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Snow Globe - ABC family


Christina Milian ... Angela
Lorraine Bracco ... Rose
Ron Canada ... Antonio
Luciana Carro ... Gina
Josh Cooke ... Eddie
Ennis Esmer ... Jamie DiBiasi
Erin Karpluk ... Claire
Matt Keeslar ... Douglas
James Kot ... Max
Jason Schombing ... Uncle Donny
Kailin See ... Marie
Christine Willes ... Joy


This movie follows a woman (played by Christina Milian) who finds she can magically leave the real world behind for the Christmas-themed dreamland in her grandmother's snowglobe. Matt Keeslar plays a love interest she encounters inside the globe.

A mystical Snowglobe transports Angela (Christina Milian), who longs for a classic, perfect Christmas away from her boisterous family, into an idyllic holiday winter wonderland. But, when the two worlds unexpectedly collide, Angela has to make a choice about what really defines her “perfect” Christmas.

Movie Review:

This movie is sweet and silly. Angela is dreaming of an old-fashioned Christmas and finds herself drifting in and out of her world and into the idealic world of her Christmas Snowglobe.

Caution: There is some drinking and a few bad words are said. In one scene, Angela is wearing a skimpy camisole top.

This movie is a little quirky and odd, but if this appeals to you, then I say... check it out. For the most part, it seemed child-like, innocent, and funny. Those Cautions mentioned above seemed brief and out of place. It's predictable, with a Happy Ending, but even though it is extremely silly, there are some cute moments along the way!

See or Skip:

See, if the description above interests you!


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