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UP Movie : The Town That Came A Courtin'


The Town That Came A Courtin'

Network: UP

Original Air Date: January 19, 2014


Lauren Holly ... Abby Houston
Valerie Harper ... Charlotte
Cameron Bancroft ... Spencer Alexander
Lucie Guest ... Jamie
Toby Hargrave ... Walter
Iris Quinn ... Miss Lizzie Beth 'Mama'
Lindsay Gibson ... Lorraine
Garrett Black ... Deputy Rickey
Barbara Wallace ... Miss Eula
Kendra Anderson ... Joan
Darien Provost ... Kyle Edwards
Angela Moore ... Maggie
Daniel Boileau ... Michael
John Prowse ... Charlie the Senator
Ryan Beil ... The Waiter
Cameron Grierson ... Steve Marshall
Eduardo Noda ... Photographer
Brenda Matthews ... Susan Marie
Nancy Ebert ... Rebecca
Madison Guppy ... Mary Ellen
Dave Hurtubies ... Mayor Phil Jenkins
Michele Goyns ... Betsy
Carolyn Adair ... Townsperson (uncredited)
Eric Andrews ... Bliss town preacher (uncredited)
Lynne McNamara ... Bookbuyer (uncredited)
Ronda Rich ... Eager bookbuyer (uncredited)


via UP TV:

Based on the book by Ronda Rich and loosely based on her true story.

Abby Houston (Lauren Holly) is a smart, beautiful, successful author and fiercely independent Southern woman. When we meet her, she is curiously being kept captive in a remote cabin in the woods by an obsessed fan. Days earlier, Abby and her publicist Jamie (Lucie Guest) were visiting the lovely town of Bliss, Mississippi on her most recent book tour. The town of Bliss, local Magnolia Blossom B&B owner Charlotte (Valerie Harper) and their well-meaning prayer chain have big plans for her – as the perfect match for their widowed Mayor Spencer Alexander (Cameron Bancroft), a single dad of two.

A series of collisions, several bouquets and numerous good words later, Abby relents to having dinner with Spencer, and finds a handsome, earnest man. Eagerly encouraged by the entire town, they embark on a whirlwind, public romance. But just as they are about to share a first kiss, Spencer is reminded of his late wife and abruptly pulls back. Hurt and sad, Abby is determined to leave Bliss behind, only to find her obsessed fan waiting. With phones buzzing and the town mobilized, what happens next will determine her future.

Movie Review:

The setting is a small town in the South called Bliss, and at times, it was laugh at loud funny, sometimes silly, and moments that were also creepy… due to the fact that writer, Abby Houston, is kidnapped by an obsessed fan.

Mostly, however, this is a sweet romantic comedy. The townspeople of Bliss are extra excited to have a celebrity among them. They have determined, as soon as they meet writer Abby Houston, that she should date their mayor. However, Abby has met the former mayor, who is an older man, and she thinks he is the one they want to set her up with, so she is not interested.

In the meantime, she has seen the current Mayor, Spencer, around town, but doesn’t realize he is the current mayor. She finds herself somewhat attracted to him but misconstrues a comment he makes and believes he is married.

It’s a mixed up mess… until Spencer finally introduces himself to Abby and clears up all confusion. He is the current mayor and he is widowed. Just as they both start to fall for each other, Spencer abruptly ends one of their dates, and Abby decides it is time to leave. On her way out of town, though, her stalker is waiting…

Will Abby be able to get away from her stalker? Will Spencer come to her rescue? It’s a happy little ending you will surely enjoy!

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  1. This looks to be a cute movie!


  2. I hope so! Sounds like a fun story line.


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