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Tuesday, June 27, 2017

"When Calls the Heart Christmas" will Dance into our Hearts... in July!!! Hallmark Grants #Hearties Wish!!!

When the Hallmark Channel's Christmas Keepsake (Christmas in July) schedule was initially released, Hearties (fans of the Hallmark series "When Calls the Heart") realized their beloved show's Christmas movie was not on the list. From there, they of course took to social media to ask Hallmark executives firsthand to please add their cherished show to the July lineup! It was, after all, included in the Hallmark Christmas Keepsake commercial promo!

image credit: Copyright 2016 Crown Media United States LLC/Photographer: Ricardo Hubbs

Hallmark, who is truly terrific at listening to their fans and viewers, granted the Hearties wish! My only dismay is... they made a trade. In order to fit in "When Calls the Heart Christmas," they removed one of mine (and many others, too!) favorite Christmas movies in the process... "The Nine Lives of Christmas!" (You know, it's the one with the handsome fireman, the tabby cat named Ambrose, and the eager Vet student who gets evicted... yeah, that one!) Anyway, thankfully we have "The Nine Lives of Christmas" on DVD, right? But, even still, it will be greatly missed during Hallmark's Christmas in July!

Christmas Keepsake revised July lineup-
Friday, July 21, 2017:

  • When Calls the Heart Christmas ... 2pm/1c.
  • A Cookie Cutter Christmas ... 4pm/3c.
  • Christmas Under Wraps ... 6pm/5c.
  • A December Bride ... 8pm/7c.

Therefore... on July 21st, it's almost a "When Calls the Heart" (WCTH) celebration all day... starting with "When Calls the Heart Christmas" at 2pm, then "A Cookie Cutter Christmas" starring Erin Krakow at 4pm, and I'll skip to 8pm, when Daniel Lissing stars in "A December Bride."

To my knowledge, there are no cast members from WCTH in the Christmas movie "Christmas Under Wraps," which airs at 6pm that day... unless you want to play the "six degrees of separation" movie game! If that's the case, then we can sum it up in one degree or step, since Candace Cameron Bure starred with Paul Greene in "A Christmas Detour" and he is a cast member from "When Calls the Heart!" Ahhhh, problem solved!

If you're like me, then this one showing of "When Calls the Heart Christmas" just won't be enough! Thankfully, you can also get the When Calls the Heart Christmas Movie on DVD! Plus, others, too!!! (Click the DVDs below for more info!)

Enjoy your Summer everyone as we look forward to Christmas in July!!!

Have a blessed day!!! Net

"For to us a Child is born, to us a Son is given, and the government will be on His shoulders. And He will be called Wonderful Counselor, Mighty God, Everlasting Father, Prince of Peace." ~Isaiah 9:6



  1. I hate to hear they pulled The Nine Lives of Christmas. It's one of my favorites!!! I would watch that again and again over a lot of the other Hallmark Christmas movies.

    1. I know I am not happy about that either. It is bad enough we are getting less movies, and some of them are playing twice and some not at all. I don't know why, but I am feeling slightly upset about the hearties getting what they want. I know its silly. I was doing the live tweet this week during the Good Witch, and all I kept seeing were tweets from the hearties, no doubt probably trying to get themselves "trending" on twitter. The show is not on now, and another show will be on August 6th, Chesapeake Shores, which they will have the live tweet for. I do love the show When Calls the Heart, but we don't need to hear about it all year. Its like Hallmark only caters to the Hearties and to the 35 new movies they had last year. And this year they will have a record breaking more. I would rather have quality movies, and for them not to forget about the movies us long time fans have been watching forever.

    2. Anonymous & Sabrina- I am also, as I mentioned above, kind of sad to see "The Nine Lives of Christmas" was the movie that had to be traded, but I am happy to see the WCTH Christmas movie join the schedule, especially since it was the only new Christmas movie to even touch on the true meaning of Christmas. There were hints, here and there on other movies if you looked close, but nothing as wonderful as "When Calls the Heart" - when it came to telling the true Christmas story and the birth of Jesus!

      I was surprised, however, that the "When Calls the Heart Christmas" movie is receiving a 2pm showing in July, instead of a primetime slot! I think it would've received even greater ratings at that time, even though I still expect all Hearties will either be tuning in or recording it once again!

      It is true, there is certainly a lot of passion from the Hearties on social media for this series, (myself included!) and personally, I am grateful to see it. With the world the way it is today, to have so many people come together, everyday, to celebrate and honor a show, that is somewhat rare with it's decent family values and strong faith, well... I'm just so glad it is receiving such fantastic support and I'm very grateful Hallmark continues to air it! I only wish we had more wonderful weekly family programs like "When Calls the Heart" to support!

