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Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Front of the Class


Front of the Class:

a Hallmark Hall of Fame Movie about the true story of a young man with tourettes syndrome.

James Wolk ... Brad Cohen
Dominic Scott Kay ... Young Brad Cohen
Patricia Heaton ... Ellen Cohen
Treat Williams ... Norman Cohen
Sarah Drew ... Nancy Lazarus
Kathleen York ... Diane
Joe Chrest ... Jim Ovbey
Patricia Heaton ... Ellen Cohen
Johnny Pacar ... Jeff
Charles Henry Wyson ... Young Jeff
Charlie Finn ... Ron
Dianne Butler ... Hilarie Straka
Helen Ingebritsen ... Susan
Laura Whyte ... Brenda
Mike Pniewski ... Principal Myer
Michael H. Cole ... Principal Fowler

from Hallmark:

Front of the Class is inspired by the true story of Brad Cohen, a young man diagnosed with Tourette Syndrome who overcomes considerable odds to become a gifted teacher.

When Brad was growing up, teachers and other adults – even his father – interpreted Brad’s involuntary sounds and sudden jerking movements as attempts to get attention. He was teased by other kids. As a result, he hated school, until a principal recognized and acknowledged that Brad’s “acting up” was actually Tourette’s. The principal used an all-school assembly to educate the faculty and students, which helped Brad win their understanding and acceptance.

Brad decided at that point he wanted to become the teacher he never had. But that ambition was more easily stated than achieved. Despite an impressive college record and glowing recommendations, getting a job was an almost insurmountable challenge. He was turned down in 24 consecutive interviews. His 25th interview finally resulted in a job offer.

Brad’s openness about Tourette’s, as well as his easy-going manner and gentle humor, quickly won over his young students. In addition to the traditional curriculum, the students learned valuable lessons in understanding and tolerance. At the end of the year Brad was named Georgia’s outstanding first-year teacher.

Movie Review:
Wonderful!!! Fantastic!!! Super Acting ... Grand Storytelling... a well chosen cast ... terrific script!

These actors deserve Academy Awards more than the Hollywood elistist who enjoy awarding each other . This is acting at it's very best.... telling a story with truth and honesty that moves people. It makes you appreciate life and your fellow mankind. The movie inspires you to reach for your dream and let nothing stand in your way!

I truly Loved this Hallmark Hall of Fame from beginning to end! I would strongly and highly recommend it!

James Wolk:

I heard someone mention that the lead actor, James Wolk, was our modern day Jimmy Stewart. If he continues to perform at this level and if he chooses roles with this caliber of acting ability... then I wholeheartedly agree!!! He has such a gift for acting and is quite handsome, as well! His ability to act as someone with tourette's syndrome was incredible. I found myself completely taken with this movie.

Dominic Scott Kay:

This boy is phenomenal as the young Brad Cohen! I first saw him in Single Santa Seeks Mrs Claus. He was so sweet and precious in that, and in this... he is perfect. What expression and emotion he gives to his character. I hope he continues to choose such wonderful characters as he grows up. He is a fantastic young actor. It was incredible how much he looked like James Wolk. Great Casting I must say, again!

Patricia Heaton and Treat Williams:

They are both favorite actors of mine... Patricia, from Everybody Loves Raymond and Treat, from Everwood. They added a maturity of acting and experience to the drama, which made the story, though I knew both of them from previous roles, still seem so real!

Thank you Hallmark... and yes... you will need tissues... but in a Happy Way! Beautifully Touching!

See or Skip:

Absolutely... a MUST SEE!!!

This Movie is Available on DVD, Click Here to Order.



  1. Wonderful movie! Very inspiring!!!

  2. 'Hallmark Hall of Fame' typically makes good movies, but this was in a league of its own. I honestly believe it is a modern masterpiece.

  3. Front of the Class is the inspirational story of Brad Cohen, a man who does not let life's challenges get in the way of his dreams. Brad Cohen has Tourette syndrome, a neurological disorder that makes him twitch and make noises constantly. As a young boy, he was made fun of and put down by his classmates and teachers but decided to grow from everything he had endured. Despite all the bullying he indured during his childhood and the trouble he went through with his father, Cohen was determined to live a normal life. He maintained a positive outlook. He decided that when he grew up he was going to be a teacher who would encourage all students and show them that you can do whatever you put your mind to.
    As an aspiring teacher, I found this movie to be extremely motivational. Brad Cohen found ways to learn and grow from every experience he had. He teaches life lessons to students when they don't even know they are learning the lessons and always finds a way to inspire. Brad shows students that no matter what difficulty they may have in life, they can always find a way to overcome it and be a better person because of it. As His unwavering determination and fiercely positive attitude conquered the difficulties he faced in school, in college, and while job hunting. Brad never stopped striving, and after twenty-four interviews, he landed his dream job: teaching grade school and nurturing all of his students as a positive, encouraging role model.
    Front of the Class is a very eye opening story. There are so many people in society who don't respect or accept others with disabilities or who are different, it is heart breaking. Brad's story made me realize how anyone can make the best out of any situation. He acknowledges that every person has their own problem or difficulty and tells everyone not to make excuses, to accept the challenges and to grow from the experiences. Never once does Brad blame anyone or anything for Tourette syndrome and is an incredibly strong human being because of it.
    He made me realize that everybody has obstacles in their life, but it is how a person responds to that obstacle that defines them. When I become a teacher, I want to make sure every student has the chance to learn, and be themselves.
    PS: Ali A**r, you should reconsider trusting poeple

  4. Hello I had watch this movie. It was really an amazing movie! I can say that it w3as an inspirational movie.. Congratulations to the casts.. I enjoy it so much <3.

  5. It was so wonderful. I can't wait to be a teacher soon. :)


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