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Monday, August 20, 2012

Disney's "The Odd Life of Timothy Green" traumatizes two Young Boys!

If you have watched any TV in say, the last three weeks, then you must have seen the previews to Disney's latest film, "The Odd Life of Timothy Green". It's the one where the little boy suddenly appears saying, "I'm Timothy... I came from the garden!"

Well... if you don't want any SPOILERS for this film - PLEASE DO NOT READ ANY FURTHER. However, if you are reading on - please know You Were Warned.

Apparently, after seeing the Movie, which is rated “G”, two young boys were so terribly upset – that even when they were in the car going home – they were both crying uncontrollably.

Their parents recorded them in the back seat – while the boys tried to explain between crying why the movie upset them so much.

I personally haven’t seen the movie, but these boys certainly did and their reaction is unforgettable! Disney has been known in the past to produce a few tear-jerking moments – Lion King, Up, and I’ll never forget Bambi’s Mother – still saddens me, today. I debated showing the video, because I don’t want to exploit these young boys, yet I’m fairly certain this is one of those videos that will definitely go viral and I felt you should all see their reaction (below)!

According to what one of the boys says between sobs... Timothy Green ... well, there is no way to gently say this -he dies. One of the boys says “He has to go away.” In the story, from what I have read, Timothy has these leaves on him and when each lesson is taught or learned – he looses a leaf. Perhaps, (I am guessing here) when the last leaf goes... so does he!

[Spoilers included in You Tube Clip!]:

If you would like to view this video -
you can CLICK HERE and view it on You Tube.

I have decided not to display it here - any longer.

Whether it is True, Odd, or Authentic - it saddens me to see their heartbreaking reaction while the parents laugh at them. These boys needed to be comforted and held.

What do you think?

Not only is this, apparently, a sad movie, but I have also heard that it is difficult for couples who are struggling with infertility... who can only dream of a child magically appearing.

Has a movie ever affected you or your children in this way?


  1. I think this sounds like a touching movie though not one I will watch dozens of times. :-)

  2. This is so sad. those poor boys. are they for real? I wasn't sure. If they are - poor things. is the movie this sad? really? Anybody seen it?

  3. I was wondering if they were for real, too? Both boys do look very upset as they are crying especially in the begnning of the video but I wondered if they carried on for the camera as it went on. And I agree, the parents laughing was not nice. If their children were truly that upset they should have comforted them. What is wrong with parents today? Instead of wiping their tears and telling them it was just a movie, they stick a camera in their face and post it on-line for the world to see. Truly sad.

  4. My 21 year old daughter and I saw this movie and we LOVED it! We found it charming and touching...I am sorry for the reaction of the two little boys-they definitely should have been comforted and reassured-it's only a movie-as in make believe, fantasy, etc-just like animated and/or other Disney films...The film portrayed the parents (Jennifer Garner and Joel Edgerton) as warm, sensitive but imperfect people...My daughter is adopted and we cried throughout the movie...On the contrary, this film gives HOPE to couples who so desperately want a child!
    Please don't make judgments about the movie without seeing it for yourself...

    Joyce from Florida

  5. I haven't watched the clip but I just don't understand parents who put themselves ahead of their children just to get their moment of glory. They disgust me. This is child abuse plain and simple and they should be ashamed of themselves. How can you laugh at your children when they are hurting? Obviously this movie was not for THOSE particular children. But we need to stop judging things for ALL people based on our own opinions. Please if you are at all interested in seeing any movie don't listen to other people. Make your own judgement on everything. I will wait for this movie to come out on DVD or TV. I rarely go to the theater and pay those prices. But I will watch this movie regardless of the reviews and make my own judgement. Also for any movie before taking your children to see it, go see it yourself first. In todays world you have to, because even the ratings are not all they are cracked up to be. My sister liked horror movies. But my Dad always went and saw them before he'd take her.

  6. I haven't seen the movie, but I know it didn't do very well. I don't know why as it was very well advertised.


  7. This post is one of the fantastic post in movies history

  8. To Misty: I don't know where you got your information but the movie is still showing at our theaters...So it can't be doing that bad! My husband went with me to see it last night (my second time) (we had a gift card) and he loved it too!

    Joyce from Florida

  9. I just watched the video of the boys’ reactions. As mean as it seems that their parents were laughing during their reactions, I got the impression that the parents were laughing at the comments that the boys were making, not at the boys’ sadness (though laughing at someone’s comments is not nice either).

    This whole situation reminds me a little bit of when the movie “March of the Penguins” (a G rated movie) was released in theaters back in 2005. I never saw the movie, but I remember hearing about how so many children were very upset after watching the film. Apparently, the realistic nature of the movie’s story was a bit too emotionally intense for some children’s preference.


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