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Tuesday, September 8, 2009

For the Love of Grace


For the Love of Grace:

Hallmark Channel Movie with a Firefighter Theme... starring Mark Consuelos, Chandra West, and Corbin Bernsen.


Mark Consuelos ... Steve
Chandra West ... Grace
Ennis Esmer ... Frank
Cara Pifko ... Jen
Corbin Bernsen ... Captain Washington

from Hallmark-

An act of heroism changes the lives of two strangers affected by the past, and allows them to face the uncertain future together in “For the Love of Grace,” a Hallmark Channel Original Movie premiering Saturday, August 30 (9/8c). Mark Consuelos (“Husband for Hire”), Chandra West (“John From Cincinnati”) and Corbin Bernsen (“Love Comes Softly”) star in the romance, which looks at what happens when those who put their lives on the line every day are the ones most in need of saving.

Steve (Consuelos) loves his job as a firefighter, working alongside his younger brother, Frank (Ennis Esmer, “YPF”) and his good friends. But when his wife dies in a car accident and he feels he was unable to save the one life that mattered, he grows distant and reckless, forcing his captain (Bernsen) to suspend him. His life soon changes when he rescues Grace (West), a workaholic author, from an apartment fire he spots while walking home. A wounded soul like Steve, Grace has thrown herself into her work, an impending marriage and attaining her ‘ideal’ future since losing her beloved father, and the disappearance of the old, carefree Grace has not gone unnoticed by her friends.

Thanks to Steve, Grace finds inspiration for a new project: a firehouse cookbook, full of recipes by Steve and his comrades, who have developed exemplary culinary skills during their downtime.

Her new lease on life also forces her to open her eyes to what she has been missing, and she starts to recapture the energy and spontaneity of her old life. Thanks to Grace (and some gentle nudging from Frank), Steve begins to accept his past and allow his wounds to heal, allowing himself to recognize the possibilities the future may hold.

Movie Review:

To be honest, I wasn't expecting to enjoy this movie. However, 2-3 minutes in... I found myself very intrigued. I guess I thought there would be a lot of intense violence with fires and sadness, but that wasn't the case. We don't actually ever see Steve's first wife - who has passed away, and Steve is sad - living life without her, understandably... but that doesn't drag the whole movie down... instead you begin to see Steve find hope and joy - in living, again. I think this would be encouraging to those who may be going through the same situation.

The movie seemed so down to earth and real.... these characters were fantastic! I especially loved the relationship between the brothers: Steve and Frank. They were great together!!! Terrific Casting All-Around! Frank was the perfect little brother - doing his best to help his brother find happiness again. I was so pleased his character met a sweet girl by the end of the movie - I kept hoping for it!

There are a couple of scenes to be aware of - if children watch. There is a fire in an apartment building. Noone is hurt or injured- in fact the person inside is rescued. This scene isn't long, but could disturb children and would definitely be a good subject for families to discuss. There is a bit of drinking - when out to lunch. Also, in anothere scene, a boy is rescued after taking a long hard fall.The actual fall is not seen - just the rescue.

The romance in this movie is subtle, but very realistic. thoroughly enjoyed it and was actually left wanting more!

See or Skip:

See with your family. I do, however, caution this for young viewers - due to fire scenes.

This Movie is Available on DVD, Click Here to Order.



  1. love the movie. i think there should a part two of both them getting married and having a family....continue the love story i want to see it with the same characters please

    1. I need real help.
      In the movie, 'for the love of grace', there is a song sung by lily frost
      While in the movie, grace is taking pictures in the park.
      WHAT IS THE TITLE. I KNOW SHE SINGS 'where is lvove'. But what is
      The name of the first song?
      Daniel at boxrdaniel@gmail.com

    2. Lily Frost:Where Is Love?

      This song is performed by Lily Frost.

      Send "Where Is Love?" Ringtone to your Cell

      Someone's sitting next to me on the balcony and I try to be truthful about life but it's useless to be truthful with someone who leaves you behind so I try, looking for something you'll never find

      Suddenly when I was walking, it struck me the other day love lets go perhaps love is a concept, that changes as we go and possibly, it isn't anything, at all

      Chorus: Where is love where is love when the lights are low I feel beautiful and I'm not alone and I'm reaching out but it's not around will I ever find does anybody know where is love

      Princesses have found emancipation Princes dressed as saviors don't belong in America we pioneering heroes Goddesses arising up when we're alone


      All the men I love are already taken all the lovers I've had are lost but it's dangerous the strangers empty feelings when they're gone if only I was heartless and be strong


      Where is love where is love when the lights are low where is love

    3. Where is love by Lily Frost. https://youtu.be/7h2cG_Snk-Y


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