Monday, April 24, 2017

HALLMARK CHANNEL Proposes to Fans Delight... "WHEN CALLS THE HEART" will RETURN for SEASON FIVE! #Hearties

Applause All Around - from the Hearties!!!

First - for a beautiful end to Season 4, which was filled with all sorts of adventures, heartwarming stories, and best of all, so much love!!!

Each episode of "When Calls the Heart" this Season - tugged at our heartstrings a little deeper, as we were enriched by the arrival of Carson Shepherd, Shane Cantrell, and Constable Doug Burke, frustrated by the corruption of Ray Wyatt and his handling of the railroad, elated by Jack's marriage proposal to Elizabeth, charmed by all of Rosemary and Lee's first year of marriage silly and sweet antics, captivated by Abigail and Cody and all of their precious moments, as well as the adorable Opal - who more than once warmed our hearts, along with the other school children. And then, we were filled with discontent - as we watched Jack leave Hope Valley with such courage, and ride away from Elizabeth.

However, hope springs eternal as we are delighted to know Season 5 is on the way -- which was officially announced by Erin Krakow on Hallmark Channel's morning show Home & Family, Monday April 24, 2017!

We are so blessed - there is no need to say goodbye to this amazing series. We will only have to remain patient and wait for the return of Season 5 - and hopefully with it.... the return of Constable Jack Thornton - and all of the other characters we have come to love and hold dear on "When Calls The Heart!"

Until then...

Blessings to all of you, Hearties!!!
~ Net ~

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  1. As glad as I am that "When Calls the Heart" is getting a fifth season, I can’t say I’m surprised to hear this, especially since #Hearties was in Twitter’s Top 3 for the season finale. Do you know if there will be a movie scheduled to premiere between the seasons? I haven’t heard Erin or anyone else talk about it. I recently found out on Twitter that Oscar (a.k.a. Rip the Dog) passed away ☹. Have you thought about making a memorial post for him? I know that would mean a lot to the Hearties.

    1. So true, it may not be a huge surprise, perhaps, because of fan base popularity, ratings, etc... but you never know if all of the main cast is game to return for another season. I'm not sure WCTH would be quite the same, if the main characters didn't return... But, fortunately, for now, it appears they will be returning! Hopefully, that means Jack, too!!! :)

      I also saw on Twitter the news of Rip's passing. (Jack's dog) So sad. Loosing a pet, in my opinion, is like loosing a member of one's family. I hadn't thought of doing a memorial post, but my heart certainly goes out to his family, who surely miss him now very much.

      Blessing to you & all Hearties! Net

    2. It was so sad to see Rip (Oscar) died. I wondered why they didn't show him when Rosemary was feeding him. They could say he died cause he missed Jack so much. I was in tears the whole episode, then in tears seeing the end dedicating it to Oscar (Rip). we will miss him.

  2. GREAT news!!! This is one of the best shows on tv and the actors are ALL OUTSTANDING, even the ones I don't like.
    I can hardly wait for Season 5.

    1. I can't hardly wait for Season 5, too! I so agree - "When Calls the Heart" truly is one of the very BEST shows on TV right now.

      Is it just me, or does 2018 seem so far away?!?!?

  3. I'm giddy over this, Net! You have no idea how much our family loves this show. To often we're all busy doing our thing, but Sunday nights we all come together to watch WCTH! So happy for Season 5! We are so Blessed!!!!!

    1. Awe, me too, Abby! Our family always gathers to watch on Sunday nights! I always look forward to it, as well! Such a special family time. We definitely need more programs like this on TV!

      So glad this news made you & your family happy!
      Blessings to you!!! :)

  4. So does that mean season 5 premieres on April 24?

  5. It's a great show, thanks for the review and info.
    Recently posted: Watch When Calls The Heart

  6. So happy for a season 5, "thumbs up" Hallmark!! I do believe I enjoyed season 4 the most. I'm loving the new faces this year and the introduction of a "new Doc." in town.....wonder if they will replace Jack's pooch? So sorry he won't be with us next year.


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