Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Could 'Summer Villa' become 'Christmas Villa' ?!?!

Since 'Summer Villa' first premiered on the Hallmark Channel, Saturday night (July 23, 2016), I have been hearing wonderful feedback, raving reviews - on how much everyone enjoyed this newest Hallmark Movie. "Instant favorite", I have heard many say!

image via: Hallmark Crown Media

From the start, I felt the story could have easily been one of those great old cinema classics that we now only see on TCM, in the style of, perhaps, Cary Grant and Grace Kelly. Loving those classic movies as I do, I was instantly drawn into 'Summer Villa' starring two of Hallmark's favorites - Hilarie Burton ('Surprised by Love') and Victor Webster ('The Magic Stocking').

And, now there seems to be the possibility that 'Summer Villa' may sequel into 'Christmas Villa'!!!

The very first sign of this potentially taking place was discovered by - Sherry in California, who mentioned it to me back in May!, when she noticed Christmas Villa mentioned in an Instagram post, while the cast was filming #SummerVilla!

image via: Instagram
Quote: "Next time I'll be there for Christmas Villa!"

Then, after the premiere of 'Summer Villa', Lisa C. from the Hallmark Facebook Fan Group, shared she discovered a tweet from entertainment reporter Rachael Ellenbogen, who shared some exciting news on 'Christmas Villa'!

The Tweet reads:
"#OTH's Hilarie Burton said today that @hallmarkchannel is planning a Christmas sequel to tonight's #SummerVilla & I already can't wait." -Rachael Ellenbogen

(By the way, for those who may not know, OTH stands for 'One Tree Hill', which was a popular drama television series from 2003 to 2012. Hilarie Burton was one of the cast members who recently reunited for a fan convention.)

So... that is the news we know, so far, on Christmas Villa! Gauging on how much everyone loved 'Summer Villa'... I'm sure a sequel would be most welcome into everyone's homes - this Christmas!!!


Hilarie Burton previously starred in
Hallmark Channel's Christmas Movie 'Naughty or Nice'
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  1. That would be wonderful!!!

  2. Yes, Yes, Yes, Net!! A "Christmas Villa" sequel to "Summer Villa" would be an absolute hit!! The storyline and chemistry between Hilary and Victor was riveting and I enjoyed it so much!

  3. Yes!!! I'm ecstatic to hear this news! You seriously made my day! Please tell me both Hilarie & Victor will be returning!!!!!!

  4. We loved this movie! A sequel would be wonderful~

  5. I honestly don’t understand why this movie is so popular, let alone why this movie could be getting a sequel. My family recently watched “Summer Villa” and we were only able to get through about 35 minutes of it. The pace of the movie was much slower than we cared for and we felt the acting was negatively affected by it. Also, the story was too predictable for our tastes. We decided to watch “Love in Paradise” instead (it was saved on our DVR) and felt that it was 10 times better than “Summer Villa”. The movie was funny, the Emmanuelle and Luke pairing was better than the Hilarie and Victor pairing, and the story was just far more engaging and intriguing.

    I also wanted to let you know that the trailer for “Office Christmas Party” has been released and based on the article I read, I don’t think this movie is going to be family oriented.

    1. Well, it's perfect Hallmark has so many great movies to choose from!

      That's also funny that you mentioned that about 'Office Christmas Party'... because I just added a strong warning about the movie today on my Christmas Movies in 2016 and Beyond! Sounds like it's not good at all... Such a shame. They could have made a cute little movie.

  6. My wife and I would love a sequel...just has to have the same cast. Great acting and a touching script.


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