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Tuesday, February 6, 2018

Hallmark's "All Of My Heart: Inn Love" starring Lacey Chabert and Brennan Elliott - Now on DVD! Plus, My Movie Review!

Today's the day! Get your DVD copy of the 2017 hit Hallmark TV movie - "All of my Heart: Inn Love," starring one of Hallmark's best romantic couple, Lacey Chabert and Brennan Elliott! You know you loved Brian and Jenny's love story the first time around in "All of My Heart," and now you can relive that magic all over again in the sequel!

Storyline from Hallmark: "Brian and Jenny are engaged and preparing for the grand opening of their bed and breakfast. But when a big storm hits Bucks County, all their plans end up sopping wet! With funds running low and time running out, Brian agrees to go back to Wall Street to make quick cash, while Jenny scrambles to keep the opening on track."

images: Hallmark Crown Media Family Network

My Movie Review: "Lacey Chabert and Brennan Elliott will win your heart over, once again, in “All of My Heart: Inn Love!” Seeing the next chapter in their love story, as Brian and Jenny’s relationship develops even further, was truly beautiful. I hardly felt, at all, like they were saying lines in a script. Everything seemed so real and natural. It flowed almost as if time had stood still – and here we are months later - watching Jenny and Brian live out their dream of opening the B&B, Emily’s Country Inn!

image: Hallmark Crown Media Family Network

All the delightful giggles (from Lacey!) and special little looks and smiles between them- was all such a joy to watch! Seeing Brian doing his best to fix things around the home was, as expected, very sweet and comical, at times. The adorable goats were also back (albeit a different color) playing in the yard or in the barn. I loved when Brian gave them his old spreadsheets to eat… so cute! It exemplified, at that moment in the story, that his stockbroker days were through.

image: Hallmark Crown Media Family Network

Also returning, was much of the original cast, which was amazing, including: Casey (Heather Doerksen), Jenny’s friend from the coffee shop, Tommy (Daniel Cudmore), Brian’s helpful handyman guide and friend from the General Store, Vern (Edward Asner), the older man who sits outside on the bench of the General Store, Rusty (Drew Tanner), the mechanic, who hangs around the General Store giving Brian sometimes odd, yet good advice, Harry (Patrick Sabongui), Brian’s stock broker friend/co-worker, plus, Alice (Barbara Pollard), who is the dear next door neighbor and friend!

image: Hallmark Crown Media Family Network

There was, however, one role in the movie that was noticeably quite different, and that was the inn, itself. Unfortunately, the original gorgeous country farmhouse was already booked for another filming project and could not be used. I know many “All of My Heart” fans (myself included), sincerely missed that first stunning, grand, picturesque home, up on the hill, which was specially painted green in the first movie, by Brian and Jenny. The new home was lovely, too, but very blue, and just… well…, it just didn’t have the same unique charm about it. But, I did my best to overlook that, which was (I admit) hard sometimes and other times… easy to do- since Lacey and Brennan are such a delight to watch... especially together!

image: Hallmark Crown Media Family Network

In “All of My Heart: Inn Love” just as Brian and Jenny are about to open the Inn, pouring more and more money into their dream, a storm hits the B&B, and the old roof doesn’t hold off the downpour of rain. Even though Brian obtains help from their friend Tommy, from the General Store, to help fix the roof, restoration isn’t cheap, and a chance encounter with an old colleague at the local fall harvest festival, while serving muffins, is all Brian needs – as he gets a taste of his old life in New York and gets a foot back in the door. Jenny holds down the fort, so to speak, opening the inn alone, as Brian travels back and forth, returning to his job as a Stock Broker in New York, as he’s doing his best to earn the money they so desperately need to keep the B&B afloat.

image: Hallmark Crown Media Family Network

The long hours of work and separation start to take a big toll on both of them and their relationship. Can Brian and Jenny make this work, after all? They both come to a fork in the road in their relationship and must decide which way to turn. Will their engagement withstand the distance between them?


If you know Hallmark movies well… then you must know there is, of course, a happy resolution! I think you will love where Brian and Jenny’s story leads. I’m not going to say “ends”! In fact, after Brian proposes to Jenny once again, at the conclusion of “All of My Heart: Inn Love,” he says… “This is just the beginning!”

