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Tuesday, March 26, 2024

🌷✝ Easter Movie Reminder: Watch "Just in Time" TONIGHT on Great American Family ✝🌷 Details Here:

Great American Easter is set to arrive on Great American Family tonight with the network's first Original Easter film, Just in Time, a Candace Cameron Bure Production starring Laura Osnes, Greyston Holt & Peter Bryant!

This inspirational film embraces faith, hope, joy, and peace.

Synopsis via Great American Media: 
In Just in Time, Hannah (Laura Osnes) and her husband, Rowan (Greyston Holt) have focused all their time, energy, and attention into trying to have a baby. The pressure to complete their family starts weighing heavily on their relationship. The couple is left questioning if having a child is the right thing to do and if they are still right for one another. When Hannah receives a call from a stranger, named Franklin (Peter Bryant), who claims to have discovered an antique on the beach bearing an inscription unique to Hannah and Rowan, she reluctantly agrees to meet him to look. Franklin is certain the watch is a long-lost heirloom from Hannah’s family. In the end, Franklin’s patient approach helps Hannah see that the answers to all she seeks will be revealed in God’s time.

Movie Trailer:

Laura Osnes expressed her own joy in creating this film to her Instagram followers with this uplifting message, "It was such an honor to bring this meaningful story to life, and we can’t wait to share it with all of you this Easter. #JustInTime follows the story of Hannah & her husband Rowan, as their struggles with fertility cause a near-breaking point in their relationship. Through a mysterious and unlikely turn of events, Hannah realizes her need for control, and questions how to ultimately surrender and trust God’s perfect timing in an effort to restore her marriage."

Premieres Tuesday, March 26, 2024
at 8pm/7c on Great American Family

If you love the fashions seen on Laura Osnes in Just in Time, be sure to visit the lovely blog *It's a Wonderful Lifestyle* for details!

Also, if you or any of your family or friends need help finding Great American Family, text FAMILY to 877-999-1225 to find Great American Family viewing options in your area.

Personally, I am very much looking forward to this new movie tonight, as I'm sure Just in Time will be filled with incredible emotion, heartwarming moments, and most of all, the hope found only in Christ alone!

Happy Easter to you all!


  1. What a beautiful post Net. We will be watching tonight. We’re so grateful for Great American Family!

  2. Sooooo excited! -Maria

  3. So excited for this one! Tonight is our mid week service so by the time we get home and put the kids to sleep it will be 10pm but I have it set to record so I can watch tonight with a good snack 😊

  4. Absolutely beautiful movie!! -Maria

  5. This was such an Inspirational, Faith filled, a Blessing of a MovieπŸ™πŸ™
    Congratulations to GAF, Candace and Laura on a Spectacular movie.

    Laura, thanks to Hallmark- I have loved her since the first movie- "In the Key of Love"
    Wished Greyston would have been in more scenes.
    Peter Bryant was Brilliant also❤️
    Whole cast, so many favorite supporting actors- Mark Brandon( Pastor) is always a joy!!
    Spreading the True Reason of Easter:
    Our Savior and Redeemer rising from the grave on the 3rd day after Dying on a Cross for all our Sins, can never be told enough....

    Since GAF and Bill Abbott launched this channel, I have hoped that something Special would reflect the Commitment that had been promised.
    Please don't get me wrong, I have enjoyed some of the movies, but this one was Exceptional.

    ** I loved the "Old school Homemade Ice Cream" scenes and Buttercup❤️❤️

  6. Just in Time - This is a beautiful, moving film. It brought me to tears multiple times, and Laura Osnes was fantastic, as always. ~Allie B

  7. Candace Cameron Bure Presents: Just in Time is family friendly about Hannah & her Husband named Rowan are trying to have a baby. When Hannah receives a call from stranger named Franklin who claims to have discovered a long-lost heirloom from her family, she sees that the answers to all she seeks will be revealed in God’s time. Some yummy homemade ice cream 🍨. Hannah meets Irene & Isabella; Isabella mentions how to make a marriage works, Anniversary & inscription; “Those that put their trust in God will never be disappointed”, on gold watch. Mark Brandon as a Pastor at the beach. This movie is so beautiful.

