Friday, January 2, 2015

See the First New Movies of 2015, this Weekend on TV!

The Hallmark Channel will premiere
on Saturday January 3, 2015 at 9PM/8c.

via Hallmark: As a young businesswoman tries to convince her uptight parents to approve of her current boyfriend, she finds herself questioning her own life choices and falling for ... click here to read more!
UP-TV will premiere
on Sunday January 4, 2015 at 7PM/6c.
via UP: In "A Girl’s Best Friend," Penelope "Polka-Dot" Daught is a precocious 12-year-old who identifies with Huckleberry Finn’s predicament in Mark Twain’s "The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn."

With her single mother, Frances, struggling with chronic illness and tight finances, Polka-Dot is pushed into looking for odd jobs after school for extra cash. While sweeping up around the neighborhood coffee shop, Polka-Dot’s life perks up when she meets ... click here to read more!

See the Family TV Schedule for encore airings.
I hope you enjoy your next movie night!
Have a wonderful first weekend of 2015!


  1. I can't believe Christmas is over and new movies are coming that aren't holiday related. Time flies when you're having fun! Thanks for all you do to keep us updated on the new movies.

    1. Yes, time is certainly flyin! I can't believe Christmas is over, either. It went by so fast this year.

      So glad you enjoy the site -- Thank you! :)

  2. These movies look cute. I plan to see both this weekend! Rachel

  3. I'm watching the UP TV movie! How was the Hallmark one?


    1. I loved the Hallmark movie "Surprised by Love"! It was a very lighthearted, fun film, that was never quite predictable, except for who belonged together! Hope you can see an encore, Misty.

      How did you like the UP movie?

    2. It was a huge tear usual (lol).


  4. Michelle in TucsonMonday, January 05, 2015

    Well, I'm pretty sure my husband enjoyed the Hallmark one! The movie started with the leading lady being shot from behind as she stretched and prepared for a jog in the park. The cameraman lingered for quite some time on the young lady's bottom in her form-fitting spandex as she stood there and then jogged across the street. Not exactly what I was expecting but as I said, my husband couldn't seem to take his eyes off the screen and sat with me and watched the entire movie!

    1. I remember her jogging in the intro, but I don't recall the close up shot. I just thought she looked really fit.

      The overall storyline is one that guys really liked, too. I've heard great feedback from everybody on this one!

      I'm glad you and your hubby enjoyed the movie together!

    2. Michelle in TucsonTuesday, January 06, 2015

      I probably wouldn't have noticed either except my husband certainly did and it made me chuckle. And yes, she was tremendously fit. We both enjoyed the movie a lot. We thought it was cute and fun. Thanks for keeping us in the loop on all the new movies on Hallmark!


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