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Tuesday, March 29, 2016

*Where will You stand?* Jesse Metcalfe and Melissa Joan Hart star in "God's Not Dead 2"!

Coming to a Theater near YOU - 
April 1st, 2016, the All New Theater Movie Release...
God's Not Dead 2!

Storyline via official web-site:
"From the college classroom of GOD’S NOT DEAD to the public square in GOD’S NOT DEAD 2, the name of Jesus is welcomed less and less with each passing day. If Christians don’t take a stand today, will we even have a choice tomorrow?

Welcome back to Hope Springs … home not only of Hadleigh University, but also Martin Luther King Jr. High School, where beloved teacher Grace Wesley helps students understand and enjoy history. Her love of teaching, her love for her students, and her love of life all come from the same place: her love of Christ.

So when Brooke, a hurting student grieving the loss of her brother, reaches out to Grace, their coffee-shop conversation naturally leads to Grace sharing the hope she finds in Christ.

When Brooke later asks an honest question about Jesus in the classroom, Grace’s reasoned response lands her in big trouble—almost before she even finishes giving her answer.

With the principal and superintendent joining forces with a zealous civil liberties group, Grace faces an epic court case that could cost her the career she loves and expel God from the classroom—and the public square—once and for all!

GOD’S NOT DEAD 2 is the highly anticipated sequel to the beloved Pure Flix movie from 2014 and features an all-star cast. Coming to theaters beginning April 1, 2016, GOD’S NOT DEAD 2 will have audiences standing proudly for what they believe … while they still can. Where will you stand?"

I first saw an extended trailer of the movie, "God's Not Dead 2", with my family when we attended the KLOVE Christmas Concert in December, 2015 and I knew I just had to share it with all of you!

Let me tell you... the crowd at the concert, which had been extremely loud, talkative, and boisterous, in between a break of waiting for the next music artist to come out, became in a moment absolutely silent, completely absorbed in this powerful story the moment it hit the big screen in front of us. It was evident by everyone's reaction, we were all in awe of this amazing account, based on a real life event, and how it impacts our life today... how we must as Christians and Americans continue to fight for our way of life and religious freedom, before it's too late.

Movie Trailer - "God's Not Dead 2"::

Actor Jesse Metcalfe, who all of us TV movie watchers know from the Hallmark Channel movie "A Country Wedding" and the much anticipated upcoming Hallmark Summer Series "Chesapeake Shores", stars in this new film "God's Not Dead 2", alongside an all star cast with...

Melissa Joan Hart ("Sabrina", "The Santa Con", "Melissa and Joey"),
David A.R. White (from the original "God's Not Dead", "Faith of our Fathers"),
the late Senator Fred Thompson ("Law &Order", "Secretariat"),
Pat Boone ("April Love", "State Fair"),
Robin Givens ("Head of the Class", "A Christmas to Remember"),
Sadie Robertson ("Duck Dynasty"),
Ray Wise ("Mad Men", "Agent Carter"),
Ernie Hudson ("Miss Congeniality", "Dear Secret Santa"),
Hayley Orrantia ("The Goldbergs"), and many more!!!

Here's a Video Clip of Melissa Joan Hart - behind the scenes of "God's Not Dead 2"::

Interview with Melissa Joan Hart and Jesse Metcalfe on "God's Not Dead 2"::

The first movie in this series, "God's Not Dead" was a box office hit starring Kevin Sorbo (by the way, another Hallmark star with movie credits: "Avenging Angel", "Shadow on the Mesa", and "The Santa Suit"), Shane Harper (of Disney Channel's "Good Luck, Charlie"), and Dean Cain (Yet another Hallmark alum, "Operation Cupcake",  "The Case for Christmas", etc...). It is an impactful film of faith that takes you through the course of events through many people's lives that don't connect until the end of the story. The first "God's Not Dead" movie is available on DVD.

God's Not Dead 2: The Heart of the Story:

 sincerely hope this new movie in the God's Not Dead film series - "God's Not Dead 2", will surpass all of Hollywood's expectations and be even greater than the one before!

Please check the official web-site here - to see when  "God's Not Dead 2" is playing in a theater near you!



  1. Wow, this sounds truly amazing! Thank you for getting the word out. It just burdens my heart to see what is happening in this country, and I pray so hard that God will turn the tide and send a widespread revival/awakening across this land. Films like this are SO powerful right now, and I am so thankful they are being shown on such a wide scale. Wow, wouldn't it just be amazing if this film was the #1 watched film this weekend???? Wouldn't THAT send Hollywood a message that Christians truly DO make up a huge demographical block in our society, and we do want and appreciate clean films? Thanks for all you do here. You are appreciated!

    1. Thank you so much, Cheryl! Your kind words meant so much to me. I didn't know what sort of reaction I would receive upon posting this movie to my site, but I didn't care... I'm not going to be intimidated by the world, either.

      Let's pray this movie does well at the Box Office! I absolutely agree with you... I think it would send a clear message to Hollywood!

      God bless you, Cheryl, and please know - you are appreciated, too!!! Thank you!!!

  2. Net, when "God's Not Dead" came out, I bought the DVD because of all the good press and I like Kevin Sorbo so much. Boy, I didn't see that ending coming; shock, sadness and then joy that it took a Damascus Rd. incident to bring him to the Lord. Can't wait to see "God's Not Dead 2"!! Again, great post, Net!!

    1. Linda, oh my goodness... my story is completely identical to yours- I also bought the DVD, and was shocked, as you were at the turn towards the end with Kevin Sorbo's character. Not expected at all. Shocking! Liked the movie overall, but this part was so tragically unexpected. My guess is they wanted it to be very real and they definitely achieved that. I'm sure it was an eye opener for many.

      I think this new "God's Not Dead" movie looks terrific and I'm hoping it has a bit more positive, upbeat ending!!!

  3. I saw "God's Not Dead" at the theater, and then when it came out on dvd, I showed it to our Church's teen group and we discussed it afterwards. They, like me, found it to be very dynamic and relevant! I hope this sequel packs as powerful a punch! And Cheryl, I couldn't agree more with your sentiment!

    1. Thank you for your comment, Mark! Great to hear you are looking forward to seeing this one, too! Let's pray it opens many hearts to the joy of salvation!

  4. some theatres are showing a double feature on Thursday. 1st and 2nd

    1. That is awesome news, tvh! I hope many will be able to see "God's Not Dead 2" on it's premiere weekend! :)

  5. Our entire family was moved by the first God's Not Dead movie, and I was introduced to Newsboys at the end. They have become one of my favorite Christian bands. Thanks for letting us know about the sequel. I look forward to seeing it, especially with my teenagers.

    1. Yes! The Newsboys are a great band. So glad the original movie led you to discover them. Are you also familiar with the radio station KLOVE? They play wonderful Christian music like The Newsboys, Sidewalk Prophets, Natalie Grant, Meredith Andrews, Matthew West, Kari Jobe, etc... all day! I love it and listening to them has introduced me to a lot of wonderful artists that I never would have discovered without them!

      Hope you and your family enjoy the new "God's Not Dead 2" movie! Thank you for commenting! :)

    2. BTW- If anyone is interested in listening to KLOVE online, you can visit their main web-site or Click Here for the radio player and recent playlist!


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