Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Hallmark Channel Movie 'Love, Again'


Movie: Love, Again

Previously Titled: Last Resort

Network: Hallmark Channel

Original Air Date: June 21, 2105

*Love, Again will air as part of the Hallmark Channel's June Wedding Month.


Teri Polo ... Chloe Baker
Paul Johansson ... David Baker
Chloe Babcook ... Amanda Baker
Lini Evans ... Brittany Hoffbrauer
Malcolm Stewart ... Stan Hoffbrauer
Christopher Russell ... Jeremy Hoffbrauer


via Hallmark Channel Press Release: A couple on the brink of a divorce must work together on planning and preparing their daughter’s marriage. While they don’t want to disrupt their daughter’s happiness by announcing their divorce, they must learn to work together to keep the wedding going, and soon discover their marriage just might be worth saving.

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Paul Johansson image via IMDB
Teri Polo image via Hallmark Crown Media


  1. Teri Polo is quite the actress!! I have enjoyed every movie I've seen her in especially "The Christmas Shepard". Looking forward to this new one!!

  2. Hallmark lists Last Resort as premiering on Saturday, June 20th at 9:00.

  3. I enjoyed watching her in "expecting a miracle" also.

  4. They have changed the title to Love, Again.

    1. I'm not sure I liked either title, but Love, Again is a little nicer.

      Thank you so much, Jennifer, for your helpful updates! :)

  5. Wasn't this supposed to be based on a Karen kingsbury book?

    1. Great Question, Jessica! I've been trying to figure this out - for some time, now. It was originally announced, via press release, that two Hallmark Movies would be based on Karen Kingsbury's novels, "The Bridge" and "A Time to Dance". I originally shared this press release, here. From the description of the book "A Time to Dance", it sounds very much like this movie, "Love, Again", but I have not found Karen Kingsbury's name associated anywhere now with this TV movie, other than the original press release??? So, I am still puzzled???

    2. I guess "The Bridge" will appear around Christmas...but even K. Kingsbury's site hasn't associated "Love, Again" with "A Time To Dance".!movies-/ciwh

  6. Will you review this??

  7. Thought this was an excellent movie. Truly loved Terri Polo and Paul Johanasson together. Wish they had him in more movies on the HMC. I think this was my favorite of the ones that aired in July.


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