Friday, April 21, 2017

"The Art of Us" -- a Hallmark Channel Original Movie!


Movie: The Art of Us

Network: Hallmark Channel

Original Air Date: May 20, 2017


Taylor Cole ... Harper Higgins
Steve Lund ... Tom
Malcolm Stewart ...
Keith MacKechnie ...
Natalie Von Rotsburg ...


Storyline via Hallmark: Harper Higgins is determined to land a tenured position at Boston Art College, and she’s counting on curating a big art gallery at the university to do so. But when she loses her showcase artist and can find no one else, she turns to her recently-hired dog walker who, unbeknownst to anyone, is a skilled painter.

More via Hallmark... Dr. Harper Higgins is determined to land a tenured position at Boston College and is counting on curating a major university art exhibit to do so. But when her showcase artist cancels, a desperate Higgins turns to her new dog walker, Tom Stone, who, unbeknownst to anyone is an astonishingly talented painter. Transforming Tom into a credible, respected artist becomes an even greater challenge as Higgins’ initial white lie snowballs into an outlandish story that has the entire campus buzzing about the show.

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  1. I enjoy both of these lead actors. It sounds like a good movie, too.

  2. Yet another animal connection - what's with Hallmark at the minute?

    Great to see Steve Lund back - I really enjoyed him in The Best Christmas Party Ever but not so much in Christmas Incorporated.

    Taylor Cole was really good in Christmas In Homestead a movie which I enjoyed far more than I thought I was going to so I'm looking forward to this one.

  3. Joyce in CarolinaSaturday, April 22, 2017

    Would love to see Taylor Cole & Andrew Walker together again. They were so good in Appetite For Love last year. Love both actors!

  4. Oh I like both these actors a lot, looking forward to it!

  5. I'm so excited to see Steve Lund back in another HM movie! I loved him in his previous movies.

  6. So far, the pics and promos for this one aren't grabbing me, but we'll see.

  7. Didn't like the lie they got into. Not the typical Hallmark plot. Would love to know where it was filmed.

  8. This movie is just ok. Nothing spectacular about it. The plot is kind of flat.


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