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Tuesday, September 8, 2009

The Christmas Clause


The Christmas Clause:
(AKA The Mrs. Clause) Holiday Movie starring Lea Thompson


Lea Thompson ... Sophie Kelly
Andrew Airlie ... Mr Kelly
Megan Charpentier ... Annie Kelly
Richard Ian Cox ... Morris
Rachel Hayward ... Marcia
Christina Jastrzembska ... Margaret
Fiona Marinelli ... Silvia
Laura Mennell ... Jill
Jill Morrison ... Claire
Rick Ravanello ... Jake
Cashel Satchwell ... Nikki


from ION Television-

The Christmas Clause, produced by Aro Entertainment and Cinamour Entertainment, stars Lea Thompson (Caroline in the City). This family film delves into the world of Sophie Kelly (Thompson), a top-rated lawyer with three kids and a husband that take up all her time. All of her family and work stress comes to a chaotic halt days before Christmas at the shopping mall when she sees Santa and wishes for a different life. However, the grass is not always greener as a single, successful lawyer with her own firm and the most eligible bachelor vying or her attention. Freedom has its price as she realizes the sweet life is not so sweet and must race against time to find the true meaning of family and love before Christmas Day.

Movie Review:

I like Lea Thompson and I tried to like this movie, as well... however, it was one of those - should I just turn the channel or should I see how it turns out? I opted for staying with it.

As my family always says after a predictable movie... Well, that was pretty cut and dry. And to be truthful, it was.

The main character, Sophie wishes her life is different as described above in the plot and she gets her wish only to realize her dream life isn't exactly the fairytale she thought it would be.

In the end, she returns to her real life... but this time she is thankful for her husband and children and realizes she really has a wonderful life.

There are a lot of chaotic moments before the happy ending and that's part of the reason why I didn't enjoy it.

See or Skip:

I suggest Skipping this one.


  1. This movie was truly a disappointment. We had that usual family argument over which movie to get, and we found "The Christmas Clause" under the category "Family". The movie was truly awful, and I had to walk away because I couldn't stand it. Let me start with the plot. It was an overused plot-the idea that a person with a lot of stress in their lives wishes for a better life and is granted their wish by Santa Claus. Then, once they realize it isn't the life they want, they try to get their old life back and in the end, they succeed. Common, right? Well, I think they could've made it a lot better and original. Now, let me discuss the frustration I had with the movie. The movie was categorized under "Family" and the DVD had a little "Family Approved" sticker on it. Well, I thoroughly believe that it should be rated PG-13 or even R (although this may be a stretch) because some scenes were highly inappropriate and not kid-friendly. This also applied to the language and content-unless your family consists of 18+ individuals, I would not put this on around Christmas time, or ever. That brings up another point-this move was not full of Christmas joy, like Christmas movies should. While I was so disgusted by the scenes that I saw that I walked away, I know that the only Christmassy part I saw was the mall Santa, and even he was a lousy character-he had died and wanted to go to heaven, because he was bad in his previous life. To go to heaven, he must grant someone a wish. If you have seen this movie and I am wrong about this, I am sorry-I was so angry with the movie that I wasn't really watching. Anyway, that isn't holiday magic...
    I feel bad just pointing out bad parts of this movie... so let me tell you some good points of this movie... I think the characters were believable, albeit a little strange. They set up the whole "I want a different life" thing pretty good. I really liked the children in this story. And, I am sorry to say, that is all the good things I can say about this movie. I would only watch this movie if you have nothing better to do and you are over 18, and even then I would recommend doing something else.
    I hope this comment was helpful, and I am sorry if you love this movie and are offended by this comment.

  2. Anonymous, thank you for your movie review above. I only wish you had read my movie review (further above) before watching and my warning to skip this one.

    It's too bad you cannot trust a movie that is marked on a dvd by it's makers - that it is for family viewing.

  3. I was very shocked at this movie. You see I really thought it would be a great family friendly movie with Decorating and fun but I did not get what I was expecting. There was Inappropriate scenes and much more. I think they could've made this movie a lot better for kids. This was under FAMILY. Not
    adults. I should not speak for the people out there so this is just my opinion. Hopefully you don't feel the same way as I do but I wouldn't be surprised if you did. I will remember this movie but not like I would like too. I think this movie really is not good because it basically shows there is no such thing as Santa and kids should not find that out.


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