Friday, October 17, 2014

This Weekend on TV: Dogs, Dreams, & a Detective Mystery!

* Saturday, October 18, 2014: *

This weekend, it's a great time to play catch with your dog and...
"Catch" the Premiere of

Saturday on the Hallmark Channel at 9 PM/8c.
Encore airings on Sunday!
Storyline: Bailey Daley (portrayed by Erika Christensen) is a hapless young bride who has run away from the altar with not one, but three dogs she adopted from past relationships. Running into a small diner one rainy evening in a soaked wedding dress with her dogs at her feet, Bailey launches into... click here to read more! 
*Also, be sure to check out my Interview with Writer, Dandi Daley Mackall, who wrote the novel: My Boyfriends’ Dogs! Dandi gives a wonderful insight into the world of movie-making, and she was a delight to do this interview with... so, I hope you enjoy reading it and watching her story become a Hallmark movie!
* Sunday, October 19, 2014: *

Watch the Inspiring Premiere of

Sunday on UP-TV at 7PM/6c.
Encore airings at 9PM/8c and 11PM/10c.

Storyline: Seventeen year old Alex Taylor (Richard Harmon) dreams of flying. He also dreams of running for his high school's cross-country track team. Both dreams seem equally out of reach as... click here to read more!
Also, premiering Sunday Night...
It's time for a little sleuthing with the Premiere of
Sunday Night on Hallmark Movies & Mysteries at 9PM/8c.
With an encore airing at 11PM/10c.
Storyline: A young wedding planner is framed for a crime and struggles to clear her name as she learns that love does not always arrive... click here to read more!
Also, be sure to read My Movie Review:
In Wedding Planner Mystery, Carnegie Kincaid may help brides and grooms tie the knot, but can she unravel herself out of... click here to read more!

I hope you all enjoy your weekend...
and maybe a new movie, or two, or three!
Happy Watching!!!


  1. I hope those that got to watch it let us know what they thought of the movies. :)


    1. I was able to see all three, Misty... and, I liked them all! I don't have a full review up for the first two, yet, but I do for Wedding Planner Mystery. Click here to read it!

      As for My Boyfriends' Dogs, it was so cute!!! Loved Erika in the movie! She truly brought the character of Bailey Daley to life! It's an adventure to see Bailey look for the perfect guy, date him, and yet, she only ends up with his dog afterwards! Such a creative, fun story! It will be re-airing next week on the Hallmark Channel.

      The UP movie 'If I had Wings' was an emotionally driven film... The lead character, a teenage boy, is blind, but he has a passion for running. It's an uplifting, heart wrenching story to see him become friends with a troubled boy who helps him achieve his dream.

      Hope your cable is fixed soon, Misty, and you can see the encore airings of these movies!!!

      God's Blessings to You, Net :)

    2. Thanks for the mini reviews.

      I should have it back by Sat. I hope. LOL


  2. I love how you outline every weekend with what to watch. Thank you!

    1. You're welcome! Glad you enjoy that feature!

  3. I loved My Boyfriends' Dogs last night. I've told all my friends to be sure and see the repeat airings today. Erika was so great in it, but I knew she would be because she's terrific on Parenthood, too! The ending was not quite an ending, so I'm wondering if there will be a sequel?

    1. Me, too, Rachel! I enjoyed it, as well! Not sure what they would do with a sequel... but I think that is a great idea!! They might have to change the title, though???

  4. Both, "My Boyfriends Dogs" and "Wedding Planner Mystery" were good movies that had two strong leading ladies who carried their weight throughout the films. I really enjoyed both movies.

    1. Yes, Linda... you are so right! They were strong female leads... strong and independent, and, yet... they had great friends to help along the way! Thanks for sharing your thoughts on the movies!


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