Thursday, December 15, 2016

"A Royal Winter" - a Hallmark Channel Winterfest Movie!


Movie: A Royal Winter

Network: Hallmark Channel

Original Air Date: January 14, 2017

*Please Note: The Winterfest movies will premiere at 9pm/8c.


Merritt Patterson ... Maggie
Jack Donnelly ... Prince Adrian
Samantha Bond ... Queen Beatrice
Cian Barry ... Felix
Rhea Bailey ... Sarah
Ryan Ellsworth ... Henrik
Christopher Bowen ... Wickford
Richard Ashton ... Frederic
Andrew Pleavin ... Andre


via Hallmark: While on a last-minute European holiday, a young woman finds herself in the middle of a real-life fairy tale when a chance meeting with a handsome local leads to something more. However, things get complicated when she learns that the "local" is actually a prince who is about to be crowned King, and whose mother is dead-set against her royal son's romance with the tourist.

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  1. I watched her on the short lived Raven's Wood. She is very pretty!


    1. Thank you for sharing, Misty! I'm looking forward to this one, too... Loving the winter theme after Christmas!

      Blessings & Merry Christmas! Net

  2. Yay! There's the royal movie! I Was missing it this year! Looking forward to it in January.

    Does anyone know if this is written by the Dobrofskys and/or Damians? Their royal movies have become somewhat of a staple for me. :-)

    Nice to see Samantha Bond again! She's one of my fave Moneypennys!

    1. Great question, Rae. I looked it up. It is a Brad Krevoy Television Production and the teleplay was written by Ernie Barbarash. He also directed it. Hopefully, it will be a good addition to the others!

      I'm also looking forward to another royal movie!!!

  3. Waaaaaaaaa....I'm not ready for Winterfest. I need more Rudolph and Charlie Brown and Hallmark Christmas...haha. I can't believe how fast our sleigh ride through Christmas Land has gone. Only a few more days left. But oh how wonderful it has been. Yipppeeeeee!!!!

    1. I know just what you mean, Jim! I'm still holding on tight, too... Don't want this ride to end!!!

      You are so right... it has been wonderful! Time flies when you're having fun!!!

  4. This movie looks good for the family to watch.

  5. Does anyone have any idea if Maggie's coat was made for the movie or if it can be purchased? If purchased how would I go about finding out how to buy one just like it?

  6. WOW!!!!! First time I've seen both Merritt and Jack in a movie, but WOW!!!! They were AWESOME. This movie was so much fun to watch. They played their characters so well! I wish so see more of Merritt's and Jack's movies.

  7. This was a charming movie! Absolutely adorable love story, simply adorable movie. It is one of my favorite Hallmarks; it's topping the list as one of the best!

    It was refreshing to see a "royal movie" not focus on how "wrong" the main girl is. Actually she was quite fitted. Yes, she does not know all the customs and she said somethings at a dinner party that were not fitting, but overall she didn't have to change who she is in order to fit in; she is fine the way she is. I loved that. There was not evil girlfriend of "intended" that added conflict; I found that very refreshing as well. There was love between mother and son. Maggie and the Prince were friends who enjoyed each other for who they really are; their romance was sweet and beautiful. They were adorable together. :)

    What a beautiful place this movie was filmed...the scenes are gorgeous, AND it's all wintry (a winter wonderland for Winterfest!). Definitely a winner!!

  8. Another dud for me. The last half of the movie was him pouring out his heart to her wanting her to stay and her wanting to leave. I was very disappointed in Maggie as she seemed very fickle to me.


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