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Movies, Music, & Memories ~ Debbie Reynolds Tribute on TCM...

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"Turner Classic Movies pays tribute to Debbie Reynolds on Friday, January 27 with the following festival of films. This program will replace the previously scheduled movies for that day so please take note."

Actress Debbie Reynolds

Debbie Reynolds TCM Movie Tribute on Friday, January 27, 2017:
(all times listed below are in Eastern Standard Time)

6:00 AM It Started With A Kiss (1959)
7:45 AM Bundle of Joy (1956)
9:30 AM How the West Was Won (1962)
12:30 PM The Tender Trap (1955)
2:30 PM Hit The Deck (1955)
4:30 PM I Love Melvin (1953)
6:00 PM Singin' In the Rain (1952)
8:00 PM The Unsinkable Molly Brown (1964)
10:30 PM The Mating Game (1959)
12:30 AM The Catered Affair (1956)
2:15 AM The Singing Nun (1966)
4:00 AM How Sweet It Is (1968)

With a song in her heart, Debbie Reynolds captured ours. This is a lovely tribute TCM is giving in Debbie's memory. How I wish they were also playing one of my favorite Debbie Reynolds' movies "Tammy and the Bachelor." It's one of those treasured pieces of cinema I captured one day when watching TCM. And, I was delighted I did! The first movie in the Tammy series of films is my favorite of the collection. The moment that truly steals the show is...

Debbie singing the title song, "Tammy" from "Tammy and the Bachelor"...

One of the first movies TCM is playing in the morning, "Bundle of Joy," based on the Ginger Rogers movie "Bachelor Mother," is also a delightful Christmas and New Years Movie, which co-stars Debbie's first husband, Eddie Fisher.

Debbie Reynolds and Eddie Fisher sing "Lullaby In Blue" from "Bundle of Joy"...

And, I must share the role Debbie Reynolds is most beloved for. Watching is sure to put a smile on your face and joy in your heart!

The Song "Goood Morning" from "Singin' in the Rain," with Gene Kelly, Debbie Reynolds and Donald O'Connor, one of the most successful musicals ever filmed...

I hope you can watch some of this wonderful musical movie tribute for Debbie Reynolds on Friday January 27th on TCM... as we say goodbye to another leading lady from Hollywood's golden age.

(*Special thank you to Jill for sharing the date for this touching tribute.)


  1. Oh, how I miss this era of song and dance when families sat down together to watch these wholesome, fun, beautiful movies. I really enjoyed the videos, Net!!

    1. Awe, I'm so glad you enjoyed them, Linda. I love to watch TCM and just imagine what it would have been like to live during that time and era. It seems so simple, beautiful, and splendidly ideal.

      Thankfully for us movie watchers, we never have to really say goodbye. We can keep on watching our beloved films and stars...

      Blessings on your day!!!

  2. I just watched all the video clips you shared here, Net. They are all something special. I'm not familiar with all Debbie Reynolds movies so I'm going to try to record some of these movies. Thank you for sharing Bundle of Joy has Christmas in it, now I can't wait to see it. That's at the top of my list!

    1. 'Bundle of Joy' is such a sweet movie. It actually has Christmas & New Years in it! Basically, it is the same story as 'Bachelor Mother' with Gingers Rogers- made into a musical! I hope you like it, I always find it to be very sweet! :)

  3. I'm watching the Debbie Reynolds movie marathon today on TCM with tears in my eyes. What a gem Debbie was in the acting world. She will be missed. The likes of her we will probably never see again.


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