Thursday, October 22, 2015

An ION Original Movie "How Sarah Got Her Wings"


Movie: How Sarah Got Her Wings

Network: ION

Original Air Date: December 6, 2015


Lindsey Gort
Derek Theler
Melanie Liburd
Caleel Harris
Jeremy Luke
Daniel Di Tomasso


There’s no room in heaven for Sarah unless she rights one wrong from her past by Christmas. Sarah thinks her unfinished business has to do with Jordan, the ex-boyfriend she jilted, who has since moved on to love another woman.

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  1. Awwww, looks sweet!! Three new Christmas movies from ION!! This is going to be a feat trying to fit them all in!! LOL!!

  2. Woops, my mistake!!!! Five (5) new Christmas movies from ION!! Hope I'll be able to see them all!!

  3. While we're discussing Christmas movies and the like, wouldn't it be great if Hallmark were to put the 4 SSD movies on dvd in time for Christmas?

  4. Been anticipating this one

  5. This was a pleasant enough movie, but there are several really disturbing scenes in which homeless people are used as background extras and nothing else. As long as heaven is sending down guardian angels, shouldn't their problems take precedence over the common love troubles of the well-off main characters, who have thriving careers and beautiful, spacious places to live? Early on, we see a homeless man's beloved dog -- apparently the only thing he has -- get killed, but the film never bothers showing us what happens to him as a result. Then toward the end, a group of homeless people applaud because the main characters have managed to solve their romantic issues. Meanwhile, these people are sleeping on the floor of a church at Christmastime (couldn't someone at least have found them some cots?) The theme of this movie, which is about the importance of learning to help others, is severely undercut by these scenes.

    1. Apparently you were watching the wrong channel. This was a Christmas romance.

      Spoiler: The dog ended up being returned to the homeless man, alive.

    2. You can have a Christmas romance and still have compassion or sensitivity towards the homeless community.


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