Thursday, June 23, 2016

Hallmark Channel Reveals 'When Calls The Heart' Christmas Movie in the Works!!!

Calling all Hearties!!! If the Hallmark Channel drama 'When Calls the Heart' has touched your HEART, then you will LOVE this news! Following the announcement that there will be a Season 4, Hallmark has officially announced they will have...
 a 'When Calls the Heart' CHRISTMAS MOVIE ... 
this upcoming Christmas Season!!!

While promoting his upcoming Hallmark June Wedding Movie 'The Wedding March', Jack Wagner (who portrays Bill Avery on 'When Calls the Heart') revealed the 'When Calls the Heart' CHRISTMAS MOVIE news on the Hallmark Channel web-site in this special video below...

(Please note: this video automatically plays on it's own & may take a few seconds or minute to load. However, you may have to turn your speaker up and restart it, if you miss some of it!)

This is certainly wonderful news for all fans of 'When Calls the Heart', and we certainly love - here at It's a Wonderful Movie, any news about Christmas! Congrats to the entire Cast and Crew of 'When Calls the Heart'... we look forward to hearing and seeing what adventures come next in Hope Valley at Christmastime on the Hallmark Channel! UPDATE: (July 27, 2016) 'WHEN CALLS THE HEART' (Christmas Movie) to Premiere Sunday, December 25 (9 p.m. ET/PT) Stars: Erin Krakow ("Army Wives"), Daniel Lissing ("Last Resort"), Jack Wagner ("The Bold and the Beautiful") and Lori Loughlin ("Fuller House," "90210") Although the residents of Hope Valley have been busily preparing for the most festive Christmas the town has ever had, bad weather gets in the way of their plans. Not to be discouraged, the townspeople come together to create a special holiday celebration - complete with a Nativity presentation by the schoolchildren - that will infuse everyone with the true spirit of the season. FILMING UPDATE: According to 'WHEN CALLS THE HEART' Season 4 is filming August 15th to December 9th.


  1. I'm so excited about that news. I can't get enough of this show and I love Christmas themed shows / films

    I just wish they would do more Love Comes Softly movies

  2. Net, I love the panoramic picture of the cast of WCTH and I'm so excited about a new Christmas movie to boot!! LOL!! Can you believe we're going into the fourth year already????

    1. Oh, thank you, Linda... some of it is original and some of it is photo-shopped. I loved how awesome the snow effect turned out. It certainly is hard to believe this is the upcoming 4th season! 1 and 3 were my faves! In the first season, they did seem more authentic in the prairie life and lifestyle. This last season was actually more lighthearted and generally just a simple pleasure to watch. I, too, am looking forward to seeing what Christmas will bring!!!

  3. Since "When Calls the Heart" is finally getting a Christmas movie and since Christmas movies on Hallmark usually depict people spending time with family and loved ones, I wonder if the creators of "When Calls the Heart" are thinking about bringing back the characters of Jack's brother, Tom, Elizabeth's family, maybe even Jack and Tom's mom, Charlotte? If Jack and Elizabeth are going to get married (which I'm assuming will probably happen sometime in the future), this would a good opprotunity for both families to be introduced to each other.

    1. Whole heartedly agree with you. I've said before that Even though fans didn't care for S2 because of Hamilton ect, that they would have to eventually revisit her family. Can't imagine Elizabeth getting married without confronting her family. I think Christmas would be a great time to bring that issue to the for front. It is about family. That would put closure on what has happened to Tom, Julie, and the rest of the family.

    2. If the creators of "When Calls the Heart" were planning on doing that, they might be able to get the original actors and actresses who portrayed Jack and Elizabeth's families to come back for the movie. According to IMDB, it doesn't look like Garwin Sanford (Elizabeth's dad) and Charlotte Hegele (Julie Thatcher) have any upcoming projects, Devon Weigel (Viola Thatcher) and Lynda Boyd (Elizabeth's mom) have both appeared on t.v. shows that seem to either have been aired on television already or seem to have finished production, and both Max Lloyd-Jones (Tom Thornton) and Brooke Shields (Jack and Tom's mom) have upcoming or future projects that are completed or in post-production.


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