And, of course, so many of us devoted “All of My Heart” fans are hopeful for another movie in this series… perhaps Brian and Jenny’s wedding!!!"

***END of SPOILER***

Hope you enjoyed my review of "All Of My Heart: Inn Love"!
Blessings, Net

A perfect gift for Valentine's Day - for the one your "Inn Love" with!


  1. I was disappointed when I heard that the charming farmhouse was not going to be in the sequel. However, I didn't let that ruin this beautiful story for me. I loved every minute of it. I laughed and I cried. The script was flawless; it didn't sound scripted, but rather as if you were hearing real dialogue. I'm excited to get my copy of "All of My Heart:Inn Love"today, knowing as Brian said, "It's just the beginning." Hopeful to hear AOMH3 production will soon be announced.
    So many more storiez to be told.

    1. Ann, thank you so much for sharing your heartwarming take on this sequel to "All Of My Heart!" I am so delighted these movies and characters have captured your heart, as they have mine! Your support and encouragement for a third movie in this series on Twitter is incredible; I sincerely hope Hallmark can make that happen one day, as we eagerly await! You are so right, there are, indeed, many more Brian & Jenny stories to tell!!!

      Blessings to You, Ann!!! Net :)

  2. As usual, Net, PERFECT review!! I loved both of the "All of my Heart" movies and so hoping for a 3rd sequel; maybe a wedding?? Out of all of Lacey's leading fella's, Brennan is my top pick for her. They seem so natural together!!

    1. Awe, Linda, you are sooooo Sweet... just like Lacey and Brennan in "All Of My Heart!" Your comments are always so uplifting and positive!!!

      I was just thinking, you know, the formula of Brian and Jenny's Hallmark love story isn't unique... Girl and Guy meet, she's just ended a relationship with someone else, then she's forced to work with this new guy... and they fall in love! Sure, it's been done before, but what is unique, special, and sweet... is the magic Lacey and Brennan bring to our small screens together... I guess that's exactly why they paired them up, again, for the new... "The Crossword Mystery" movies! Can't wait to see them in this, too!

      You are so right, Linda, they are truly natural together... a perfect fit!!!

      Blessings on your day, dear friend!!! Net :)

  3. Thanks for your take on AOMH2! While we wait to hear about AOMH3, here is a question for fans of the movie.

    Should they use the farmhouse that was used in AOMH2 for a sequel or the farmhouse from AOMH? I ask because they made a point in AOMH2 of talking about the remodel, ect. I think it would be co0nfusing to go back to the original at this point. The interiors in the second movie were fantastic! But the exterior of the original is one of a kind!!! So, what would make the most sense? Just curious what fans think!!!

    1. I’ve been pondering that question, too, Kerry… wondering if they eventually do an additional film in the “All of my Heart” series, which home they would choose, assuming both are available.

      Since they are no longer using the farmhouse in the Aurora Mystery movies, either, I’m wondering if that’s the last we shall see of it on Hallmark. (At least, for now.) It seems other production companies have taken it over and if they can pay more, well then… it may be out of Hallmark’s hands. If, however, Hallmark can get it back, my personal opinion, is YES, grab it… bring Emily & Brian back to the original, beautiful farmhouse country inn where they first fell in love, with the sweet white goats running around the yard!

      However… your right, it might be kind of confusing to keep changing it. (*sigh*)

      Wherever Jenny & Brian go, I will follow… I just want to see their beautiful love story continue!!!

      Thank you for sharing, Kerry! I know how special the "All of my Heart" house is to you! (I love my beautiful tea towel!)

      Blessings, Net

  4. I can tell you from personal experience that the house is currently in tip-top shape......I was just there on Sunday! It has been cleaned up and returned to its normal state after the Dirk Gently shoot, where they had it dressed as a run down property. The paint looks gorgeous and it is not currently rented out for production. I was SO disappointed that Aurora "sold it"...and since I have not read the books, I do not know if that is in keeping with the book storyline or if it had to do with something else.

    Well, this gives us something to chit chat about in the meantime, doesn't it???

    SO glad you love your tea towel. <3

    Kerry :)


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