Tuesday, September 8, 2009

The Christmas Tree


The Christmas Tree:
ABC Holiday Movie starring Julie Harris and Andrew McCarthy.


Julie Harris ... Sister Anthony
Andrew McCarthy ... Richard Reilly
Trini Alvarado ... Beth
Suzi Hofrichter ... Anna
Betty Aberlin ... Sister Sarah
Nili Bassman ... Anna (Age 18)
Imogene Bliss ... Sister Lucia
Therese Courtney ... Mother Superior (1939)
Lulee Fisher ... Sister Rose
Jessica Hecht ... Sister Mary
Shannon Holt ... Sister Lucia (1939 / 1959)
Lynne Innerst ... Sister Frances
Chad Luberger ... Roy
Kathleen McEntee ... Sister Margaret
Zachary Mott ... Anna's Father
Beverly Owings ... Matron of the Orphanage
Anne Pitoniak ... Mother Superior Frances
Colin Quinn ... Tom
Jaime Shapiro ... Doreen

from IMDB-

A story about a forming friendship between an elderly nun, Sister Anthony, and New York's Rockefeller Center's head gardener Richard Reilly, who wants to cut a tree she's been growing, loving, and caring for since childhood... and move it to New York for Christmas display.

Movie Review:

This is a beautiful movie story. I think it will capture your heart, as well.

It first aired on ABC in 1996... and unfortunately, it is not something they often show on TV during Christmastime... nor is it available on vhs or dvd.

It is precious to see the nun's attachment to her tree... and the story she shares with Richard Reilly of her life - and how that changes him and opens him up to love.

See or Skip:

Absolutely SEE this, if you have the opportunity!


  1. I saw this movie in 1996 when it aired and have been looking for it ever since. It is my favorite Christma show and I can't believe it's not paort of every year Chrismas specials. Thanks for letting me remember it today- right here. Pam Duckworth
    Fort Worth, Texas

  2. Cool that this movie will be shown on the INS channel! Will it be avail on DVD? Also, someone mentioned wanting to see the newest Andrew movie and this is one she might not have seen!

    I think you should do a little post about Andrew movies!


  3. need to find out where I can purchase this fantastic movie, saw it on tv a few years ago, and would love to have a copy

  4. Christmas Tree with Julie Harris is available at Amazon.com

  5. On YouTube now!


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