Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Another Cinderella Story


Another Cinderella Story: Movie starring Selena Gomez (The Wizards of Waverly Place) and Drew Seeley (High School Musical).


Selena Gomez ... Mary
Andrew Seeley ... Joey Parker
Jane Lynch ... Dominique Blatt
Katharine Isabelle ... Bree
Jessica Parker Kennedy ... Tami
Emily Perkins ... Britt
Marcus T. Paulk ... Dustin
Nicole LaPlaca ... Natalia



from DVD cover

Dancing ever after... Once upon a time... can happen again.

It's musical. It's magical.

It's Another Cinderella Story, the dancing-ever-after fairy tale. In this joyous update, Selena Gomez (The Wizards of Waverly Place) is Mary, a modern Cinderella complete with dancing shoes instead of a glass slipper. Drew Seeley (High School Musical) is Joey, a Prince Charming and dreamy new-guy-in-school looking for a girl to love. Could Mary be that girl? With your kind of music and dance, your kind of romance and all kinds of surprises, you'll find that Another Cinderella Story is a perfect fit.

Movie Review:

The plot was pretty weak. It resembled High School Musical alot... except the dancing was alot more sensual.

I personally, liked the first, non-musical Cinderella Story with Hilary Duff more. I imagine Camp Rock and High School Musical Fans would be interested in this one, as well. However, I feel this is NOT a movie for young Disney type fans.

As I mentioned, the dancing is rather sensual and suggestive for young teenagers dancing at a school. This is not a good movie for young viewers.

See or Skip:

I must suggest Skipping this movie- Not family friendly.


  1. I agree, I thought the plot was a little weak and cheesy sometimes but over all it was a ok movie if you like HSM type movies!

  2. But did you notice that she walked into his house via a door directly to his bedroom? Did you notice that he kissed her while she was laying down on her bed? Not a family friendly movie at all. bg


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