Friday, October 28, 2016

'A December Bride' - a Hallmark Channel Original "Countdown to Christmas" Movie


Movie: A December Bride

Network: Hallmark Channel

Original Air Date: November 20, 2016

*Based on the book A December Bride by bestselling author Denise Hunter.


Jessica Lowndes ... Layla O’Reilly
Daniel Lissing ... Seth Murphy
Jay Hindle ... Jack Evans
Pauline Egan ... Jessica
Karen Kruper ... Aunt Lorraine
April Telek ... Darcy Sterling
Casey Manderson ... Beckett O’Reilly
Keith MacKechnie ... Hank O’Reilly
Drummond Macdougall ... George Murphy
Beverley Breuer ... Meredith Murphy


via Hallmark: Aspiring interior designer Layla O'Reilly is dreading the Christmastime wedding of her cousin who's marrying Layla's ex-fiancé. Although Seth Murphy is the one responsible for introducing the bride and groom, she begrudgingly accepts his offer to be her date as she's out of options. Seth gets carried away at the reception and announces they're engaged, forcing a mortified Layla to keep up the pretense. But as the faux couple spends more time together they find themselves feeling something very real.

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Credit: Copyright 2016 Crown Media United States LLC/Photographer: Rhonda Dent


  1. That last picture is so cute!


  2. Every thing sounds WONDERFUL Keep them coming....

  3. This movie looks really cute! And I LOVE Daniel Lissing! Terrific actor and so handsome! :) They make a very cute couple, at least from the pictures and previews. Excited for the Sunday premier!

  4. Read the book in one sitting last night...can't wait to see the show!

    1. That's awesome, Witt! Hope the movie lived up to your reading expectations! :)

  5. Favorite scene with Layla - Breaking down, and telling her Aunt that she's not engaged.

    Favorite scene with Seth - His dad giving him the gift of a sleigh.

    Favorite scene with Layla and Seth together - The fake fight turning into a real engagement.

    1. Thank you Amanda for sharing your favorite scenes. I haven't finished it watching it, yet, but I look forward to seeing how it ends!

      Happy Thanksgiving!!! Blessings, Net :)

    2. You're Welcome! Doing this really forces you - in a good way - to focus on the film! :) Happy Thanksgiving! :) <3

  6. Seriously, Hallmark? This is the best you can do for a film with Daniel Lissing? I'm so disappointed. No chemistry whatsoever with the lead actress. The writing is a bit off and the scenes are so draggy. The connection between the scenes sometimes felt a bit unnatural. I know it's a very repetitive type of storyline, but it was kind of hard to watch/finish :(

    1. Thank you CH Mom for giving your thoughts on the movie. I'm still watching this one.

      Blessings!!! Net

  7. When is A December Bride coming on DVD?

    1. Haven't heard DVD news, yet, but many of the others have already been released... so I'll be sure to keep a look out for this one, too!!!

  8. I loved this movie! I watch hallmark 24/7 and this is by far my favorite one this year. I have to admit I didn't love Jessica in Merry Matrimony last year but she totally redeemed herself this year. Jessica and Daniel had great chemistry and were so great together in this movie. I keep watching it on DVR and hope that it will release on DVD soon!!

  9. I messaged Hallmark too. There's currently no scheduled release date for the movie yet. In case anyone is wondering :)


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