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Monday, June 17, 2013

"Old Henry" series stars America's Favorite TV Father

One of America's All-time Favorite TV Fathers... Legendary Actor Ralph Waite, who portrayed the role of the father John Walton in the Television Series, The Waltons, will now star in this short series, titled "Old Henry", on INSP.

Here are the Press Details I received directly from INSP:

Old Henry, a six-part scripted series, is part of INSP’s “Moments” campaign starring
Ralph Waite (The Waltons) and Rachel Hendrix (October Baby)

Indian Land, SC – A six-part short-form series, Old Henry, created by family entertainment network INSP, will premiere on INSP on Monday, June 17th and Tuesday, June 18th. The announcement was issued today by David Cerullo, Chairman and CEO of The Inspiration Networks.

“As an extended storyline in INSP’s Moments initiative, Old Henry is groundbreaking,” said Cerullo. “To our knowledge, no network has ever created a multi-part, 2-3 minute (per episode) series that airs in back-to-back prime time blocks over a two night period. Not only is the delivery method revolutionary; the subject matter is relevant and poignant.”

Old Henry spotlights the pervasive devaluation and dismissal of the elderly within society and focuses on Henry, a man in his 80s dealing with these challenges. When Jessica (October Baby’s Rachel Hendrix), a friendly stranger, shows him the respect and honor absent from the world around him, Henry begins to rediscover the true value inherent within himself and, in turn, becomes an inspiring example to Jessica.

The production features famed actor, Ralph Waite, in the role of Henry.

“It particularly is appropriate that Ralph is featured as Henry,” Cerullo said. “He gained fame for portraying John Walton on the hit TV series, ‘The Waltons’ (which airs daily on INSP). Waite has earned the trust and respect of American audiences; traits needed to effectively communicate such an important and timely message.”

“The reason I wanted to play Henry was because of the script,” explained Waite. “It was warm and beautiful and told a story that needs to be told. It’s not easy to find a script that brings everything together in a way that respectfully deals with hard issues while at the same time entertaining an audience. This script does that. It only took me a few moments to decide that I wanted to be involved.”

Old Henry is part of INSP’s Moments intiative. “This short-form content has been hugely successful and had an enormous impact,” Cerullo said. “These ‘programs’ air several times a day throughout the INSP schedule and are designed to provide an inspiring and enlightening ‘Moment’ that encourages individuals to do the right thing. Similar to PSAs, this unique art form is richer and more detailed. And audiences love them.”

According to Cerullo, the Moments’ spot with the most impact to date has been Thank You For Your Service. “This has a strong message of support for veterans. The video has been honored and showcased by many veterans groups. It has resonated with those (past and present) who have served in the military, as well as the general public. I believe that Old Henry will resonate with American audiences in a similar way. Old Henry speaks to a different issue, but is sure to tug just as hard on the heart strings of all who see it.”

Old Henry will debut in six, two-to-three minute “episodes,” during breaks in the following prime time programs:

June 17th - Monday

Little House 8:19pm EDT - Old Henry Episode 1

The Waltons 9:16pm EDT - Old Henry Episode 2

Matlock 10:16pm EDT - Old Henry Episode 3

June 18th – Tuesday

Little House 8:18pm EDT - Old Henry Episode 4

The Waltons 9:15pm EDT - Old Henry Episode 5

Matlock 10:23pm EDT - Old Henry Episode 6

Missed episodes will be released online immediately following their television debut. The entire series will be available at www.moments.org after the airing of Episode 6 on June 18th. Following the series debut, Old Henry will be rotated throughout the INSP schedule, joining the Moments library.

INSP is available in more than 75 million households across the U.S. via cable systems, telcos and on Dish Network channel 269 and DirecTV channel 364. Viewers can check their local program guides for channel line-up information or visit www.insp.com.

See this Video Clip of Ralph Waite talking about "Old Henry":

Thank you, Melissa, at INSP for sharing this news with me!
I hope many of you will enjoy this series!

1 comment:

  1. This was actually a very touching and sweet 15-minute show! I just wish that INSP didn't make it so difficult to watch when it originally aired. Sticking it in the middle of 6 different shows was original but didn't work for me. Luckily, it's now airing in full on the INSP website and I recommend people give it a shot - http://moments.org/original-videos/old-henry/

    Great to see Ralph Waite again!


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