Friday, October 30, 2015

Paws Tonight for a Hallmark Channel Special and an early Christmas Treat!

Tonight the Hallmark Channel Presents:
The American Humane Association
Hero Dog Awards

image via: Hallmark Crown Media, with James Denton and Beth Stern

via Hallmark: The Hero Dog Awards, presented for the past four years by the Lois Pope LIFE Foundation, is a moving celebration of our four-legged friends and the innumerable ways they enrich, protect, and save lives every day. The annual national competition searches out and recognizes America’s Hero Dogs – often ordinary dogs who do extraordinary things, whether it’s saving lives on the battlefield, lending sight or hearing to a human companion, or just welcoming you home at the end of a hard day.

Dogs may be nominated in eight categories for the Hero Dog Awards: Law Enforcement & Arson Dogs; Service Dogs; Therapy Dogs; Military Dogs; Guide Dogs; Search and Rescue Dogs; Hearing Dogs; and Emerging Hero Dogs (the category for ordinary dogs). Finalists in each category will be judged by a blue-ribbon panel to determine the top American Hero Dog.

TV personality, author, and animal advocate Beth Stern and television veteran James Denton will return as co-hosts for the 2015 Hero Dog Awards, premiering Friday, October 30 at 8/7c.

"The Most Wonderful Time of Year"
image via: Hallmark Crown Media - Movie: "The Most Wonderful Time of Year"
Following the Hero Dog Awards TONIGHT! - it's CHRISTMAS!!! (can you believe it?) on the Hallmark Channel, as they will be airing "A Boyfriend for Christmas" at 10 PM, then "The Most Wonderful Time of Year" at Midnight (Eastern standard time) and much more throughout the night/early morning... leading up to a FULL DAY & SEASON of CHRISTMAS MOVIES beginning TOMORROW October 31st on BOTH HALLMARK NETWORKS!!!

For the current CHRISTMAS TV SCHEDULE - Click Here - and remember it's always being updated and added to - so do be certain to add the web-site to your favorites - refresh the page - and check back in for even more Christmas Movies & Specials!!!

UPDATE: ABC Family's 25 Days of Christmas - just added to Schedule!

Future - Favorite ?

Thank you to everyone who has submitted (so far) what you think might be Your Top 3 Christmas Movie Picks for 2015! Lots of great guesses! I admit, it's so hard to choose, but it will be fun to see what we love, in the end.

I remember thinking... I wouldn't be too fond of "Love at the Thanksgiving Parade" when it first came out. Why? You might wonder. Because one of the pictures showed actress Autumn Reeser with clowns (pictured below) and well... I'm just not a clown fan, typically, but the small scene with the clowns in the movie, is actually one of the most beautiful scenes in the film- as they are visiting sick children in the local hospital, doing their absolute best to cheer them up and bring happiness. Looking back now - I see it in such a different light. In the end, "Love at the Thanksgiving Parade" became my favorite movie that year- for 2012!

image via: Hallmark Crown Media - Movie: "Love at the Thanksgiving Parade"

Honestly, I would never have guessed "Love at the Thanksgiving Parade" to become such a favorite - so that's why it's fun to imagine now - what we think we might like best later!!

If you want to join in, Click Here to submit your Future-Favorite Christmas Movie Picks!!

It's Christmastime Again... and I can hardly believe I'm saying it, but... ENJOY the CHRISTMAS MOVIES Tonight!!!

Blessings to You All!!! Net


  1. ABC Family released their 25 Days schedule and it's ... disappointing.

  2. ^^^ Though they are repeatedly showing the very good Three Days, which I think has been MIA for the past few years. Wish they'd put Picking Up and Dropping Off back into the rotation. Or, you know, offer ANYTHING new. This year the only they're touting as "premieres" are the from my childhood The Bells of Fraggle Rock (Christmas episode of that series) and Emmett Otter's Christmas, which is another Henson Christmas special that has been available on DVD for a while.

  3. Seeing that Picture of the cast from "The Most Wonderful Time of the Year" makes me so happy. IT'S HERE!!!! Jim

  4. Sherry In CaliforniaFriday, October 30, 2015

    Net -- I know what you mean about unexpected favorites.

    Last year I wasn't really sure about the two "pet" movies. I love animals, but I tend to not like movies that are all about animals and the shenanigans they get into. So, because of the fact that I am not a big pet movie person, I expected to not really like "The Nine Lives of Christmas" and "The Christmas Shepherd" too much at all.

    As it turned out, "Nine Lives" was my favorite Christmas movie from 2014, and I also really enjoyed "The Christmas Shepherd"!!

    It works the other way around too. There have been movies that I thought I would love, but they ended up being just so-so for me. I would say that "Christmas Under Wraps" falls under that category. I wanted to love it because I loved "Let It Snow" so much, but it was -- in my opinion -- not as good as "Let It Snow," and I would classify it as just being 'pretty good'... not great.

    There are movies that end up being surprisingly good. I had no preconceived ideas about "Angels & Ornaments" at all. I had no idea what to expect. I wasn't familiar with the actress in the movie, or her love interest. I ended up loving it! It was probably my second favorite movie of 2014.

    And then there are movies that don't initially 'click' with me upon the first viewing, but when I watch them again and again they end up becoming favorites. "The Christmas Ornament" and "A Very Merry Mix-Up" are 2 movies that, for whatever reason, I didn't initially take to. I think I was distracted or something, and couldn't get into watching them. However, when I watched them again and again, I realized I loved both of them -- and now both of those movies are among my all time top 5 favorite Hallmark Christmas movies!

    That's part of what I love about having such a bounty of new movies to view on Hallmark and across the other channels. There are always some surprises in the bunch. It's such a great feeling to 'discover' a fantastic new movie, not to mention 4 or 5 fantastic new movies (like in 2013, which was a great year for Christmas movies). I know that not all of the movies will be winners. There will be some clunkers, I'm sure, but I am excited to see which ones end up being my favorites for 2015!

  5. LOL That's so funny! Thanks for sharing, Net!



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