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Wednesday, October 19, 2016

'Christmas Cookies' - a Hallmark Channel Original "Countdown to Christmas" Movie starring Jill Wagner & Wes Brown!



Movie: Christmas Cookies

Network: Hallmark Channel

Original Air Date: November 13, 2016

*Christmas Cookies is Available on DVD - ➤Click Here!


Jill Wagner ... Hannah
Wes Brown ... Jake
Tiera Skovbye ... Brooke
Chelsey Reist ... Kelly
Marci T. House ... Melody
Jim Thorburn ... Gavin
Benita Ha ... News Reporter #1
Amélie Eve ... Bonnie
Marissa Miller ... Cookie Jar Kid


via Hallmark: Aunt Sally’s Christmas Cookie Company is sold to a large conglomerate and executive Hannah (Wagner) must seal the deal and shut down the factory, which is the small town of Cookie Jar’s lifeblood. What was supposed to be a simple assignment for Hannah becomes complicated when she meets Jake (Brown), the factory owner who’s determined to keep the factory in town. Despite not being a fan of the holiday, the Christmas spirit in this small town is infectious and she gets swept up in the joy of the season while also falling in love.

*Christmas Cookies is Available on DVD - ➤Click Here!

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*Images: Hallmark Crown Media Family Networks


  1. Yay! More pictures!


  2. Can't wait to see this movie, is it me, or does Jill Wagner look different? Something in her face. I love her in Autumn Dreams. I will be looking forward to this movie, love Wes Brown too.

    1. It's just an example of over photoshopping. Both actors look odd in that one photo together.

  3. sounds exactly like "New In Town" with Renee Zellweger and Harry Connick Jr. but with a bit more Christmas theme

    1. I thought it sounded just like "Christmas in my Hometown". Movie from the 90s starring Melissa Gilbert and Tim Matheson. Becky F.

  4. Sabrina--I agree with JW's face--I didn't reven realize it was the same person from Autumn Dreams. Hmmmm??

  5. Looks like Jill to me. More so in all the movie pictures than the over photo-shopped poster. The proportions seem all wrong and both Wes and Jill are better looking than the poster makes them out to be. If you look at the last picture, he is nearly a whole head taller. In the poster, however, they are the same height.

  6. Sherry In CaliforniaFriday, November 11, 2016

    Photoshop is definitely the culprit here (as far as any differences in how Jill looks). In interviews and in her photos on social media, she looks exactly the same as she did in "Autumn Dreams."

    Sometimes the Photoshop work is more obvious in some pictures than it is in others, I've noticed. There is one specific promo picture of Candace Cameron Bure in the press packet for "Christmas Under Wraps" that is so obviously Photoshopped. She is a beautiful woman and she looks great, but this specific photo made it almost appear as if her face had been painted by an artist rather than it being photographed, AND she looked about 10 years younger.

  7. Cannot wait to see this one. Jill Wagner is my favorite since I watched Autumn Dreams. The first two, A Wish for Christmas & Mistletoe Promise, were kind of boring.

  8. This comment has been removed by the author.

  9. Favorite scene with Hannah - Saving the factory workers' jobs.

    Favorite scene with Jake - Being teased with the last piece of cake.

    Favorite scene with Hannah and Jake together - Trying to explain Gavin, and the signed contract.

  10. Kind of disappointed but Jill Wagner is still my favorite. She was able to carry a movie plot regardless because she made it real. Wes Brown was convincing.

  11. Decent movie. Just couldn't get into it. Jill Wagner's character was written childishly for a savvy business woman. Love Wes Brown. He played his character well.

  12. Not too much feedback on this yet.

    When I get to see it I feel a lot will depend on whether Jill Wagner and Wes Brown can lift the movie because they're great actors.

    This corporate male/female goes to small town to close/downsize local factory plot is becoming all too familiar - if it hasn't passed its sell by date yet it must be very close to it.

    1. It was a bit formulaic and her boss capitulated a lot faster than I expected with little to no background information.

      She goes to the town to move the factory to Buffalo leaving everyone in the town unemployed. I thought she could have used her feminine wiles on him to try and get him to sign, but he seemed to have the upper hand in all the negotiations leaving her to run after him throughout the movie. I don't know, I think the story was rushed and incomplete.

  13. Unfortunately, this Christmas Cookies is half-baked.
    This plot is has been rehashed time and again.
    A Wish for Christmas, Mistletoe Promise ar much better, more original movies.

  14. Susan - Des MoineFriday, November 18, 2016

    I don't think you'll find many new movies on Hallmark that don't borrow heavily from previous offerings. I thought that Christmas Cookies was an enjoyable but forgettable entry. I wish they made Jill's character act more professional. Right off the bat, she seemed too "ditzy" and flirty but it's a Hallmark movie and they have to set up the inevitable pairing of the two main actors so things need to be a bit forced.

  15. I really like both the lead actor and actress but the storyline and the writing are just not quite there. The way the conflict was solved was not quite believable and I didn't like the fact that Jill's character wasn't being honest about having a boyfriend. So disappointed. It has so much potential esp with such great actors :(

  16. It appears I had a different experience of Christmas Cookies than most. I loved it, in spite of the done-to-death plot. That may be just because I'm a huge fan of Wes Brown and loved his character in this. It's probably also because I love most any "small town" movie, no matter how many I see, because I grew up in rural Michigan and have many fond childhood memories. This movie especially made me homesick for small towns. It's not going to go on my list of absolute best like "Love Always, Santa" will, but I'll definitely be watching it a bunch more times.

  17. Looked fwd to seeing this one and was not disappointed. I thought the chemistry between Jake and Hannah was pretty natural and I enjoyed their story.

  18. Sherry In CaliforniaSunday, November 20, 2016

    I liked "Christmas Cookies" (I finally had a chance to watch it). First of all, it made me want to immediately move to a small town that really goes all out for Christmas. Second, it made me want to eat gingerbread and shortbread cookies. Third, Jill Wagner is intriguing in these roles. She seems very down to earth and natural. She has a refreshing demeanor about her -- kind of like Hilarie Burton or Ashley Williams.

    It was an enjoyable story. I don't need totally new stories. I'm fine with the usual stories as long as they are told well and the actors are pleasant.

    I always have to put out the disclaimer that, while I enjoy a lot of moves, they are not necessarily new favorites. This one would be one of those -- I liked it, but it's not one of my all time favorite Hallmark Christmas movies. Still, I would watch it again.

  19. This movie is Great. The soundtrack is good too.

  20. The more I watch this movie over and over again, I came to the conclusion that it was one of my favorite in the 2016 Hallmark Christmas movies. Jill and Wes had unbelievable chemistry and funny. It was like watching Jill and Colin in Autumn Dreams.

  21. I just now had the chance to watch this movie. My all time favorite!!!! Jill and Wes were perfect on their roles, chemistry, chemistry, chemistry! Hallmark, more of Jill and Wes movies please!!!

  22. Overworked plot which could have been horribly humdrum but the magical pairing of Jill Wagner and Wes Brown made this a delight to watch.

    Jill exudes a natural warmth. Wes I would describe as ugly-handsome but the two complemented each other perfectly.

    It could have been even better but for the ending - the resolution to the company takeover was trite and unbelievable but I was so deflated at how downbeat they made the ending between Hannah and Jake - I wanted to share in their joy of forming a long term relationship.


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