing to you! Your response has certainly blessed me in return!

      The fact that you feel *6 across* in the crossword puzzle above when you visit here - is very sweet! Christmas has a way of bringing that special feeling for all of us!

      Thank you *bunches* for visiting & commenting! Blessings back to you, Net :)

  13. Love it!!!! MyMomma, Sister, and I filled ours out yesterday! We had such fun doing it together and recalling all the wonderful Christmas movies tidbits! Thank you so much for sharing Net!

    1. Awwww, how sweet! Thank you for sharing that! I love that my crossword puzzle brought so much joy to your home!

      Thank you & Many blessings, Net :)

  14. this is fun. love crossword puzzles and Christmas.


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