Tuesday, September 1, 2015

4 More Christmas TV Movies in the Works!

Christmas Movies I recently discovered...

Lifetime Christmas Movie: Becoming Santa (wt)
image via: Facebook
pictured: Jesse Hutch, Laura Bell Bundy, and Michael Gross

Becoming Santa (wt) - LIFETIME

Jesse Hutch
Laura Bell Bundy
Gabe Khouth
Tony Cavalero
Meredith Baxter
Michael Gross

(I noticed many of the actors also use the hashtag #fianceclause to label this movie!)

Christmas Truce
Pauline Egan
and Mackenzie Gray
img via: twitter

Christmas Truce - Unknown Network

This made-for-TV movie is a 1940's period film.

Pauline Egan
Mackenzie Gray
Kate Vernon
Billy Wickman
Elise Gatien
Ali Liebert

Christmas Confessions (wt)- HALLMARK CHANNEL

Jessica Harmon
Anna Van Hooft

The Christmas Angel (wt)- Unknown Network

filming September, 2015 in Vancouver, Canada

Cast: currently unknown

And, here's a little info on a Christmas movie we already knew about...

The Bridge - Hallmark Movies & Mysteries

Author Karen Kingsbury has recently shared - the film based on her book, The Bridge, is currently filming!

via Karen Kingsbury's Facebook

If you've noticed (wt) written after some of the movies above... that means "working title". It is possible any of these films may be re-titled something different when they air on TV.

I hope you all enjoy reading about these new movies as much as I enjoy discovering them and sharing them with all of you!


  1. Some of these movies sound interesting. With “The Bridge” just starting filming in late August/early September, I wonder if the movie will be ready in time for its November 29th release date or if the movie will get pushed back to December? If some of these movies are truly by Hallmark, then they might get mentioned on the Countdown to Christmas Movie Reveal on Home & Family.

  2. .....and we're so glad you discovered all these little treasures, Net, that look absolutely yummy!! Glad to see Jesse again; loved him in "Let It Snow"!! Love the 40's theme!! Thumbs up!!

  3. Sherry in CaliforniaTuesday, September 01, 2015


    About "Becoming Santa" -- Last year's Lifetime Christmas movies were... let's just say... disappointing, to say the least. Compared to 2013 and prior years, when there had been at least a couple of good Christmas movies in each annual bunch, it almost seemed as if a new programmer had taken over at Lifetime and decided to make a group of movies that no one would be interested in. Lol. I seriously thought that Lifetime was throwing in the towel and giving up the Christmas movie crown to Hallmark.

    ... Which makes it all the more interesting this year, seeing that one of Lifetime's new Christmas movies is starring Jesse Hutch (who is firmly connected to Hallmark in both series and movies), and also starring Meredith Baxter and Michael Gross of "Family Ties" (who were reunited in Hallmark's "Naughty or Nice" movie back in 2012)!

    I suspect that Lifetime realized last year's Christmas movie blunder and is now hoping to lure in some of Hallmark's viewers with familiar actors and storylines.

    As for the "Christmas Truce" movie. I know nothing about it, but my sense of it is that it is not a Hallmark movie (for either channel) -- but if it is, it's for Movies & Mysteries and not for the regular channel. It looks like it could be something that ends up on one of the major networks... or perhaps on Insp or UP. Maybe even ABC Family.

    "Christmas Confessions" for Hallmark is new! That's the first I've heard of that one. Jessica Harmon has done a few things for Hallmark in the past, and has done a couple of Christmas movies (not for Hallmark), so I guess this casting choice makes sense!

    As for "The Christmas Angel" -- with the unknown network and cast -- I hope the title changes. There are already at least two TV movies called "Christmas Angel," and they air every year (one of them is the one with Teri Polo and Kevin Sorbo, and the other one is with Bruce Davison). It gets confusing!

  4. Yay! Thanks for the scoops!


  5. I love getting tidbits of information about upcoming Christmas shows. Christmas Truce looks interesting. When I saw the picture of the movie, I immediately thought of Agatha Christie for some reason. :-)

  6. Hi Net there is a movie on TCM next Tuesday called Carol for another Christmas. It is from 1964 and stars Ben gazarra. Never heard of it, but it is a different version of a Christmas carol.


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