Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Have YOU heard the * WHEN CALLS THE HEART * NEWS ?

Get your favorite snack, sit back, relax with the family, and
watch 5 HOURS of When Calls the Heart
this weekend on the Hallmark Channel!!!
It all begins Friday night, 7 PM/6c. with the first 3 previously aired episodes.
Then, be sure to watch 2 NEW episodes of When Calls the Heart,
Saturday Night at it's normal time- 8 PM/7c.
on the Hallmark Channel.
May you all enjoy your trip back to Coal Valley...
and the journey, as the town becomes Hope Valley!


  1. Thank you for the Friday schedule. I saw both nights but I was not that impressed with all the negative parts of the series. Then again I guess it was meant to be but I felt it was way too much. We need more "and they lived happily ever after."

    1. Oh, I think there just might be a 'happily ever after' down the line for WCTH, yet... we'll just have to be patient & keep watching!

  2. Hey, Net, WCTH is blossoming!! I'm loving it so much this year with all the simultaneous activities going on!! I missed the no/show last Saturday but two hours this Saturday is "BOSS"!! LOL!!

    1. Yes, each week the stories keep building... I especially love all the additional Hope Valley characters! The fake preacher was a hoot!

  3. Why did you make the date 1910? Is that when the story takes place?

    1. If you look closely at one of the WCTH press photos - there is a newspaper being held by a man, that has the coal mine disaster as the headline news and the date on the paper says October 5, 1910. That's why I chose that specific date.


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