Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Help Bring Back INSP on DirecTV

If you are a DirecTV customer, then on February 1st, 2014, DirecTV removed the television network INSP, channel 364, from your channel line-up.

Finding TV Shows that are Family-Friendly is difficult these days, and knowing we had a Television Network we could always trust to bring us family entertainment, was priceless!

Please read the Statement below from INSP.

To all INSP viewers and DIRECTV customers:

Thank you to all our INSP viewers for your overwhelming support.

Your emails, phone calls and Facebook posts are making a resounding statement about how important INSP and its family friendly programming is to you.

To be clear, INSP never wanted to come off DIRECTV. INSP is FREE, has always been FREE and doesn’t add one single penny to your monthly satellite bill.

You’re the customer and you deserve to have the programing you ask for. 

Call DIRECTV. If you’ve called, please call again. If you posted, please post again.

Tell them, “I’m a DIRECTV subscriber. I love INSP. Put INSP BACK on.”

Go to DIRECTV’s Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/home.php#!/directv and tell them why INSP is uniquely important to you.

Please continue to make your voice heard.

Continue to call 1-844-GET-INSP (1-844-438-4677) and fill out the petition at www.iwantmyinsp.com.

Thank you!


Please join me in contacting DirecTV and asking them to bring back INSP.

Thank you, Net


  1. Was this UP television? because I still have UP, never had INSP channel, only UP on 364...but if they are taking that off, I will be very upset...

  2. No. INSP is not UP television. INSP is a family television network that does show similar programming like UP, such as: The Waltons and Family Movies.

    If you have DirecTV, then you also used to have INSP on Channel 364. They have just recently moved the UP station to two channels : 338 and now 364, too, in place of what used to be INSP.

    I know some might say - Well, if UP is similar to INSP, then why do we need INSP? I say we need all the Family Networks we can get. We certainly have plenty of networks that are willing to show us just the opposite! How many non family-friendly channels do we have? Unfortunately, too many!!!

    If you have just a minute to call or sign the petition at www.iwantmyinsp.com, that would be great!

    Thank you!!!

  3. I love INSP. I would watch all the great old westerns on there. Why do they always have to take away everything we enjoy?

    Please sign the petition everyone to bring back INSP and go to DirecTV's Facebook page and ask them to bring it back there, too.

    thanks, Jim

  4. INSP is a very nice family channel. I like their movies and dramas on the weekends. I signed the petition so I hope that helps.

  5. I used to enjoy The Waltons on INSP. I agree with Net, we do need more Family style channels and INSP was a good one. If they are willing to let DirecTV play them for free, then what is the problem.

    Yeah, we know the problem. Money and Greed and the fact that INSP is a Christian station. Keep praying everyone and signing the petition.


  6. INSP does have shows similar to UP and Hallmark, that's why I love this station!

    Please keep INSP Directtv. I am going to go sign the petition and visit the DirecTV website and Facebook page.


  7. I appreciate everyone's responses and support for INSP.

    Please visit DirecTV's Facebook page here:
    and tell them:
    “I’m a DIRECTV subscriber. I love INSP. Put INSP BACK on DirecTV.”

    Thank you, Everyone! Net

  8. If you scan through the comments on DirecTV's page, it looks like there are many who are upset about them first taking off the weather channel and now INSP, too. Keep calling everyone, make a comment on their facebook page, let your voice be heard before they start taking them all away!!! What's next???

    2 stations have been dropped already, but has your bill dropped any??

  9. DirecTV states on their website that INSP opted not to pay for any of their airtime as of 1/31/14. They claim that it was INSP that left DirecTV.
    Here is a quite from their website http://directvpromise.com/inspiration-channel-update/
    "DIRECTV offers smaller programmers an opportunity to buy airtime on our programming lineup. Inspiration, formerly channel 364, was one of the networks that paid DIRECTV to air its channel. Unfortunately, Inspiration decided to no longer purchase that airtime as of 1/31/14. DIRECTV did not drop the network, Inspiration simply decided they no longer wanted to purchase airtime."

  10. I just called DIRECTV and the person I talked to told me that the INSP channel did not renew their contract. I told her I got the number from their site and she told me that other people had said that, but that they did not renew. She said they were moving the shows people were upset about to Hallmark and a couple other channels ie: Waltons, Little House, Billy Graham etc. The other channels she gave me were 363, 365, and 364. She said these are the ones they are putting the shows on. Not sure whats really going on, but wanted to add what I was told.


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