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In Remembrance: Saying Goodnight to lovely Ronnie Claire Edwards, best known as Corabeth Godsey of 'The Waltons'

This week, on Wednesday June 14, 2016, we sadly lost another member of 'The Waltons' family... the lovely, effervescent Ronnie Claire Edwards, who will always be remembered in our hearts as the eccentric, unconventional, unique character Corabeth Walton Godsey on the family television drama series 'The Waltons'.

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Ronnie Claire Edwards was Born in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma on February 9, 1933. According to, "She studied drama at the University of Oklahoma before going on to Broadway. After her screen debut in the 1963 film "All the Way Home," she returned to the stage until '74. That year, Edwards joined the cast of the award-winning family drama series "The Waltons".

Throughout Ronnie's acting career she appeared in various television series, including "Dynasty," "Falcon Crest," "Dallas," "The Torkelsons," "Murder, She Wrote," "Designing Women," and more! She is, however, most remembered from her role on 'The Waltons', from 1975 to June 1981, in which she appeared in over 100 episodes! Created by Earl Hamner, Jr., the show also returned for 6 reunion movies, the last one 'A Walton Easter', airing in 1998.

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During the course of 'The Waltons' television show, cousin Corabeth Walton, blossomed from a shy sheltered single young woman, to a stylish, classy, vivacious, confident married woman to Ike Godsey, who owned the general store on Walton's mountain.

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After Ike and Corabeth married on the show, they became co-proprietors and staples behind the counter of the general store, waiting on members of the Walton family and surrounding neighbors.

Ike and Corabeth also adopted a daughter, Aimee, in the series who befriended Elizabeth, the youngest of 'The Waltons' children.

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The character of Corabeth Walton Godsey was full of personality, a regular noisy busybody and meddler, who always had an opinion on everything! She was one of those characters you loved to watch because she typically added a lighthearted, comical performance to the series and Ronnie portrayed her perfectly! Sure, Corabeth could be a bit overbearing and particular, at times, but in truth it was evident she adored Ike, Aimee, their little country store, and the Walton family. Ronnie Claire Edwards played the role of Corabeth Walton Godsey, not only with profound flamboyance, but with grace, humility, and love.

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And, now with love, we say "Goodnight" to another member of 'The Waltons'. Our hearts and prayers go out to Ronnie Claire Edward's dear family, friends, and Waltons cast members.

We will always cherish the character of Corabeth Godsey Walton, and we are grateful for the joy Ronnie has brought and will continue to bring into our homes each time we watch an episode of 'The Waltons' with her in it.

With our hearts full of gratitude and love -
we say "Goodnight" Ronnie Claire Edwards...


  1. Oh, gosh, Net, It's so sad to see them go. Many have gone on to Glory this year and we are left missing them so much....blessings to her family and friends!!

    1. Yes, it is terribly sad to see so many of these cherished characters go.

      In fact, we also lost William Schallert (well known as the father on the Patty Duke Show) on May 8, 2016, who was in four episodes of The Waltons (as Stanley Perkins, the traveling salesman and Rose's boyfriend. Coincidentally, he also starred with Ronnie Claire Edwards (Corabeth) on the sweet sitcom "The Torkelsons".

      It seems he was always kind and gentle in whatever character he portrayed. So sad to also say goodnight to William. I know many of us are forever grateful for the happiness he has also brought to our homes.

  2. We've lost so many members of The Walton family now, I fear we will never have another reunion. I am so sorry for their loss.

    1. Yes, it would be much harder now to have a reunion without John Walton, Ike Godsey, Corabeth Godsey, the Baldwin Sisters - Miss Mamie & Emily, Yancey Tucker, and of course, many other neighbors are gone now.

      I'm sure there could still be a story written around all of the children - John Boy, Jason, Mary Ellen, Ben, Erin, Jim Bob, and Elizabeth, along with their spouses, and their mother, Olivia. And, perhaps, cousin Aimee. But, it would be terribly sad without John Walton there at the head of the table come supper time.

  3. I loved her, too. She was always my favorite on The Waltons. Every town or mountain needs a busybody caring gossip like Corabeth.

    1. Yes, she was absolutely wonderful! Actually, I was just thinking as I read your comment, that Corabeth Godsey and Harriet Olsen (Little House on the Prairie) were very similar - great characters who added such wonderful interest and excitement to their town/mountain and every story!!!


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