Thursday, April 2, 2015

Hallmark Channel Announces 15 New Movies for Christmas 2015!

If you've been watching the Hallmark Channel, lately... on April 1st, they began airing commercials for Christmas 2015 - no foolin'!

My sister first brought it my attention. (Thank you, Sis!) She saw the Christmas Commercial, while watching the Hallmark program, 'Home & Family'. I, of course, turned the show on... and later on, saw the commercial, too!

In the commercial they show little clips from past Christmas movies - and some clips for 'Northpole : Open For Christmas', with Lori Loughlin and Bailee Madison... Then they announce the BIG NEWS... there will be 15 ALL NEW CHRISTMAS MOVIES this Year!

On Set of 'Northpole: Open for Christmas' via Twitter

Will this include the Hallmark Hall of Fame movie? Or, will it be extra? Last year it wasn't counted as part of the 12 New Original Movies of Christmas, but then again, it was the first time a Hall of Fame Movie premiered first and only on the Hallmark Channel.

Also, I'm not sure about the Hallmark Movies & Mysteries Channel. Perhaps, they are announcing with their own commercial, but since I do not have this channel... if any of you, who do have this station, happen to see anything - please let us know!!!
Happy Christmas Movie News in April, Everyone!!!
15 New Hallmark Christmas Movies are on the way!!!

*Also, a special thank you to the Anonymous commenter who also shared seeing the commercial, on my site, here. (scroll down to see the comment listed below the posting)


  1. hi, just wondered why you hadn't mentioned The Chronicles Of Narnia:
    Voyage Of The Dawn Treader premiering on Sunday--I haven't seen it and wondered if you have thoughts on it?

  2. YEA!!!! I could watch them year round!! Now, if only we could get the evening weeknight movie back!!

  3. Well, now you went and did it, Net, got me all excited for a possible 15 or more new Christmas movies for this coming year.....sure to keep me cool this summer just thinking about it!! Great news, Hallmark!!!!!

  4. Thanks for the news!


  5. Thank you!!! Have you heard any news on the Christmas In July movie line up for this year?

  6. Thank you!!! Any news on the Christmas in July line up for this year?

  7. Did you hear/read the exciting news? I just saw a press release today -- part of the Countdown to Christmas extravaganza later this year is going to be called "Thanksgiving Week." Thanksgiving Week will begin on Monday, 11/23 and feature "Home & Family" Thanksgiving-oriented segments every day. But the bigger news is that from Wed., 11/25 through 11/29 (that includes the actual Thanksgiving holiday), a new holiday movie is going to debut every single night. Five new movies airing on five consecutive nights, over a major holiday weekend!

    So that means that these five new movies are part of the 15 or 16 new ones we are expecting. I would imagine that we will see maybe 6 new movies debuting before Thanksgiving Week begins, then we will get the 5 movies over the holiday weekend, and then probably 4 more new movies spread out over the first 2 weekends in December.

    No official dates for Christmas in July yet, though I think we can safely assume it will begin on 4th of July weekend and last until either Sun., 7/12 or Fri., 7/17. "Cedar Cove" begins on 7/18, so CIJ has to end before then.

  8. yes I thought Christmas shows was going to be on 24/7 why is home and family still on you need to put on more movies.

    1. Sherry In CaliforniaMonday, October 26, 2015

      They leave "Home & Family" on because, for one thing, it's a Hallmark original program. It is topical and current, and it features many, many segments on holiday crafts, holiday decorating, holiday entertaining, holiday cooking, holiday shopping, etc. Because of the heavy emphasis on those holiday segments, it can seamlessly fit in with the Countdown to Christmas movies.

      H&F can also be used as a platform for Hallmark to promote the movies -- the actors appear on the show before the movies air. If this year is anything like last year, there might even be a special H&F episode featuring a lot of the movies' actors all together, cooking and sharing stories.

      H&F is a talk show, so it can also be used as a vehicle for other stars of other shows on other channels to promote their projects as well.


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