Monday, February 6, 2012

The Mistle-Tones - ABC Family 25 Days of Christmas Movie


The Mistle-Tones

Network: ABC Family

Original Air Date: December 9, 2012


Tori Spelling ... Marci
Tia Mowry ... Holly
Jonathan Patrick Moore
Reginald VelJohnson
Tammy Townsend


from ABC Family press release:

In "The Mistle-Tones," Holly (Tia Mowry), blessed with an amazing singing voice, is all set to audition for the newly vacated spot in a legendary local Christmas group which was founded by her late mother years ago. Shocked and upset when the slot goes to the barely talented best friend of the group's leader, Marci (Tori Spelling), Holly sets out to create her own musical group, The Mistle-Tones. After challenging their rivals to a sing-off on Christmas Eve, Holly finds herself on a journey to the real meaning of Christmas--with some new friends and a new love thrown in for good measure...

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  1. This was such a fun Christmas movie! I am a fan of both Tia and Tori, so I was very excited about this movie. I have been waiting for this movie to air forever, and I was so glad to be able to watch it after I got done with my shift at DISH last night. I love that my DISH Hopper can record up to six shows, because there were so many good Christmas movies on and I didn’t have to worry about any DVR conflicts. All of them did an amazing job in this movie. I loved Tia’s voice!

    1. Thanks for the commercial for what did you like about the movie?

  2. How can i get this movie to add to my collection of movies

  3. I was pleasantly surprised my this movie. Charming actors, good songs, and a cute, albeit formulaic, storyline. It was peppy and lively and had me humming along. I enjoyed it.

  4. My husband and i absolutely LOVED the Mistle Tones. We watched it and then DVR'd it and watched it 2 times a day. The actresses/actors were amazing. Loved Jonathon Patrick Moore!!!! How can i buy the DVD???

  5. Is The Misle-Tones going to come out on Dvd

  6. When will this be available on dvd???

  7. When will the Mistle Tones come out on DVD? I would really like to purchase it. I LOVED this Christmas movie-- so much fun and the music was GREAT!!!!

  8. I with all those wanting this movie on dvd...I too would like to add it to my collection.


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