Saturday, July 23, 2011

Join me in watching "Christmas in July" on QVC...

July 23rd, 2011 - Saturday
154 Days until Christmas!!!

This post is for all of you Friends and Followers, who like me, Absolutely Love Christmas!

I'v been watching "Christmas in July" on QVC... Oh, it's so fun to watch all the Christmas Decorations... the lights, toys, trees, and everything! I love Bethlehem Lights. Especially, I love the name - so Beautifully named after the birthplace of Jesus. Their pre-lit trees look especially pretty to me and they said earlier that they have a new technology that is fail-proof! That sounds wonderful! I love Christmas lights - but mostly when they are working - when they go out and you have to remove an entire strand or try to fix them - it can be so frustrating! I'll have to look into those lights!

Anyway, just so you know - I'm not getting a penny from QVC - I'm just sharing with you my likes and dislikes - simply because I love Christmas and I've enjoyed their station for years now, especially their "Christmas in July" Special!

It is refreshing to sit inside in the AC and get out of the heat (outside) and dream about snow and Christmas! Someone in my neighborhood is having a garage sale - but due to the heat, there doesn't seem to be any takers. It's just too hot - people would much rather be in a cool mall, or shop on-line, or shop from TV!

And, did I just hear right - are these QVC Christmas in July items returnable until the end of January 2012? That's what they just said - but please check on anything you order, just in case! That's a great deal - especially if you are buying Christmas Presents!
Hope you enjoy the show - it will last all weekend long!

Happy Christmas Shopping!

*The QVC Logo is the property of QVC
*I personally used photoshop to design their logo with the Christmas Wreath


  1. I Love "Christmas in July" on QVC, too! Thank you for letting us know all about! I got lots of great deals and, yes, everything I ordered was returnable until the end of January! Got really cute gifts... stuffed animals, decorations, etc!!! Thank you ! Thank you ! And Merry CHristmas in July!!!!

  2. I was watching, too! Such a fun weekend! I loved any playing of Christmas music, it really got me in the spirit! Can't wait now!

  3. Merry Christmas in July! I joined you, too! Those Bethlehem lights are wonderful. I ordered that 17 foot strand that is battery operated. I can't wait to decorate now!

  4. I just love QVC Christmas in July too! I always take the 25th of July off from work so I can enjoy it. Although this year it was on the weekend I still took it off!! I so wish other channels celebrated Christmas in July for us year round Christmas lovers!
    Thank you for writing this wonderful blog! I love it!


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