Thursday, October 22, 2015

ION Original Movie "A Christmas Truce"


Movie: A Christmas Truce

Network: ION

Original Air Date: December 12, 2015

*Please Note: This movie may contain Adult Situations and War Violence.


Craig Olejnik
Ali Liebert
Kate Vernon
Josh Blacker
Pauline V. Egan
Adam DiMarco
Mike Dopud
Luke Roessler


via ION: During a shaky 24-hour holiday truce amid the Battle of the Bulge, American Captain John Myers and a Belgian farm girl, Alina, fall in love. Forced to separate when fighting resumes, the couple vows to reunite, under a bell tower, the first Christmas Eve after the war ends, if each is alive and eager.

"Christmas Truce"
Pauline Egan and Mackenzie Gray
img via: twitter

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  1. Oooh, ION, very interesting!! I love the war era, romantic type movies and a Christmas one to boot!! Another one to ad to my list

  2. Another one to add to my must-see list.

  3. Is this coming out in DVD? My friend loved it, and I missed it!

  4. Too bad they had them jumping into bed together -- not a family movie! We turned it off at that point.

    1. It's often to be expected from war stories - a result of truly feeling how short life is and that it's now or never.

    2. It was never stated to be a family movie

    3. I wondered from the commercial I saw. That's why I warned above that it might contain adult situations and war type violence. I appreciate you sharing that information so others will be informed.

    4. I'm not 100 percent sure what movie you watched, but this movie had no blood, and zero sex scenes. Yes, if you wanted to infer they spent the night together, in an intimate sense, you could, but NOTHING, beyond some very chaste kissing, is shown.

    5. Ohhh please... Get real. Next time watch sesame street. This is real, this is life.

    6. In real life people can also be civil and control themselves. There is still such a thing as honor and morality. It may be lost somewhat in today's culture, but I choose to keep it in my home.

      I appreciate this site, Net and your warning above about the content in this movie.

    7. This is my first year with ION, and I find the movies to geared more for "grown ups" than kids. Which is fine, I love all the Hallmark movies, but sometimes the predictable "they won't kiss until the end" or you know from the beginning 10 minutes the entire plot, having a change of pace with ION from the sometimes too saccharine sweet (I still watch every single one) was nice. Innuendos and all.

    8. "A Christmas Truce" is a fantastic sweet movie. I am trying to find out where I can by a DVD of the movie. Does anyone know where it is sold? I have looked on Amazon, but they do not sale it.

  5. I loved this movie. It could have been my favorite except for the one scene. The intent was there but they were interrupted before anything happened. Becky

    1. That spoiled it for me, too, Becky. Even if they didn't go thru with it, the intent like you said was there. I couldn't help from feeling differently about both of them after that scene.

  6. I would love to own this on DVD! I've loved This actress since Bomb Girls. This is my first year with ION channel and I was enjoying the Christmas movies. I actually liked how they didn't wait until the end of the movies to kiss in them (like Hallmark, which I watch every year). Slightly more adult themes and innuendos, yes, but as I don't have children, I don't need to worry. I would say for families with children, stick with Hallmark.

    Love your blog! Found it about a week before the movies ended, but was able to tape them thanks to constant reruns! Thanks to introducing me to some new Christmas movies, other than just Hallmark, and the occasional Lifetime!

    The one I couldn't stand was the "Beverly Hills" one, the acting was so horrible and the plot so bad that after 20 minutes I deleted it.


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