Monday, January 20, 2014

Hallmark Hall of Fame Movie "In My Dreams" starring Katharine McPhee


"Hallmark Hall of Fame" Movie

In My Dreams

Network: ABC

Original Air Date: April 20, 2014


Katharine McPhee ... Natalie Russo
Mike Vogel ... Nick Smith
JoBeth Williams ... Charlotte
Antonio Cupo ... Mario
Rachel Skarsten ... Jessa
Jessalyn Wanlim ... Sharla
Brianna Buckmaster ... Shopping Girl
Kelly-Ruth Mercier ... Carol
Erica Carroll ... Karen Smith
Chiara Zanni ... Lori Beth
Joe Massingill ... Joe
Serge Houde ... Older Man
Giacomo Baessato ... Damien
Matteo Stefan ... Jaime
Lilah Fitzgerald ... Hannah
Jason Cermak ... Dan
Bill Marchant ...
Dakota Guppy ... Sarah
Carolyn Adair ... Restaurant patron



In this romantic comedy, Natalie Russo (Katharine McPhee) and Nick Smith (Mike Vogel) are two lonely people not entirely convinced they’ll find the mate of their dreams. Natalie runs her family’s traditional Italian restaurant but is restless to put her own stamp on it, while Nick is a bridge architect who’s slaving away for a selfish boss who never gives him any credit or opportunity. After Natalie and Nick each throw a penny into the local fountain (fabled for bringing lovers together), they start having dreams about each other, during which they fall in love and long to be together. The problem is, how do they find the person of their dreams–literally–in real, waking life?

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*Images above via JustJared,, and of course, Hallmark!

*A Very Special "Thank You" to Rissi, creator of the awesome blog: "Dreaming Under the Same Moon"... for giving me the tip on this movie - while it was still in the works!



  1. Loved - "June in January" watched it 3 times this weekend.

    Lori Loughlin "When Calls the Heart" stared in Hallmark's "Meet My Mom" - but sold DVD as "Soldiers Love Story" which I bought.

    1. I love "June in January" too! Super cute, fun, and inspiring! Brooke D'Orsay does it, again!

      I also like "Meet My Mom" with Lori Loughlin. Wonderful family movie. So glad you enjoyed these fantastic Hallmark Films! Hopefully, we will love this upcoming Hallmark Hall of Fame, too - "In My Dreams".

      Thank you for your feedback, cecemom!

  2. This one sounds super cute. Cannot wait for its May air date. Thanks for adding it - now we have a place to watch for all the updates. :)

    1. Thank You, Rissi, for sending me the details on this movie. I was glad to add it to all the Upcoming TV Movies! It looks rather interesting and Katharine McPhee is a great actress and singer - so I look forward to seeing her in this. Wonder if she will sing, at all, in it???

  3. Definitely will not be watching the movie "In My Dreams" starring Katharine McPhee......I have watched all previous Hallmark productions but will not watch this one. She definitely is NOT a role model due to the scandal....

  4. I think this looks like a cute movie! Plus, I never miss a HHOF - Hallmark Hall of Fame. Get those tissues ready!!! Or, maybe this will be one of those rare fun ones!

  5. Well honestly is the best policy I think. I really tried to enjoy the movie...the story had a cute outline but the acting was terrible. Where did they get these actors? It almost seemed to me that the female actor was trying abit too hard to be believable. I have reviewed many movies and this one failed to convince me.

  6. We enjoyed watching this Hallmark HOF movie this past Easter Sunday evening. Katharine McPhee and Mike Vogel were really cute together in this. Thank you for producing clean family entertainment.


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