  8. My husband and I just finished watching "Just in Time". I can't get the movie out of my head. Wow! Just wow! What an incredibly realistic film. Laura and Peter both knocked it out of the park. I liked Greyston but I enjoyed the friendship between Laura and Peter more. Their dynamic was a sight to behold. :-) And, I got a kick out of seeing so many premier actors and actresses throughout the movie. :-) Candace should be very proud of this lovely gem of a movie. I understand why she was so passionate about sharing it with the world. In today's world, it is so refreshing to witness someone who is unafraid to be open and up-front about strong faith and belief in God. :-)

  9. Review: Just in Time -
    Family-friendly? Of course -
    Recommended? Most definitely! -

    This movie is a winner from start to finish! So realistic and touching - how Laura's character goes from one who questions her faith to being a true believer in Christ! As Joan mentioned, both Laura and Peter were top-notch! I knew Laura was a good actress from her other films and stage roles, but here, she is fantastic - so convincing in all of the emotions she displays! You really feel the struggles she is going through! Also, Laura is a strong Christian in real life, and that is so evident here - you feel that her praying in this film is more than just her acting!

    One minor quibble - if only they could have found a way to get her to sing! Oh well, maybe in her next film...

  10. I was wondering if anyone could tell me the name of the woman who plays "Brooke"? I think that was the name of her friend. I googled and look through all of the cast members names and she never was in the list.

    1. Grace, Hannah's friend, Brooke, was played by actress, Aliyah O'Brien, who you may recall from various TV movies - Tulips in Spring, Love in Winterland, Mystery 101, Engaging Father Christmas, etc...

      Hope this helps.
      Blessings, Net

  11. Easter Movie Reviews:

    Just in Time –Beautiful! This is one of those unique films that truly captures the heart of what Great American Family truly is! It’s not only a channel, but a special welcoming place that exudes warmth, love, emotion, and faith.

    Laura Osnes truly shines in this all-new Easter film! The drama feels so real. The focus is on finding joy in life, while we place our trust in God to see us through any situation, good or bad.
    Although Laura’s character, Hannah, often wavers in her faith, it’s obvious there’s still a glimmer of hope that remains in her heart.
    With profound interest, I followed the clues of the newly discovered watch, and how this journey of discovery sets Hannah on the path of new friendships and a brand new reawakening of her faith and marriage.

    There are many memorable and touching scenes, but I’ll simply mention my two favorites. The first is when Hannah’s new friend, Franklin, does an act of kindness for two complete strangers, and explains, “Good Friday… Something was bought for me at a much higher price that I definitely did not deserve. Opportunities like this are just a small way to pay it forward.”

    Another scene that I dearly loved was the beach sunrise church service. Words simply cannot express how beautiful this scene is that draws Hannah’s character back to the Lord. It’s a must-see!

    This faith-based film truly touched my heart, as I’m certain it will many others. “Just in Time” has a wonderful ensemble cast and a heartwarming story filled with inspirational pearls of wisdom. I very much enjoyed the pairing of Laura Osnes and Greyston Holt. I agree with Mark; my only drawback was my desire to hear Laura sing, and since Greyston is also a wonderful singer, I kept hoping for a special duet. Otherwise, this faith-filled movie is captivating, cozy, and heartfelt, a perfect addition to our annual Easter viewing or at any time! ~Net

    An Easter Bloom – This DaySpring production started off with the familiar Hallmark story of the failing business and a deceased parent. Amanda, portrayed by Aimee Teegarden, has been losing her faith since the passing of her father. Those typical movie tropes (plus, there’s even a scene when Pastor Derrick gently wipes flour off Amanda’s cheek) made the movie seem rather typical; but then more and more faith aspects were sprinkled in and those inspirational moments drew me in more deeply to the story and my interest in these characters.

    It was interesting to see Pastor Derrick, portrayed by Ben Hollingsworth, conflicted with overcoming his past, and how Amanda encouraged him to be himself and share his true self and struggles with his congregation. I couldn’t help but notice Ben had a deep southern accent, at times, and other times, not so much. It wasn’t overly distracting, but just something I noticed, especially when he was preaching.

    I tried to focus less on the accent and more on the words. Pastor Derrick’s message about joy early on in the movie touched me deeply, “God wants us to be joyful, but that doesn’t mean we have to be happy all of the time. There will be times in our lives of struggles, of loss, but even when there are tears rolling down your cheeks, there can still be joy in your heart.”

    Another character I loved was Derrick’s mother, Lori, portrayed by Frances Flanagan. She brought such a graceful, loving, warm feeling to her role. Although, Amanda’s mother was extremely supportive of her daughter, it was sweet to see how much Amanda grew through her confidence and faith as Lori took her under her wings and taught her the skills of floral arranging.

    The movie has a happy ending that ends almost too perfectly, but I love a lighthearted, faith-filled, delightful movie that leaves me feeling good inside, so I’m not complaining.

    Ben and Aimee are super sweet together; “An Easter Bloom” is a definite keeper for me. ~Net


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