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An Exclusive Interview with the Creator of New UP TV Series: "Ties that Bind"

The UP Network will present a new weekly drama series on TV Wednesday nights, titled "Ties that Bind", premiering August 12, 2015 at 9 PM/8c.

Sheryl J Anderson, the Creator, Executive Producer, and Show Runner of “Ties That Bind” recently joined "It's a Wonderful Movie" for an all new Exclusive Interview - discussing the behind the scenes process of creating this new "UP"coming series coming soon to UP-TV!

Starring in "TIES THAT BIND", is actress Kelli Williams, who Christmas Movie fans will know and love from the Hallmark Channel movie 'A Boyfriend for Christmas', plus her role on ABC's 'The Practice' and Lifetime's 'Army Wives'.

Sheryl J. Anderson
“Ties That Bind”

It's a Wonderful Movie: First of all, Congratulations on your new TV show Ties that Bind. Could you share with us your role in the creation process of Ties that Bind?

Sheryl J. Anderson: I am the creator & Show Runner of Ties That Bind (I am also the head writer and one of the executive producers). I came up with the idea for the series and pitched it to the network. When they gave us the greenlight, I wrote the pilot and then supervised the writing staff as we wrote the other nine episodes.

Actress Kelli Williams
It's a Wonderful Movie: Please share a little of the plot/story behind this new series.

Sheryl J. Anderson: This series centers on Allison McLean, (portrayed by Kelli Williams) a detective in suburban Seattle, who takes in her niece and nephew after she arrests her brother and sends him to prison. She and her husband have two teenagers of their own, so bringing two more teens into the house is a huge undertaking, but Allison believes in doing the right thing, even when it carries a heavy price. The show deals with the family life at home as well as Allison working as a detective with her partner, Devin.

It's a Wonderful Movie: We would love to know a little behind the scenes… How did Ties that Bind become an UP-TV Weekly Drama Series?

Sheryl J. Anderson: I was fortunate to write the movie adaptation of Ronda Rich's terrific novel The Town That Came A 'Courtin' for UP. Writing that screenplay, and working with Barbara Fisher and her team at UP, was one of the best experiences of my career. So when my manager told me UP was moving into series and looking for pitches, I was eager to pitch to them.

I developed the idea, then I pitched it to the executives at UP. They put it into development and, after lots of discussion and several outlines, I wrote the pilot. And they ordered ten episodes!

Luke Perry and Kelli Williams

It's a Wonderful Movie: How thrilled were you to learn of this wonderful cast, for Ties that Bind, with Kelli Williams (‘The Practice’, 'A Boyfriend for Christmas', ‘Army Wives’), Luke Perry ('Beverly Hills 90210', 'Goodnight for Justice' TV Movies), Jonathan Scarfe (‘ER’, ‘Into the West’ TV Mini-Series), Mitchell Kummen (‘Lucky Christmas’, ‘When Calls the Heart’) and more… ?

Sheryl J. Anderson: Back when we were in development, my manager asked me who I pictured in the role of Allison and I said Kelli Williams -- so it's truly a dream come true to have Kelli head our cast. I knew Luke from another project we'd worked on together, so I was flattered that he found time in his schedule to guest for us. I was a fan of Jonathan's work, but I hadn't met him, so I was delighted he was interested in joining us. And our casting directors brought Dion, Rhys, Natasha, Matreya, and Mitchell in to audition; I was so impressed by their talent -- and continue to be every day.

It's a Wonderful Movie: Did you visit the set of Ties that Bind during filming and meet the cast?

Sheryl J. Anderson: I have been on the set since the first day of filming, so I get to interact with the cast every day. It's a blessing -- and a blast!

Ties That Bind - Trailer

It's a Wonderful Movie: Where do you find inspiration for your stories/characters?

Sheryl J. Anderson: Rachel and Jeff are shameless ripoffs of my son and daughter. ;) Many of the characters are inspired by other family members and friends. The stories came from personal experiences of the writing staff, issues in the news, and areas of conflict that emerged as we imagined the family living together. And our imaginations.

It's a Wonderful Movie: What do you hope viewers will take away from watching the UP series Ties that Bind?

Sheryl J. Anderson: One of the reasons I like to write procedurals is that I loved watching procedurals with my family when I was growing up. I want Ties that Bind to be a show families can watch together -- they can try and solve the mysteries together and discuss the family issues that come up. I also hope viewers will be reminded about the power of love, forgiveness, and mercy, in our families and in our cities.

Natasha Calis, Kelli Williams, Jonathan Scarfe, and Mitchell Kummen

Thank you so much, Sheryl, for doing this interview! It has been so wonderful for me and all my followers to have this opportunity to hear from you and get a behind the scenes look at this new series.

I'm sure many who read this interview, will join me in looking forward to watching the premiere of "Ties that Bind", premiering August 12, 2015 at 9 PM/8c on UP-TV.

*See my "Ties that Bind" page for series details, images, and more.

*Or, to learn more about "Ties that Bind", check out the official UP-TV site for this new Original Drama.

I hope you all will enjoy this new Drama on UP-TV.
God Bless, Net


  1. Great interview, Net!! The trailer was intense and looks like a good story plot. Kelli Williams is a remarkable actress and I'm sure will do this series proud!! Still loving the Christmas banner!!!!!!

    1. Oh, thank you, Linda... so glad to hear you enjoyed this interview & trailer!!! I think this series looks so intriguing, and it's wonderful to know it is coming to UP, a great family-friendly network! You are so right, Kelli Williams is a remarkable actress!!! :)

      Also.... I appreciate your feedback so much, and I'm so glad you loved the Christmas Banner! I just wanted to let you know, I hated to take it down, but I thought since Christmas in July was over on Hallmark, I should probably promote the next movies coming. Wish Christmas in July could have lasted on Hallmark ALL throughout July!!!

      Hope you like the new banner, too!

  2. This all new series looks like a good one for UP. I've liked Kelli Williams ever since The Practice, with Dylan McDermott, who incidentally stars in another well known Christmas movie! Do you know which one?

    1. Oh YES, I know it! It's one of my favorites...

      Miracle on 34th Street (the remake movie)

  3. Great to see more channels developing the kind of smart programming families can watch together without there being animation.

    1. I so agree, Jess, it's wonderful to see UP creating more family programming!!!

  4. Thank you for sharing this wonderful interview! The previews look fantastic! This is exactly the type of series I would love to see succeed. I will be watching!

    Andrea M

    1. Yes, me too! We need more good family dramas on TV!

      Thank you, Andrea, for sharing your thoughts on this new series! :)

  5. 105 days!!!! Can't wait for the Christmas TV Schedule 2015.

    1. It's getting closer everyday... I'm overjoyed with excitement and anticipation!

  6. Thanks for the interview! That's great that UP Network is doing a series.

    The site looks different. I will have to get used to it. I miss seeing the links to the movies, etc.


    1. Sorry. Looks like the link I used on twitter only showed this interview and not the usual site! LOL


    2. Oh, that's okay! I didn't see that. What is your twitter handle?

      Thank you, Misty... for sharing my link! :)

  7. Net, do you have a Facebook page for this site? Thanks!


  8. *squeels* Oh my, this looks like it's going to be fabulous! Great interview and I can't wait to tune in to this one! Thanks so much for sharing. :D


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