Monday, December 5, 2016

'Love You Like Christmas' - a Hallmark Channel Original "Countdown to Christmas" Movie starring Brennan Elliott & Bonnie Somerville!


Movie: Love You Like Christmas

Network: Hallmark Channel

Original Air Date: December 11, 2016


Bonnie Somerville
Brennan Elliott
Madison Brydges
Preciouse Chong
Richard Waugh
Graham Scott Fleming
Sadie LeBlanc
Andre Richards


via Hallmark: A high-powered marketing executive is on her way to a client's wedding when her plans are derailed by car trouble. When a fork in the road leads her to Christmas Valley, a town in love with Christmas, her unexpected journey will leave her wondering what her life has been missing.

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Photo Credit: Copyright 2016 Crown Media United States LLC/Photographer: Russ Martin


  1. So cool that Brennan twitted a link to this site! Awesome!


  2. Hi. Good movie. Where was it filmed?

  3. Does anyone know where this movie was Filmed?

    1. I Know that the house/lodge she stayed in is in the Highland Creek area of Toronto, Ontario.

  4. Favorite scene with Maddie - Finally realizing that she belongs in Christmas Valley, Ohio and not in her New York job.

    Favorite scene with Kevin - His and Maddie's first meeting after the tree accident.

    Favorite scene with Maddie and Kevin together - Real or Not Real EMOTIONAL kiss scene on the porch.

  5. Great movie!! But usually all movies he is in are good So glad to see Bonnie in another Hallmark movie. This is only her third movie right?

  6. Great movie to watch with family and children! !!! I wish all movies were family and children friendly instead of the things they call movie's now days.

  7. I finally got to see "Love You Like Christmas" last night and enjoyed it very much. Brennan Elliott is always a treat to watch, and I just love small town movies. The cafe scenes cracked me up. In the words of Roy, the amused older farmer in the cafe, "That was kind of fun to watch." I want to live in Christmas Valley now!

  8. Lovely family movie. The Cast were great. I love Bennan Elliott

  9. My wife loved the white coat Bonnie is wearing in the ad for the film. Anyone have an idea which brand/designer?

    1. Oh, I agree... it is so pretty, Mike! I'm sorry I don't know the designer for you & your wife. I hope she is able to find something similar.

  10. What is the title or artist name of the last song in this movie?

    1. The singer is Graham Scott Fleming. The song "Love You Like Christmas" is not currently available for download, or on CD, but Graham shared via Twitter...
      "I'm thinking about it! Didn't quite think it would get the response it did! I'm on it"

      So, hopefully we will see it eventually on Amazon or ITunes!

  11. When will this be released on DVD. I loved this movie!

    1. I sure hope they release this movie on DVD soon, Erin! But, we may have to wait until the Christmas season gets closer again to know. It's such a sweet Hallmark Christmas movie that definitely should be available on DVD!

      If or when it is - I will be sure to add it to the my page on Hallmark Movies on DVD from A to Z!

      Thank you for commenting! Great to hear from you! :)


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