Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Christmas in Wonderland


Christmas in Wonderland:

Christmas Movie starring Patrick Swayze (Dirty Dancing) , Chris Kattan (Saturday Night Live), and Carmen Electra (Cheaper by the Dozen 2).


Patrick Swayze ... Wayne Saunders
Matthew Knight ... Brian Saunders
Amy Schlagel ... Mary Saunders
Zoe Schlagel ... Mary Saunders
Tim Curry ... McLoosh
Carmen Electra ... Ginger Peachum
Chris Kattan ... Leonard Cardoza
Preston Lacy ... Sheldon Cardoza
Cameron Bright ... Danny Saunders
Matthew Walker ... Santa


from IMDB.com:

It's turning out to be a pretty rotten Christmas for the Saunders family. Having just moved to a new city from Los Angeles, they have no friends, no money and, with the exception of the bright-eyed Mary, no Christmas spirit. To make matters worse, their mother is stuck in L.A., stranded by airline overbookings. So, the Christmas shopping duties fall on Dad and the gloomy kids. Things start looking a bit more like Christmas when 12-year old Brian and 6-year old Mary find a satchel of money at the local mall and they launch a Yuletide shopping spree...that is, until the crooks who counterfeited the money chase them through the mall packed with holiday shoppers.




Movie Review:

Okay, I imagine kids will like the fast action in this movie... as well as the young children who star in this Christmas movie. They are great little actors. Plus, there is a scene where they ride a dirt bike through the mall - every child's dream!

However, there are a few cautions with this one. Carmen Electra plays one of the "bad guys" in this - and wears odd colored wigs and skimpy clothing. Another woman is wearing a low cut top at the salon and in a scene of people swimming at the mall pool... there is a young girl who steps out of the water in a very skimpy bikini. There is also a phrase (actually an entire sentence!) that was silenced out 4 times when this movie was played on ABC family.

All in all, the family works together and gets out of the jam they are in... and they end up having a Merry Christmas.

See or Skip:

See, if the plot interests you... however, please keep in mind the cautions above.

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