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Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Au Pair 3 - Adventure in Paradise


Au Pair 3 - Adventure in Paradise:
with the original cast of Gregory Harrison, Heidi Lenhart, Katie Volding, and Jake Dinwiddie. This time the story takes place in Puerto Rico.


Gregory Harrison ... Oliver Caldwell
Heidi Lenhart ... Jennifer 'Jenny' Morgan
Katie Volding ... Katie Caldwell
Jake Dinwiddie ... Alex Caldwell
Gerrit Graham ... Rupert
Bradley White ... Walter Hausen
Brian Tester ... Brentfield Academy Headmaster
Kathleen Mealia ... Ariana
Ciaran Tyrrell ... Danny Taylor
Rafa Alvarez ... Bodyguard 2


from ABC Family.:

Au Pair 3 : Adventure in Paradise is the third film in the Au Pair film series.

It's true! 'Au Pair III' is coming soon to ABC Family! The oh-so-eagerly-awaited sequel reunites Heidi Lenhart and Gregory Harrison as Jenny and Oliver -- the au pair and the bazillionaire who fall in love against all odds. Katie Volding and Jake Dinwiddie are back, too, as Katie and Alex, Oliver's precocious kids. Except they're not so kidly anymore. In fact, Oliver's priming Alex to take over the family business, but Alex has other plans. How will Dad react? Let's just say the weather in Puerto Rico -- where the movie takes place -- isn't the only thing that gets heated. Can Jenny save the day again, or will the family vacation by the sea be all washed up?

The Caldwells are back! And a lot has changed since we last saw them. Oliver and Jenny (Gregory Harrison, Heidi Saban) are the proud parents of a one-year-old Sarah. Katie’s (Katie Volding) in College, and Alex (Jake Dinwiddie) just graduated from High School. Like always, they’re the typical family – who just happen to be billionaires. And with so much going on in their lives, Jenny decides they’re all in serious need of a family vacation.

Hello Puerto Rico!

Jenny thinks the tropical paradise is the perfect setting for some family bonding, but Katie and Alex have other plans. Katie sees the trip as a chance to assert her independence as a young women, and Alex sees it as an opportunity to get close to Katie’s hot friend Ariana (Kathleen Mealia), who’s along for the ride. Ariana seems to like Alex too which makes Katie jealous – until she meets a cute local guy named Danny (Ciaran Tyrrell).

It’s the perfect vacation, until Katie acts a little too independent. Then a betrayal is revealed and loyalties are tested, and suddenly there’s trouble in paradise. When one of them is put in danger, the Caldwells pull together and realize that every storm makes a family stronger.

Movie Review:

It was a simple family story. The plot was weak, but it was fun to see the Caldwell family together again and the children all grown up. I was a fan of the two original Au Pair movies when they premiered in 1999 and 2001 on the Family Channel... so I was thrilled when I learned there would be an addition to the story.

I liked that the movie stayed family friendly except for some minor issues... there were slightly revealing bikinis worn on the beach/poolside, one bad word (D--n) was said by Oliver (the father) while he was on the phone upset about his business, a friend betrayed the trust of a friend, and an unmarried couple fell asleep next to one another all night on the beach. This, however, seemed to be very innocent.

The children behaved like typical teenagers... longing more to go out and be with their friends than hang out with their parents and family. Alex was struggling with his decision to go to Art School instead of taking over his Fathers position at CCI. Jenny is also wanting to leave CCI and do more charity work. We never quite learn what Katie wants to do with her life... I kept suspecting that she might want to eventually work with her father, but that was never revealed, in spite of Jenny continually saying she wanted to discuss school with Katie and being interrupted. Oh well... I guess they'll have to do another movie for that issue to be resolved.

Gregory Harrison looked just as handsome as ever, even with his hair graying. I'm not sure if that was just for the movie or how he usually wears his hair these days. Nonetheless, he has always been a nice-looking man. I remember him back to his Trapper John M.D. days as Gonzo. He was the original ER. Plus, I love him in the movie with Olivia Newton John, A Christmas Romance.

The movie ended rather quickly with a fun family moment... of everyone jumping in the pool and having fun! All in all, a fairly good TV family movie.


See, especially if you loved the first two Au Pair movies.

Click Here for DVD.

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