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Friday, October 6, 2017

You are INN for a TREAT this Weekend on Hallmark!

...with the ALL NEW
"All of My Heart" Sequel,
"Gourmet Detective" Mystery,
"Chesapeake Shores" Season 2 Finale,
and More!!!

Saturday October 7, 2017:

It's a double-feature night on the Hallmark Channel! First, watch at 7pm/6c. the original "All of My Heart" movie, which first captured so many hearts, and then be sure to watch it's sequel...

image via: Hallmark Crown Media

Storyline via Hallmark: Brian and Jenny are engaged and preparing for the grand opening of their bed and breakfast. But when a big storm hits Bucks County, all their plans end up sopping wet! With funds running low and time running out, Brian agrees to go back to... Click Here to Read More...

image via: Hallmark Crown Media

See the original "All of My Heart" movie
Saturday October 7, 2017
at 7pm/6c. on the Hallmark Channel

*The Original "All of My Heart" movie is available on DVD!!!

image via: Hallmark Crown Media

Then... see the Premiere of "All of My Heart: Inn Love"
Saturday October 7, 2017
at 9pm/8c. on the Hallmark Channel

Plan on "rushing" to the TV Saturday night to see PixL's newest Sorority themed movie...

images via: PixL TV

Storyline via PixL: A former sorority girl (Kirsten Prout), longing for her old, fun college days, decides to take a job as house mother to her former college chapter, only to find that it is in shambles. The handsome Dean of Student Affairs (Charlie Carrick) tells her she must turn the chapter around before the national organization yanks their charter and they will no longer be allowed on campus. As she works with the girls, she realizes... Click Here to Read More...

See the Premiere of Woman of the House
Saturday October 7, 2017
at 9pm/8c. on PixL

*If you don't have the PixL Channel through your cable provider, you can also check out the PixL Channel Movies through Amazon - HERE!

Sunday October 8, 2017:

It's a Historical Costume Party and an All New Mystery in...

Gourmet Detective:
Eat, Drink and be Buried

image via: Hallmark Crown Media

Storyline via Hallmark: Henry and Maggie attend the birthday party of a local publisher, where his son and stepson reenact a historical 18th century dual. Someone, however, has loaded the antique pistol with a real musket ball, so when... Click Here to Read More...

Sunday October 8, 2017
at 9pm/8c. on Hallmark Movies & Mysteries

Where will the end of the season leave the O'Brien family in...

Storyline via Hallmark: Season 2 - Episode 10 - Freefall: After The Trace Riley Band is offered a worldwide tour deal from Mark Hall, Trace and Abby worry about how it might impact their future together. As Nell ponders a lost love from her past, Abby, Jess, and Bree are faced with the possibility of losing their new loves in the present, and turn to one another for the... Click Here to Read More...

Sunday October 8, 2017
at 9pm/8c. on the Hallmark Channel

This weekend, I want to see everything... starting off Saturday night with "All of My Heart" and "All of My Heart: Inn Love!" Someone pinch me! Is this really happening? Yeeessssss!!! THIS IS Happening!!!

Then, on Sunday night... I'm longing to see the all new "Gourmet Detective," and of course, the "Chesapeake Shores" Season 2 Finale!!! What an awesome two nights of Premieres! Looking forward to seeing how this "Chesapeake Shores" season ends, as we anticipate and hope for a season 3!!!

Have a Wonderful Weekend, Everyone!!!

Blessings to you all!!! Net


  1. LOL!! I love that, Net, "INN for a TREAT" and I love "All of my Heart" and I know I'm going to love "In Love" too!! I really need this after the devastating past week. I'll be glued to the set all weekend, Net, thanks for all the updates!!

  2. As always Net,k a great round up of all movies Hallmark! Plus a little Pixl thrown is for good measure. ;) I am excited for tonights double feature......and I am curious to know if AOMH2 will leave me watching over and over like AOMH did.


  3. Why didn't they get married in the sequel?

  4. Loved the movie Inn Love but it wasn't the same house as in All of My Heart! Disappointed in the "new" house/inn.

  5. I really enjoyed the second season of Chesapeake Shores. It's just a nice family-style show that really makes me think of another one of my favorite shows - The Waltons. Hopefully they can continue the storylines without going off the rails like Cedar Cove did in its second season.

  6. Replies
    1. Unfortunately, yes, it was. The original farmhouse was already booked by another filming company, so they chose an alternate location. I know many missed that original, beautiful home.

  7. I'm "INN" for All of My Heart 3,4,5,6,7 and so on! I guess you could say I loved it! This was the best movie on Hallmark this year...it was well worth the wait! Brennan & Lacey together are the best. Their acting is effortless and so natural...the whole cast were great...I really liked all the new characters as well! I really missed the old house at first, but the charm of each character overshadowed it and this sequel was as charming as the first one. This movie felt like we were coming home again to Buck County and all the charm...and you wanted to stay for awhile but with Jenny's good food, maybe they needed to open a gym...just saying! Hallmark needs to make more movies like this one!

    1. Awwwweee, how sweet, NK!!! I guess it's safe to say "All of My Heart: Inn Love" gave you all the feels!!! It was absolutely wonderful to have Lacey & Brennan together again! They are magical separately and together!!! What chemistry they have... both are such great personalities!!! My heart, too, was swept away by their romance throughout the movie.

      Thank you for this lovely, heartfelt review!!! I, too, would love more movies from these two and more Hallmark movies like this one!!!

      Blessings!!! Net :)

  8. Unlike the 1st sequel, I didn't enjoy this one.

  9. If I were going to create a series
    I would make two from these movies/sequels
    The Wedding March
    All of My Heart
    PS I am so glad I found your blog
    Thank you

    1. Well... "The Wedding March" movie will be back for a Valentine's Day movie next year and I'm hopeful "All of my Heart" will return for another movie. Would be wonderful if they could have Brian and Jenny's wedding and return to the original house, too!!!

  10. How did we get a new Inn? Wouldn't Aurora Teagarden loan them her house for the AOMH2? And the goats? Was a little disappointed by the changes but the actors and storyline made up for them. Another one to watch over and over.

  11. Does anyone know where you can go to buy any of Jesse Metcalfe's or Trace Riley Band's songs, specifically Freefall? I keep looking and can't find it. Hallmark should think of putting together a soundtrack, they can add Easy Heart (Trevor Donovan), all Jesse Metcalfe songs like his version of Love Don't Die Easy, and Cowboy Rides Away, and all his songs from CS.

    And on the movie Harvest Moon, there are so many good songs.

    And Robyn & Ryleigh have songs on Appetite for Love and one of the songs you can't find on spotify or anything else.

    People Love Hallmark and many of us would like a Hallmark soundtrack of the songs so we can hear them in one place. Just an idea.

    1. This is an excellent question, Sabrina... so many of us have been asking for years. I agree with you - there would be a big demand for their music, in their movies.

      If you recall the Hallmark Christmas movie, The Christmas Choir about the homeless men who created a choir to make money. Well, after that aired, there was quite a demand of people asking if they could get their CD, but there wasn't a current one available, which is too bad since I always thought they could have raised a lot of money for the homeless community, if they had released some of their music for people to download at that time. The Christmas Choir is such an inspiring movie, and I know after watching it, many felt a calling to give back.

      From Harvest Moon, Chesapeake Shores, to A Country Wedding, etc... I, too, love many of the songs you mentioned, Sabrina!

      Let's hope this is the next venture for Hallmark!!! :)


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