Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Hallmark launches CROWN MEDIA PRODUCTIONS to create Hallmark Movies!

Currently, the movies we see on the Hallmark Channel are produced by a variety of different Production Companies, including: Mar Vista Productions, Side Street Post, Believe Pictures, Chesler-Perlmutter Productions, Hybrid Production Media Group, Muse Entertainment Enterprises, Front Street Pictures, Johnson Production Group... and many more! (to name a few!)

Now, the Hallmark Channel has embarked on the creation of their own production company, "Crown Media Productions". With this newly founded production company, they will begin the process of creating their own original movies, for their own network!

Here are the details...     

Via Hallmark Press Release:


Benefits Include Increasing Original Content Output, Ownership of Worldwide Rights, and Increasing Crown Media Family Networks’ Extensive Film Library

Crown Media Family Networks, home of Hallmark Channel and Hallmark Movies & Mysteries, announces the launch of Crown Media Productions, an in-house production company aimed at increasing the company’s original content across multiple platforms. Michelle Vicary will have oversight of Crown Media Productions where it is expected that creative relationships fostered over 15 years will make the startup immediately successful. Benefits of the in-house production unit include an increase in original content output, ownership of all rights, more direct involvement with the creative process, and providing another avenue for increasing Crown Media Family Networks’ extensive film library.

Crown Media Productions will produce up to 6 TV films in 2015, all of which will be released under the banner of a Hallmark Channel Original or Hallmark Movies & Mysteries Original. The new production shingle will target doubling of this year’s output in 2016 and beyond. The first original films to come from Crown Media Productions will begin airing later this year.

''Launching Crown Media Productions represents the next stage of the company’s evolution,'' said Michelle Vicary, Executive Vice President, Programming, Hallmark Channel and Hallmark Movies & Mysteries.

“A production arm creates the infrastructure that makes it possible for us to keep up with an ever-growing demand for more and more Original Hallmark-branded programming across a variety of platforms, and it benefits Crown Media with more direct input into the creative process and financing, rights retention, and growing one of the best family film libraries in entertainment,” Vicary concluded.

Crown Media Family Networks brand has a long and storied history as a distribution banner and will now enjoy the benefits of an internal production arm. The company will provide financing for the new entity and retain all distribution rights worldwide. Crown Media Productions will have in-house creative production executives and strategic publicity and marketing capabilities while relying on the company’s overall infrastructure to power the new division. The new entity will be presented to Hollywood creative agencies within the coming weeks.

----- End of Press Release -----
My Thoughts:
First of all, Congratulations to the Hallmark Channel on the launching of this new production company. It is my sincerest hope that "Crown Media Productions" will create the type of family movies we have come to know and enjoy on the Hallmark Channel through the years. I know many Hallmark viewers, myself included, will look forward to seeing their first production, later this year.


  1. Great news for Hallmark!! Let us pray they continue the format we have all come to love and look forward to!!

  2. I don't know if I'm in the right office or not, but here goes. I have for some time now, been watching both of Tim Allen's comedy programs. Today, I was watching "Home Improvement" and lo and behold, the subject of religion came up. Only problem is, it was a very negative view of religion, with one of the actors claiming that he was no longer interested in going to church. He found it unnecessary.
    This is something that is growing in popularity. No more church needed. All you have to do is love God, and that's enough.
    Personally, I have watched my last Tim Allen show. If this is what you are now promoting, then, you don't need me as a viewer. And, I'll definitely pass this information on to all of my friends. Sorry.

    1. I appreciate you sharing your concerns with us, Tom. We should all be careful of our viewing choices and remember everything we see and hear is sinking into our minds and our spirits.

      If this is one of the Christmas episodes where one of the sons doesn't want to go to church... if I recall correctly, in the end, he absolutely ends up attending church with his family.

      God bless you, Tom, and thank you for sharing your thoughts with us.

  3. Why Does most of Christmas Movies are made in Canada when ex claim to be in Boston for the story How about making Christmas Story about florida couple


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