      Back to "The Nine Lives of Christmas..." I know just what you mean about loving it... from the moment Ambrose the cat follows Zachary (the fireman) through the door- I'm hooked!!! Guess I'll have to put my DVD copy in - this July!!! :)

    3. Each take I flip the channels looking for something decent to watch with my kids I'm reminded how rare When Calls the Heart is. If only there were more shows like it.

    4. I have it on DVD, too! Let's all make a pact to watch "The Nine Lives of Christmas" together the Monday after Christmas in July is over!

    5. Steph - I know just what you mean! It is often hard to find something for the whole family to enjoy. Thank goodness for the Hallmark Channel, UP, INSP, etc...

      I get what Sabrina means (above^), but if only we had more wonderful family programs like "When Calls the Heart" to support - then the love could be spread out more on Twitter, etc...

      I enjoy Chesapeake Shores, but I'm not so sure it's one children would like.

      Thank you for sharing, Steph!!! :)

    6. Anonymous, I love that idea! I'll be sure to do that, and suggest everyone here joins in!!! How fun!!! We'll have our own viewing party!!! :)

    7. You guys are all so right, it is hard to find anything good to watch on TV that isn't trying to scare you or inappropriate for the family. When Calls the Heart is so good, it has family, religion, love, friendships, it values marriage, so many things that are hard to find in the world today. I love that we have the Hallmark channel to bond over and to watch instead of 24/7 news outlets wanting you to be afraid. I can't wait for the Christmas movies to start and am so thankful for the Hallmark and HM&M channels and you all you wonderful people to chat with :)

    8. I love the idea to watch Nine Lives of Christmas viewing party, as I too have it on DVD. What can I say, I LOVE Cats!!!!!!

    9. Me too, Sabrina!!! I adore cats!!! (They are so precious!) I will definitely post something the day after *Christmas in July* ends on the Hallmark Channel and invite everyone who would like to - to join us!!!

      Thank you for commenting and sharing in the fun!!! :)

      Have a truly blessed weekend, Sabrina!!! Net

  2. Speaking of "When Calls the Heart", it looks like the fifth season could start filming in August according to the What's Filming? website.

    1. Yes! That's the date What's Filming is now reporting! Some of the cast members have also shared that date! As a Heartie, myself, I'm so excited a new season of WCTH will soon be in production!

  3. Will you air the original movie "The Christmas List" with Mimi Rogers this year? I sure hope so...I coundn't find it last year on TV and its
    's not for sale on DVD. PLEASE!!

    1. I love that movie, too! "The Christmas List" (with Mimi Rogers!) is one of those movies that has touched many hearts! It is, actually, an ABC Family original Christmas movie from 1997, so... if it shows up anywhere this Christmas it would most likely be on the channel Freeform (which was previously named ABC Family). But, please don't get your hopes up too high- they haven't played it there for a year or more...

      It is possible for Hallmark, INSP, Lifetime, UP, etc... to purchase and play the movie "The Christmas List," but most of those stations already have so many of their own.

      I, too, would love to see "The Christmas List" come to DVD - especially since this year is it's 20th Anniversary!!!

  4. Thanks for posting this news on your site, Net. All of us Hearties appreciate thhe effort you show in support of WCTH!

    1. Awe, you and all of the Hearties are most welcome! I am so glad & blessed to share in your support for such a great family show!

      Blessings! Net

  5. That picture is beautiful! ❤️ It! Makes me think of Gone with the Wind!

    XOXO, EM

    1. I get that feeling, too, Em! Her dress is certainly grand and beautiful, reminiscent of something Scarlet O'Hara would wear to one of the balls!

      Too bad it was winter... I always imagine them fanning themselves with an elegant hand fan. In those days, though, they weren't necessarily just an accessory, but a necessity to keep oneself cool in all of those layers of clothing!

      I love it, too, and I can't wait to watch again!!! :)

      Blessings, Net

  6. Great news for anyone who missed this on Christmas Day last year like me.

    1. Yes, it absolutely is wonderful news for those who missed it before!

      Plus, the "When Calls the Heart Christmas" movie is available on DVD for a pretty low price. (Last I checked it was only $6.30 - but please know this changes from time to time, and could go up or down!)

      Click Here to see the current price: http://amzn.to/2sxT6ED!

      Hope you enjoy watching the "When Calls the Heart Christmas" movie on July 21st, Anonymous! If you are already a WCTH fan, I'm certain you will LOVE it!!! :)


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