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Welcome to Paradise - Movie Review


Welcome to Paradise

Network: Gospel Music Channel

Original Air Date: 2010

Rated: PG for mild thematic elements, brief language and teen smoking


Crystal Bernard ... Debbie Laramie
Bobby Edner ... Hayden Laramie
Brian Dennehy ... Bobby Brown
William Shockley ... Kent Dylan
Beth Grant ... Frances Loren
Ken Jenkins ... Reverend McNamara
Nick Searcy ... Reverend Ellington
Lou Beatty Jr. ... Trevor Goodman
Cynthia Boris ... Church Goer
Brianne Costa ... Snobby Girl
Doug Cox ... Izzy
Danielle Dearing ... Church Goer
Elizabeth Dennehy ... Helen Brown
Loy Edge ... Nate Twain
Lorilynn Failor ... Twyla Twain


The Road to Paradise begins withia Journey of the Heart.

Welcome To Paradise is an inspirational family film about a preacher, Debbie Laramie (Crystal Bernard) and her son Hayden (Bobby Edner). They are sent from a big city church to the small town of Paradise, where Debbie finds a community in desperate need of direction and a town that turns its back on its neediest neighbors. She tries to build a new vision for her congregation that embraces everyone, even the poor and outcast, but the deep rooted veil of indifference may be too strong to lift.

Movie Review:

This is truly an uplifting movie. It's a true inspiration - to keep standing strong in your beliefs and never give up. There are serious moments and lighthearted moments, too. When a community comes together it's amazing what they can accomplish when they work with one another.

The All-Star cast in this movie includes...

Connie Ray, who portrayed the Mother from the Television series, The Torkelsons. (loved that show!) She is always terrific... gentle, sweet, and compassionate. Then, there is someone you might not recognize - William Shockley, who potrayed Hank on Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman. (the one who had the long hair and ran the saloon.) Well, in this, he is clean cut and looks and acts completely different. He's pictured above in the camel colored barn jacket.

The actress, Beth Grant, is absolutely wonderful in this. I think of her as Jimmy's Mother on Yes Dear, however, in this movie, she is so serious and sweet - she's terrific! Brian Dennehy is also a well known actor. He's in another movie I love - Return to Snowy River.

And, an interesting find for all of you Christmas Movie fans. I knew I recognized the young man who portrayed Hayden's friend. Upon looking him up, I discovered he's actor, Evan Sabara, the young boy named J.T. in A Season for Miracles! (Still one of my favorite Hallmark Christmas Movies!)

I also love Brad Stine in this - he's such a funny comedian. He's also great in Christmas with a Capital C!. And, of course, I love Crystal Bernard, she is always so pretty, perky, and fun, she has such a great personality! I remember her first, on the sitcom, It's a Living, and of course, those cute Hallmark Movies, Single Santa seeks Mrs. Claus & Meet the Santas.

Great Movie, with a warm feeling inside, Happy Ending!

See or Skip:

See, wholesome family viewing.


*Images above are:
DVD Cover for Welcome to Paradise
and Screen Cap Images from Movie.


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