Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Bailee Madison, Shanae Grimes-Beech, and Andrew Walker to star in New Hallmark Movie!

An all new Hallmark Channel original movie, titled "The Promposal" is in the works for a May Premiere!

UPDATE: This Movie has been re-tiled: "Date with Love"!

This movie is listed as a Drama/Romantic Comedy starring Bailee Madison (Northpole ), Shanae Grimes-Beech (Christmas Incorporated), Andrew Walker (Dashing Through the Snow), and Andrea Brooks (When Calls the Heart)!

Here's a little scoop of the Storyline of "Date with Love"via Storybox Entertainment:
"When a boy’s video to a female star goes viral, it scores him a date with his celebrity crush to the prom. Complications arise when the famous starlet falls for the boy’s small-town teacher." (*Thank you for sharing this link, L. Monroe and Sherry!)

Shanae Grimes-Beech shared this on-the-set pic via Instagram...

image via: instagram - shenaegrimesbeech

Andrea Brooks shared this on-the-set / behind the scenes pic of Bailee Madison in an Hawaiian shirt & a grass skirt:

via Andrea Brooks twitter

The Hallmark Channel announced this new movie, with this photo collage...

via Hallmark Channel Instagram

My Thoughts on "Date with Love"....

This looks like it will be a fun, coming of age, Hallmark family movie in May... one that will probably bring in not only the usual Hallmark audience, but also a younger demographic of teens, tweens, and potentially your typical Disney Channel type, younger viewers!

Plus - with Bailee, Shanae, & Andrew.... it's always fun to see familiar faces we have welcomed into our homes and enjoyed in previous Hallmark films!


  1. Ooooh, this looks cute!! I love Bailee Madison and I love watching her grow up in each of her films.

  2. So. Excited! This one sounds/looks adorbs plus I love the cast! Andrew is one of my favorite returning leading men, and I enjoy Shenae in her Christmas flick, plus of course, seeing Bailee return to Hallmark is always nice. :)

  3. I guess since PixL has been casting many actors who appeal to the younger demo Hallmark wants to get in on the action now. Although every time I've seen the celebrity promposal story in real life it someone attending with a teen celeb/celeb the same age or not much older than them. Would've made more sense for it to be a teen superstar but then they do want to try and turn this into an adult love story so not sure who they're trying to target with this movie.

  4. This one looks super cute. I like the teen twist on the typical Hallmark romance formula.

  5. The plot is just strange. So he lands a dream date with his celeb who is old enough to date his teacher. If she's old enough to date the teacher she's too old to be attending prom. My prom had an age cap where no one older than 21 could attend. That was 6 years ago. Why couldn't they just go all in and write a teen love story?

  6. love Andrew walker watch his hallmark movies every time the are shown


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