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Thursday, July 6, 2017

Twas the Day before Hallmark's Christmas in July… (plus, All the Christmas Movies you *Must See*!)

Here it comes...

Strike up the Band!

Twas the Day before Christmas in July…
and all throughout the land -
the people were excited, making a plan!

The DVRs were set by the viewers with care...
knowing the Christmas movies were soon to be there!

image: via Hallmark's new "Santa's Sweet Surprise Ice Cream Truck Light and Music Ornament"

Santa was busy... filling his sleigh!
Delivering some sweet treats...

To cool us off... on this Summer Day!

I hope many of you, who are filled with enthusiasm over Christmas TV Movies, will join me in welcoming in the 2017 Christmas season – by watching or recording Hallmark Christmas movies throughout these next weeks in July! Plus, be sure to look for the new releases of Hallmark Keepsake Ornaments - including the cute one of Santa in the ice cream truck pictured above!

Let's all "Journey back to Christmas" together as the movies will air on Hallmark Movies & Mysteries from July 7th – July 16th, and on the Hallmark Channel from July 14th - July 23rd.... so there’s plenty of opportunity for you and your family to watch and enjoy as many as you like- plus two new Christmas movie premieres- which are sure to delight!

During Christmas in July on Hallmark Movies & Mysteries and the Hallmark Channel – Almost ALL of the NEW Movies from the 2016 Christmas Movie Season will be played, at least once! (The only exception is the movie "Broadcasting Christmas," which is a really great one starring Dean Cain and Melissa Joan Hart! See schedule here!) If you didn’t catch them all last year…. well then, this is a wonderful time to catch up or re-watch most of your favorites from the previous season!!!

I had a question recently from Amy G. who asked (referring to the 2016 movies), “I've only seen a few of these, and there are so many to choose from... If you have time, would you please list your favorites that are showing?”

Over the extended Fourth of July Holiday weekend I gave this some thought and truly, it is rather hard to narrow it down to only the few best, so I decided to share the top ten choices you all picked in the It's a Wonderful Movie Favorite Christmas Movies from 2016 Poll! One of these is the ultimate winner – who I will be revealing with ALL the 2016 Movie Winners very soon!!!

Here are 10 of your 2016
Hallmark Christmas Movie Favorites!
chosen by my followers- in Alphabetical Order…
(click on movie titles for more details!)

(*Please remember: this list is in alphabetical order - so any one of these movies could be the winner!)

The list above definitely has ALL the Christmas movies I can't wait to see again, plus "A Nutcracker Christmas," "My Christmas Dream," "Christmas List," "I'll be Home for Christmas," and so many more unmentioned movies from 2016! Plus, the new ones premiering in July are *must see*, too, of course!!! Truly, it's so difficult to choose the best when there are so many good ones to see!

Click Here to see the FULL Christmas in July TV Schedule - for the Hallmark Channel and Hallmark Movies & Mysteries!

Also, be sure to get your Hallmark Movies & Mysteries Christmas Movie Crossword Puzzle - before the movies begin!

Please share with all of us in comments below... which Christmas Movies you have put on your *Must-See* Watch List!


  1. What is Hallmark thinking....Dean Cain & Melissa Joan Hart...2 leading well known actors. I can't help to think it might be in part that both of them have shared ther political and faith views. It just seems a bit strange that is the only 2016 Christmas movie not being aired. If you express you are on the right you are left out. Well I am proud that each one of them have been strong in their beliefs and not waivered. I know you shared that CBD has the DVD to purchase for preorder...Yeah! I will get my ordered. Thanks Net for always keeping us in the loop for family movies!

    1. I was rather surprised, too, to see "Broadcsting Christmas" be the ONLY new Christmas movie from 2016 left off the July Christmas schedule.

      Unfortunately, I do not know the reasoning behind this choice, but to many of us, Dean Cain is like Mr. Christmas, so eliminating his movie is quite disappointing! How do you forget Dean Cain/Superman, who has such a huge following... and, Melissa Joan Hart, too... who is such a well known, likable actress!?!?!

      All I can say is, I sincerely hope we will see "Broadcasting Christmas" return to the Hallmark Channel this upcoming Christmas season... as I, too, love both Dean and Melissa!!! :)

  2. Oh what fun Net! Love your rendition of the classic 'twas the night...so it inspire me as well to wish...Happy Christmas in July to all and to all a good movie watching night!

    1. So cute! I'm happy to have inspired you!

      And to you, also... A Happy Christmas in July & A Good Movie Watching Night! Love it!!!! :)

  3. The magic of Christmas is here once again. Yippeeee!!!! Make room on the sleigh Net. I'm climbing aboard.

    1. Jim-- Hello, dear Christmas movie friend!!! Welcome aboard!!! Just like magic... There's always room for one and many more!!!

      Merry Christmas in July!!! Now that you've arrived - we're ready for take-off!!! :)

  4. Super excited! I cleaned out my DVR and started to record them all. Every year I say I'll watch them and rarely do. However, this year I made sure I'll be able to

    Cute ornaments too!

    1. Yay! That's a task, indeed, clearing off the DVR, deciding what to keep and what to part with! I certainly know how that goes! And, every Christmas with more and more to record, it certainly gets harder to find enough storage space and which ones to permanently eliminate!

      Glad to hear you're ready to go, and yes, as always, Hallmark has, yet again, premiered lots of "cute" Keepsake ornaments! I find them to be irresistible!

      By the way, if you're interested and not near a Hallmark store... Amazon has quite a lot of the Hallmark Christmas ornaments on their site, too! :)


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